The Organ Snatchers And The Refugee Business: Refugees disemboweled organs and their bodies dumped in the neutral waters


Yes Yes! We saw! With my own eyes! Children and adults with sewn bellies! They disemboweled organs there, in Turkey, and then traffickers dumped the bodies in international waters, hoping the fish and salt finish the dirty work (…)  I can not forget. One boy’s eyes were cut. That Cut. They say the fish ate. Ha! I fish for thirty years. Pisces – not surgeons. What do you think, what are your eyes? In corneal transplant? Did not know. I think they are cut, so as not identified. I have every seen, but the boy is still my dream. “


CYP-LIVE – They swim in the clear Mediterranean Sea strata, the little men with tight lips and wax faces. Waves rocked them like a blue cradle. Salt eats away at their skin, and fish eat their flesh. Strong for small rolls drowned in the Greek islands, directly on the bare rocks.

Last fall and winter become a nightmare for the inhabitants of the island of Lesbos. From here to the Turkish coast just six and a half kilometers. The corpses of refugees, and children and adults who had no place to bury. On the island there is simply no place in the cemetery because of the lack of land, and the graves are expensive. One container with 120 bodies stood in the heat for almost two weeks. Finally, in the mountains we found an old abandoned cemetery, which has overgrown trail. Round steel of all blame in unmarked graves numbered. Neither the names nor nationalities. Maybe someday these poor a monument: “To those who have not reached their goal. Rest in peace. “

But Greek taverns are filled with terrible rumors. Drunken fishermen pounding their fists on the wooden tables and swear:

Yes Yes! We saw! With my own eyes! Children and adults with sewn bellies! They disemboweled organs there, in Turkey, and then traffickers dumped the bodies in international waters, hoping the fish and salt finish the dirty work.

“Why are the police here on Lesvos, not the beginning of the investigation? – Skeptical I say. “Ah, you know? – Shouts fisherman (people here are very emotional) by the name of Stavros. – You have no idea what was going on here.

Since the end of the summer on the beach were planted thousands of people every day. Some of them – the sick and wounded. We on the island is not even enough for their doctors, but here is the invasion! No one was ready for it. The authorities had to think about the living and not of the drowned and not those who have died on the island. It was a hell of heat, decomposing body. There are no examinations. Faster in the ground and forget. But I can not forget. One boy’s eyes were cut. That Cut. They say the fish ate. Ha! I fish for thirty years. Pisces – not surgeons. What do you think, what are your eyes? In corneal transplant? Did not know. I think they are cut, so as not identified. I have every seen, but the boy is still my dream. “

The most profitable business in the world

Last December, the Turkish authorities have arrested an Israeli citizen (born in Ukraine), Boris Walker (real name Wolfman), which is bought from Syrian refugees authorities. Organ harvesting took place in the Turkish private clinics. It turned out that the Wolfman has long wanted by Interpol not only for organ trade, but also for organizing illegal transplants in Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka in 2008-2014 years. This underground business brought him a great income from 70 100 to a thousand euros for the body!

Recently, the American «Newsweek», said the terrible figure: 18 000 sold Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon, their kidneys to go to Europe. And this is only the official data!

About Adult information is there, but the children – silence. (Children’s bodies – the most expensive Any loving parent will sell and give everything to save the life of her child.).

“The illegal trade in organs – it’s a vicious circle – explained Dr. Dimitris Greek Xenakis. – All interested in silence. Killed donor not tell anything. Will silent killer and doctors, and intermediaries, and recipients who do not want to know anything. Earlier trade bodies has been possible only in third world countries.

For example, India has long been turned into a country where booming “tourism for the authorities.” Worst of all, this business is impossible without protection on the very top. I’m not talking about local governments. Carved bud lives 48 hours, the liver and the pancreas is less. That is, since the removal of the transplant to the account goes on the clock. Who is able to transport bodies of the aircraft, for example, from Somalia or Kenya without customs inspection at any point of the globe? “

“Whom do you mean?”

My companion smiled meekly.

“I do not want to lose my license, and be drawn into the courts. Look for yourself.

Where are the missing children?

