BREAKING: Massive Russian air and cruise missile strikes on Al-Qaeda in Syria


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  1. #1 by Mark R. Elsis | on 11/15/2016 - 9:34

    Hitler’s Peace Plans

    I am quite happy to announce that my first major writing in over two years is finally finished and now online. At almost one hundred well documented pages divided in five sections, it puts forth the real history of World War II that has been deliberately hidden from the world by the cunning and deceitful perpetrators who started the war. While Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich were putting forth more than twenty peace plans, the allied powers were doing everything they could to ignore them, while at the same time propagandizing their own people into wanting to go to war. A war in which Gentiles killed Gentiles, till approximately 70,000,000 Gentiles were dead.

    Please link with and share Hitler’s Peace Plans, and if anyone wants to republish it, please do so completely and intact. I am also open to be interviewed by the media, whether it is an Internet show, radio show, newspaper, magazine, television or film.

    Hitler’s Peace Plans Edited and Written by Mark R. Elsis

    Section I: World War I, The Treaty Of Versailles And The Jews Declaration Of War

    Section II: Deceitful Behavior Of Roosevelt, Churchill And The Jews

    Section III: Hitler’s Peace Plans

    Section IV: Hitler’s Final Testament, Marriage And Death And Eva’s Home Movies

    Section V: Resources

    Related writings of mine:

    Deputy F├╝hrer Rudolf Hess A Courageous Hero For Peace by Mark R. Elsis

    Holocaust Revisionism by Mark R. Elsis

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    Thank you Mark R. Elsis

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