ed note–as we have warned here repeatedly, no one should assume for a microsecond that the JPTB are simply going to sit by and allow their 2,000 year old pet project–Judea’s destruction of Rome–slip through their fingers, never to return again. They will pull every ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ dirty trick out of their black bag, including rigging the election before, during and after. If all of this fails, all better make sure they have battened down the hatches as far as their personal lives are concerned, because the storm that will be headed our way will be something along the lines of a category 10,000, as Israel and her people pull the one ‘ace’ up their sleeve that they retain for ‘special’ occasions such as this, their little-discussed but much anticipated ‘Samson Option’.

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  1. #1 by Frederick on 11/12/2016 - 9:34

    Jewy jew Newsweek isn’t giving up. Dream on. Meanwhile, did you hear that the proverbial ass-wipe NeoCon John Bolton is on Trump’s short list for Sec. of State??!!!

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