31 January this year shocked the world by Interpol monstrous figure: in Europe lost 10 000 refugee children. After a couple of months until it clarified 12 thousand. It was only on the registered (!) Children. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

From July to September, I went with the refugees many roads as a reporter. I saw with my own eyes how thousands of young aggressive men took by storm the border posts or simply walking through the woods. Many of them suffered at the hands of small children who were crying from fear and fatigue right in front of the TV cameras. All of the refugees did not have passports, allegedly burned during the bombing, and, of course, none of them had no documents on children.

In those early months of the invasion of mad NOBODY did not register any adult migrants or children. Given this fact, it can be assumed that the number of missing children no less than 25-30 thousand people! Only in the safe and disciplined Sweden lost 1000 registered (!) Children.

By the way, no one is looking. I made a request to Interpol with a request to tell me as a journalist, with whom I can be contacted from the investigators. In response – silence.

“A small child – it is something like visas and protection, – told me the Macedonian journalist Milena, with whom we met in the camp for refugees Idomeni. – I used to work for the Greek-Macedonian border and saw a man rush to the police with the kids on his hands, knowing that no one would dare to hit a child. And I am absolutely sure that this is not their children. I’m not even talking about the external dissimilarity: swarthy, too young guys with blue-skinned boys. Речь о другом. No parent will substitute her child under tear gas and not rush into the thick of the crowd, at the risk of his child simply trampled!

While the Balkan route operated, the Serbian police have found in the woods a few young children, the sick, frightened, unable to give her name. Most likely, they were abandoned when they get sick and become a burden on the alleged fathers. For refugee strong, healthy child – is capital. If he’s cute, it will be sold to a brothel. If not – how to chop up a pig in a butcher’s shop on the organs. Next to Kosovo and Albania with extensive experience in such operations since the time of the bombing of Yugoslavia. And no one will look for this child – he does not even have the documents. “


They bought it. LIH since its existence, actively traded in the bazaars of women and children. The most expensive are valued girls and boys up to 9 years, which are sold into sexual slavery. Most Yazidis suffered. Since terrorists believe sun-Yezidi unclean Gentiles, and treat them very ill. The Yazidi temple Lalish not far from Mosul, one of the oldest temples in the land, two years ago I saw the hands of refugees who escaped terrorists. But among them, almost no children. If adults could run, almost all children Yezidi or killed, or enslaved.

Catholic Mary, who fled from Mosul, whom I met in the Ankave, Iraqi Christian neighborhood of Erbil, in a low voice told me how she was lucky. Before taking the city she could send his only daughter to relatives in Erbil. She and her husband were simply unable to believe that the Iraqi army in a few hours will pass a huge city. Some Christians put into the buses, robbing them to the skin (Mary had to pull out of the ears of gold earrings, and her husband was afraid to open his mouth, so as not to show the gold teeth). And then the bus played out a tragic scene. The terrorists snatched from the hands of a young mother with five year old daughter, and the other at gunpoint seized ten year old son. None of the Christians were not allowed to take beautiful children.

Among children trafficked to Europe, as many war children, orphans who lost their parents during the bombing. Or just those who have themselves lost in the chaos of the fighting. According to UN estimates, only in the zone in Syria civil war were 5 600 000 children. Now imagine: a three-year baby survived in the house, killing or injuring his parents. A crying child would lead any “good uncle”, which will give him a candy or toy. After a couple of weeks the child will find it “their” and after a few months of his parents remain vague memories. If at all will remain.

On the ferry, sailing to the island of Lesbos, I met with the steward. (We call it the Costas, otherwise he will lose his job). For 10 months he has seen tens of thousands of refugees who sought to the European continent. When I tell him how EU authorities hope to integrate the vast masses of the people, he comes laughing. “This European bureaucrats have to go to our luxury ferry, where all gilded and carpets, – he says. – We were horrified when they discovered as refugees from Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, I’m sorry, cocoa in the corners. When we caught them on a hot, one of them, not bad spoke in English, he explained that we – the uncivilized people, and we have the wrong toilets. Muslims can not go to the toilets are, the more there is no jugs with water for cleaning the. Therefore, they chose to make a muck of our carpets. “

When it comes to missing children, Kostas darkens:

“I 50 years, and father I became later. I have a young wife and three year old daughter. Maybe that’s why I’m so sentimental. Once I saw a black man on the ferry with a golden-haired and blue-eyed boy in her arms. I asked him: “What is your name, and who is this kid?” He answered me with a challenge: “I am George, Melanie, and this is my son. What do you want? “I just went dark eyes with rage.

