Clinton nightmare part 3. Chelsea Clinton being groomed to enter congress


THE DURAN – While the world celebrates the end of the Clinton mafia, sources are telling The New York Post that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for the New York seat held by Rep. Nita Lowey. Lowey is a 79-year-old career politician with nearly 30 years in office and set to retire…opening the way for Chelsea to make a run for the open seat. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by TonyFromIN on 11/13/2016 - 9:34

    Mellinials will not vote for her. They are done with the center-right Dem party.

  2. #2 by nooralhaqiqa on 11/13/2016 - 9:34

    I have said it before, Chelsea who is a true chip off the maternal block, (and almost as nasty) is being groomed … and was to possibly run after her mother’s success in the White House. Now everything is up for grabs but she won’t go away quietly. She will seriously bank on the snowflake vote. She is American royalty, however much you hate the idea. However, who knows what tomorrow holds? Seriously …. I believe the Clinton Foundation will dry up as well.

    But in the Senate? Dear lord…. another hornet under the saddle blanket.

    But then, I believe in a lot of strange things.I also see calls for the beginning of a Trump dynasty with Ivanka as the first female Pres…. Again, who knows?

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