Trump’s Foreign Policy explained in 60 seconds

ed note–a good representation of Trump’s seeming hostility towards Iran and the Islamic world, as well as why he has gotten so cozy as of late with certain infamous Neo-Con characters after having gotten elected. For him, priority numero uno is avoiding a war with Russia, and if that means he has to take characters into his cabinet who take a dim view of Islam but who are 1000% devoted to avoiding a war with Russia, then as far as he is concerned, it’s not the best option, but rather the ONLY option. Patton’s actions in shooting the 2 donkeys were not the result of his hating animals or taking a dim view of Sicilian peasantry, but rather the fact that a lot of men were going to get killed–including the man whose donkeys were killed–if the situation weren’t dealt with immediately.

The only chance (and personally, I think it is a slim one) that exists of ending this clash of civilizations between the Christian West and the Islamic Middle East is the path that Trump is taking, and while I certainly understand how Muslims must react to things Trump has sad/done that only inflames the danger they are already in domestically throughout America and the West, the fact is that Trump–as abrasive and unlikable as he may appear to be–is not your best friend in the White House, but rather your only friend.

  1. #1 by TruthOutJournal on 11/19/2016 - 9:34

    “The only chance (and personally, I think it is a slim one)” – I knew you had some “hope”, Mr. Glenn. 🙂 Bless you and yours sir, and thank you for your on point, bullseye analysis all the time. The world is lucky to have you here at this time on earth.

    ed note–my ‘hope’ is the equivalent of those lifeboats that were filled with survivors after the Titanic sank. There is–IMO–no saving the ship of state and the only realistic hope that exists is our ability to pick up the pieces after it is all over.

    But thank you for the kind words which are hardly deserved but greatly appreciated nonetheless.

  2. #2 by Ladybat2 on 11/19/2016 - 9:34

    “the fact is that Trump–as abrasive and unlikable as he may appear to be–is not your best friend in the White House, but rather your only friend.”Ed note

    (sigh) With friends like this who needs enemies. Guess we Muslims simply have to take what we can get right?

    God help this world if Muslim tribes ever finally do the smart thing and unite as one hand. Because if that ever happens….

    It will be the rest of the world who will have to….

    Take what it can get.

    But not to worry. Prophet Muhammad was not even cold in his grave when Muslims began turning on one another. Been like that ever since. Before he died they had the most powerful army on earth at that time.

    It is sad but true that….

    Muslims don’t well with out a baby sitter.

  3. #3 by Horacio Puente on 11/19/2016 - 9:34

    If he chooses neo cons for his cabinet, that means we were fooled again.

  4. #4 by Omar Mohammed on 11/19/2016 - 9:34

    I am not a fan of Hillary (hate her in fact), but I am worried about Trump and I am not optimistic. I think he is just another Zionist president that will ignore the American people and the Christian values of the majority. So far all the signs are pointing at a conflict with the Arab and Muslim World and a stronger tie with the Zionist regime. I am worried he will try and isolate Iran or attack them.

    I hope I am wrong, but if I am right I hope the good people here, brother Mark and others, would stand against him if that happens. Christians and Muslims should unite.

  5. #5 by smacko on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    so who’s the jack asses?

  6. #6 by Leila Abdelmeguid on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    I agree with Omar Muhammad. I don’t think Donald Trump has ever done or said anything that demonstrates that he will not be a Zionist collaborator. I can understand why “white nationalists” may love Trump due to his views on immigration, but he is still as willing to carry out the Zio agenda as anyone else, just maybe in a different way than Obama and Clinton. Their agenda is a multi step approach. So he is taking the demonization of Islam as his number one way to carry this out. Anyways, avoiding nuclear war does really out weigh all else. So…

    And yes, thank you Mark Glenn and everyone else at TUT. I have learned more from you than through out all my years of schooling and I am very greatful for your work.

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