I waited for the night, when the passengers were asleep in a chair, and held it in the corner. I am a former Special Forces soldier, and I confess, beat him severely. He admitted that his name was Ahmed, and the child he bought in Turkey for 1000 dollars in a refugee camp. He hoped it profitable to resell in Europe. We reported on the shore, and in the port of Ahmed were waiting for the police. And then what happened to the child, I do not know. “

“What could we do ?! We are people! “

Erik and Phillip Kempson, an English couple with a daughter, sixteen years ago, came to Lesvos and just fell in love with this island. They rented a small house on the beach and stayed here to live. People are not wealthy. Eric – a great artist makes works of art from the olive tree. Philip is also a master of all trades. Tourists willing to buy their souvenirs, and life went on undisturbed. Until February of last year.

“Refugees and before that was a lot, but we tried not to pay attention, – said Eric. – But in February 2015, the flow has increased dramatically. People came frozen, sick, miserable, and in our district are no doctors. Their boat broke up on the rocks. Do you know why? Two kilometers to the shore by smugglers, who did not want to be nabbed Greek authorities, broke the key in the ignition, jumped to his companions and motorboat ran. The boat, crowded, full speed rushed to the shore, and confused passengers do not know where to send the steering wheel. So many people crashing on the rocks. I got up at dawn and signals the boats, where it is better to approach.

Once I saw a terrible sight! A huge boat, which is on board300 people ran into rocks and sank in just a few seconds!It was like a movie. Here it is, but it’s gone!

We rushed into the water to save the poor. My seventeen year old daughter nearly drowned trying to get the baby when she grabbed some Afghan and pulled her to the bottom. But she was able to fight back and get with a child on the beach. On that day, killed sixty people. “

“Where are all the boats disappear then?”

“Oh, we’ve got a whole collection of very expensive boats. The authorities dumped them in the mountains and even plan to burn them. “

“The refugees in the camp Idomeni told me that they were trying to buy a boat for 5000 dollars – I say. – It’s cheaper than everyone chip in for 1500 dollars for the six-kilometers-walk to Lesbos. But then abandoned the idea. The smugglers are working in conjunction with the Turkish police. Once the refugees have bought their own boat and sailed in the direction of Greece, their scolding Turkish coastal police boat and drowned in the sea! “

“I believe you. The smugglers and policemen – one mafia in Turkey – agrees Eric. – This nightmare began in the summer. The night was coming on 200 boats. I remember a day in October, when the surf 800 (!) Boats and on the shore were 12 000 people! “

People kept coming and coming from the sea straight to the door of the house of Eric and Philip, like ghosts, with feverishly burning eyes, her hair full of sand, with blisters and cuts on his feet. They asked for water, food, medicines, doctors for the wounded and children.

“We worked on 24 hours a day and just stopped to sleep, – continues Eric. – We did everything on video and thrown cry in YouTube and facebook: Need volunteers, need help! Do not give money to us. Pay your bills on food and medicine in the neighboring stores in our name. One day, some kind person had paid 3500 water bottles. And the people responded. We arrived early volunteers. There were the first tent that we put right in our backyard, and then on the beach. We were allowed to women with children bathe and relax 24 hours. Then they had to three-day route through the mountains to the main port of Lesvos with babies in their arms. Authorities to punish refugees, forbade them to sit in the bus and take a taxi. It was scary! But none of the refugees decided not to return to Turkey, where they were tortured and humiliated in every way. We have reached such a degree of emotional and physical stress, they were glad to anyone volunteer to muddle-headed. One of us wondered: where is the Red Cross, where the United Nations, where Doctors Without Borders? Where are all these organizations that receive billions in subsidies from the state and private sponsors? We were naive. We had to learn a lot of dirty things about the world of philanthropy. “

