Hey, precious snowflakes! Here are some legitimate reasons to protest


Sabba – Here is what an American friend of mine, now living in Poland, wrote:

“So, I read some Americans are protesting in the mean streets and fair campuses of New York and California. What is it that could have made students emerge fromtheir safe places and brave the real world to join forces with illegal immigrants and liberal urbanites? Was it the creation and support of ISIS by their government? Was it the slaughter of innocents around the world by US forces? Was it the decades-long inhumanity of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians? Was it the USA’s sponsorship of the fascist coup in Ukraine in 2014 and its ongoing aftermath? Was it the fact that the FBI dropped the investigation into treasonous acts committed by Clinton? Was it the fact that the neocons are pushing for war with Russia? No, it was none of these things. They are protesting a presidential election that they lost! Something that happens to around 50% of the population every four years. Whoever it is behind these demonstrations, their purpose is not a noble one.”


  1. #1 by TonyFromIN on 11/13/2016 - 9:34

    Trump did a lot of things right to get elected. It was a populist election.
    What surprises me the most about the election is that Trump received less votes than Romney 4 years ago and received less votes than McCain 8 tears ago, yet won! Record low turnout, especially the Dems.
    The Dems were so uninspired by killary (really, who can blame them) that millions of them stayed home. Again, who can blame them.
    Trump has an opportunity here to unify the country. These young people protesting feel disenfranchised (rightfully so) because the DNC worked behind the scenes for the coronation of Killary and torpedoed their populist candidate Sanders.
    Populism lost in the Dem primaries, as Killary is a center-right neocon.
    Conservatism also lost in the GOP primaries as trump’s platform was economic populism and “trade with everyone, peace thru commerce”.
    Economic populism won the election, something all sides agree on.

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