Trump offers ‘Russia-loving’ Michael Flynn national security adviser post


“The Pentagon veteran, who was a key figure in the Bush administration’s War on Terror, also lambasted Washington for criticizing Russia’s plans to fight Islamic State in Syria. Flynn told RT in October that he strongly believes that “Russia and the United States working together and trying to work with the other partners that we all have in this region can come up with some other solutions.”

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  1. #1 by Colin on 11/18/2016 - 9:34

    Most triumph.

  2. #2 by Omar Mohammed on 11/18/2016 - 9:34

    This isnt an attack and I have always respected brother Mark Glenn and the good people on this site – but can you also share General Flynn’s view on Muslims?

    Not everything about Flynn is good and we have to be objective here. There is a path of making peace with Russia and the Arab and Muslim World and Flynn will not take that path.

    Christians and Muslims share a common goal and enemy and I thought this website had a message of peace between these two religions. Do not fall for those that try to divide us. We have to evaluate all sides of this appointment.

    ed note–thank you brother Omar, and please know that the respect goes both ways.

    As I have said now for some time, for the record, I understand peoples’ reticence about Trump. I understand particularly why Muslims–who are sitting in the middle of the Judaic bull’s eye in terms of their extermination–react viscerally to things Trump says and, equally important, to the associations he maintains and to the appointments he is making now that he has been elected.

    Having said that, the positions I/we take here are not meant to ‘support’ Trump, but rather to offer an explanation as to what we think is going on.

    The reality of the situation is thus–

    The average American is possessed of a stupidity that I think is unparalleled in human history, and deliberately so. The Jews decided a long time ago that America was going to be the vehicle by which they attain their long-dreamed of ‘Messianic age’ and thus, poured all their resources into reforming the American mind in such a way that the entire nation would go along lock, stock and barrel with this Judaic dream.

    Having said that, Trump understands what the ‘facts on the ground’ are vis a vis trying to have a rational conversation with America. All you can do is to work with what you have, and in this case, you are dealing with a people who–at least in terms of politics, foreign policy, etc, are the equivalent of barely functioning idiots. He can’t have a rational, intelligent conversation with them and say ‘look, you’ve been snookered by the Jews…Islam is not violent, Muslims are not your enemy.’ Had he done that during the campaign, he would not be sitting there right now as Pres-elect.

    Now, having said THAT, what I (we) believe is going on here is that Trump is making certain noises and doing certain things, including the appointment of some of these troublesome characters–as a means of working within a system that has already been set up and which is impossible to change at this moment, a case of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. His number 1 priority is avoiding a war with Russia, and if that means that the only man for that job is someone like a LtG Flynn, who–while taking an inaccurate and very dim view on Islam, nevertheless is not one of these characters itching for war against Russia, than as far as Trump is concerned, it is a done deal for reasons of necessity.

    It is very easy from where we all sit to watch all of this and to say ‘well, it should be this way instead of that’, but remember something else–Trump is in a position where he has already been given intelligence briefings of what the current situation is, and I would venture to say that if all of us knew just how close to the edge things really are, we would be scared to death. He is doing the only thing that is available to him right now, and if that means he has to shoot 2 donkeys blocking a bridge that are stalling an entire column of soldiers as Patton did in Sicily, then it is a regrettable thing that has to be done.

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