AD human baseness

“When the island of Lesbos last summer crowded with refugees, he finally got to the top of all the news broadcasting companies of the world, – says a resident of Lesbos Englishman Eric Kempson. – Immediately they began to arrive hundreds of volunteers-crooks. They did selfie on the background of the exhausted women and children, and the more we did not see them. Then they exposed the photo on FEYSBUK and shouted: give us money, we work very hard! These were real crooks. Later, through his new friends in facebook, which really helped with money for refugees, I learned that these people have seen in Bangladesh and Pakistan, and so they are not only extort money, but also make yourself job, to get into these organizations bursting from subsidies: the UN and the Red Cross. “

“There were real, noble volunteers, – says Philip, his wife Erika. – They spent all their money, worked around the clock, slept for three hours and never make selfie. Some of them simply went bankrupt. They had nothing to go home after a few months of work. We collected them money for the tickets. “

“On the island of 120 profit non-governmental organizations, and only a dozen of them really worked, – continues Eric. – Imagine my rage when going out in the morning on the beach, where there were tents for the refugees we have established our new friends, I saw strangers who quickly attached to them stickers and UN flags. It turns out that the island wished to arrive at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I said is your tent? That you paid money for them? No, but, you know, the High Commissioner … We stripped all their stickers and flags. After the visit of UN High Commissioner finally sent blankets for refugees with a huge plastic advertising on them. Plastic rustled and not let people sleep. They tried to pull out it, but tore the blankets.

There are many charitable organizations that are engaged in anything other than charity. Like the American “International Rescue Committee» (IRC). Oh, this is just the cream of intelligence! The CIA at its best. And what are the sponsors! Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Kofi Annan, Madeleine Albright. The organization is actively engaged in espionage, but not saving people. In any case, here. To me, too, I came to their boss for a long time told me how they save people in Africa. I asked her: “Are you saying?” “Yes.” “So: I am bullish shit.” “How dare you talk to me ?!” “You’re sitting in my home, drink my coffee, and you come to me, not I to you. You hire people with black hearts. They are not suitable for the job. And I still can not understand what they are doing here. ” Heard at the IRC had problems in Ukraine

(Indeed, the Ministry of State Security of the unrecognized DNR expelled from the territory of the Republic of representatives of the International Rescue Committee for espionage. They were charged that they were working on the frontline with the Ukrainian army and collected data on the number and location of the military forces of the militias. The first thing that alerted the security services Donetsk, IRC did not bring any doctor, but only “psychologists” who conducted master classes, meetings on interests, individual counseling, copied passport details and filled out questionnaires to local residents. And when in the office of the organization found a special means for wiretapping, DNR immediately got rid of the “missionaries”.)

“Eric, you do not fear for their safety after your revelations on the Internet?” – I ask.

“Every day I get death threats to me and my family. “There,” I am not afraid. A dog that barks, does not bite is. The most dangerous are those who are silent. One of the bosses of “charities” once told me that he “will solve my problem.” So he decides to ME as a problem. Let them try.

Here MEP came last fall, “to gather evidence of the difficult situation of refugees.” We were invited to dinner. This plump prosperous deputy was going to spend three wonderful months in Lesbos for “studying the situation”, dining at the best restaurants, living in a five star hotel and receive additional payment for something that works in the “high-risk zone.” I asked him: “What are you, do not watch TV? Or you do not read the newspaper? Or you do not know how the Internet works? What you still need more “evidence”? You just want to have fun on the EU money. I hate to see you. ” I got up and walked away from the table.

But the greatest cunning – it’s the bureaucrats of “Doctors without Borders”.

“Do not give them a dollar!”

Oh, to “Doctors without Borders” in my personal account. It was on the Greek-Macedonian border, tightly locked for refugees. Ten thousand people were sitting on the tracks blocked the railway in tiny tents. Many of them have completely lost all interest in reality. Life for them has stopped.

Girl volunteer from London, an Arab by birth, has led me into a large family, where all crying without stopping and tore their hair. As I understood from poor translation (the girl did not really understand the local dialect) in the family had died in a week, two young children, and no one knows where they were taken.

I strongly toward the tent “Doctors without Borders”, came from the aggressive middle-aged woman and, without greeting and asked what I needed. I introduced myself, filed a license, and she immediately “got rid” in my camper. I knocked on the house door slightly open and suspiciously asked who I was. I explained that I was a journalist, and I care about the usual questions: How many patients in the camp, which the sanitary conditions in many died. “You have permission to speak?” – Asked me through the crack. “And why do I have it actually be? Do you have something to hide? –

I was surprised and pushed open the door to the house so that the guy had to step aside. – Here’s my ID, which is written in English, that all public bodies and organizations should provide assistance to me as a journalist. Answer me basic questions. By the way, you’re a doctor? “” No, I’m an admin? “- Said my interlocutor, and surly rushed call. After long negotiations with the invisible chief he said that I could leave my phone number and Email, and be sure to contact me. (Until now, we have not contacted!) The heat was in his late thirties, and I asked for water. “We have no water,” – he said roughly administrator (on the table stood a pack of water bottles!) And literally pushed me out of the house.

The next encounter with “Doctors without Borders” took place on the island of Lesbos in the camp for refugee children who lost their parents. Children, I never saw. No one! I met this time friendly girl who is tinged with sadness I noticed that the children without permission of administration can not be seen. For poor children, so easy to hurt! “Well, – I persisted. – But answer me a simple question: how many are children and where they “” Again, I can not?. This is confidential information! “” What do you mean ?! – I boiled. – Have you bought these children? It’s not your kids! You are a public organization, and I am a journalist! And people have the right to know what is in your camp doing with children. ” “Sometimes we, of course, arrange tours for journalists,” – she said apologetically. “And I do not need trained” tour. ” I have the right to enter and see. ” “You leave us your number. We will contact you. ” I flew out like scalded.

In particular the “Solidarity” camp for refugees, patients with severe diseases (some of them wounded as Syrian from Aleppo Samah, which moves on crutches), a volunteer from Scotland William complained that they are lacking the help of doctors. “Yes, here they are!” – I cried out in surprise, pointing to a huge tent with the inscription “Doctors without Borders”. “Well, yes, it is already here six months, – snorts William. – Here we are, we put the tent so that it was immediately visible from the road, and disappeared. Those even doctors! “

“Oh, they love it! Tents set everywhere! – Englishman laughs Eric Kempson. – And yet, I caught those bastards. They stated that control the refugee camp of Kara Tepe. There was a terrible mud. I took a journalist with a video camera, and in the morning we arrived in the camp with volunteers to clean toilets and there to clean territory. In 11 the morning in a house with the inscription “Doctors without Borders” jumped two and immediately closed.

We knock. “Get out!” – They shout at us. “Well, go, I was a journalist! – Outraged woman. – And in general, you have here all of the patients’ Then they popped!. “You’ve got a complete lack of sanitation, – I said. – Do not want to clean up, give refugees a broom, shovel, disinfectants, and they all do. And where is your doctor? Something we do not see them at work, “After I posted this video to YouTube, to me, was their boss with the words” You are a liar, “I said to him!” I have a video, and you have nothing but loud statements. You are crooks. “

Deception, trickery, huge donations that go to that unknown. It is still half-troubles. For the “Doctors without Borders” runs a suspicious trail. WHO


Western media call him “Doctor Propaganda”, and the Serbian media – “Dr. Mengele.” French (jew) physician, founder of the organization “Doctors without Borders”, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of France (2007 – 2010). According to estimates of the Israeli media, it is one of the most influential Jews 15 the world.

As a young man – a Communist (the Communist Party of it, however, quickly kicked out). He was a member of the group “caviar left” (so contemptuously called in France the bourgeois bohemia, the reasoning behind a champagne glass of Trotskyism and socialism). He participated in several humanitarian missions and the first to realize that they can be used solely for political purposes. Sever relations with “Red Cross” for their “neutral” and even “amoral” approach and created in 1971, the organization “Doctors without Borders”.

What is the “trick”? “Red Cross” for access to the fighting zone on both sides of the conflict was primarily apolitical, based on the principle: “We treat everyone, because it is our medical debt, and do not share the political views of people.” Kouchner insisted on the “more moral” medical approach, which assumes that every war is a “victim” and “killers”, is “our good” and “bad aliens”. It turned everything upside down, even the Hippocratic oath, and had to taste Western politicians. Now you can with impunity to organize a coup in any disagreeable country, send to humanitarian organizations, whose leaders with sorrowful persons reported “numerous victims” of the opposition, and even hinted at the “genocide” of a minority, photographers largest media published horrifying pictures, and politicians have made statements that it is necessary to stop the next “crazy dictator”.

Here’s the handy theory of Dr. Kouchner’s “humanitarian intervention” and the “duty to intervene”. In January 1993 years it was his finest hour (this time, Kouchner has “pulled” even his colleagues from the “Doctors without Borders”, went noisily, retaining, however, their influence, and created an alternative organization “Doctors of the World”). His new organization has spent about two million dollars (I wonder who gave them?) On the campaign against Slobodan Milosevic (strange work for doctors, is not it?), Which was compared to Hitler, and the camps of the Bosnian Serb prison – to the concentration camps of the Nazis. (Even Alija Izetbegovic, the first president of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the sworn enemy of the Bosnian Serbs, on his deathbed, admitted that his statement was false: the death camps was not, although the conditions for prisoners of war were terrible.)

The demonization of the Serbs has resulted in 1995 year to the bombing of the Bosnian Serbs, NATO aircraft, and in 1999, in the course went Kouchner’s doctrine of “humanitarian intervention”, by which NATO completely destroyed the flourishing Yugoslavia, created bandit quasi-state under the name “Kosovo” and hidden in the Hague prison legitimate president (now Serbia) Slobodan Milosevic, where he died under very suspicious circumstances.

But Kouchner was awarded an important position. In 1999, he headed the UN mission in occupied Kosovo. Next start very dark business: kidnapping Albanians Serbs, Gypsies and “incorrect” Albanians who opposed Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. Victims butchered on the bodies and transported them to the heart and kidneys in Europe, Israel and Turkey. And the time factor again, given that the authorities can forward only by plane (the account goes on the clock!), Who gave permission for them to be sent? Any cargo recorded and checked by the customs. And as the head of mission of the good doctor Kouchner can not know about it being an actual dictator of Kosovo? The investigation took up the prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, Carla del Ponte, which was subsequently removed from the case and sent to honorary exile as ambassador to Argentina. In his book “The Hunt. Me and War Criminals “Karl directly accused of obstruction investigation officials of the UN mission and the head of Bernard Kouchner. Later that engaged PACE deputy Dick Marty published a report on the kidnapping in Kosovo and sell their organs. He was able to prosecute only the immediate perpetrators (in particular, the Pristina clinic “Medicus”, is withdrawn from the bodies of victims), but patrons are gone from the reckoning.

Dr. Kouchner himself very easily related to human death. He admitted that “mercy” personally mortified in Lebanon and Vietnam hopeless patients (those really so bad? And who now this check?) And now guess who was appointed in 2015, the curator of the Ukrainian health care reform on the part of the international community? Of course, the good doctor Kouchner, who entered the so-called modernization of the Agency of Ukraine. It is hoped that the rumors about the removal of organs from wounded Ukrainian soldiers will remain rumors.


12 thousand missing, officially registered refugee children. Syrians who sell their kidneys to swim across the sea. Secret brothels where young children are of unknown origin. Smart, cold-blooded killer doctors. Hospitals, which are carried out illegal operations. Famous charities with snow-white reputation, thanks to which it is possible to deliver the bodies anywhere in the world.

And no witnesses. They’re all dead.

Philip Kempson, an Englishwoman with a noble heart of the island of Lesbos, sad looks towards the sea, where you may receive another ship with refugees.

“The UK has said it will not search for missing children, saying that it is not its citizens, – she says. – I am ashamed of my country. The authorities of such a statement given the green light to all people smugglers and traders authorities. Only during the demolition of the refugee camps in Calais lost 129 registered children in one day! You can imagine it ?! “

I can hear the rustle of the sea, and my eyes moistened. Where are you, kid? People abandoned you. And who will help you, but God?

syria refugee


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