Netanyahu declines meet with Trump before inauguration


ed note–WHY?

And no, I don’t buy the notion that Netanyahu declined the invite in order to ‘avoid embarrassing Obama’. For 8 years, Netanyahu has not missed an opportunity–including going to Congress and DEMANDING that the 435 people assembled there support Israel’s ‘request’ for war against Iran–to ’embarrass’ Obama.

If Nutty Netty were confident that Trump was in his pocket as everyone else up to this point has been, why not make the trip?

It seems reasonable then to postulate that Netanyahu knew he was going to get bad news and didn’t want to ‘deal with it’. If Trump was in his pocket and he had every reason to assume that the new Pres-elect was going to kiss his hind quarters and give into his every demand as is typically the case, he would have made the trip, if for no other reason than the  political capital–both in Israel and abroad–he would receive from doing so.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly declined an invitation to meet with President-elect Donald Trump before his inauguration.

During the phone conversation between the two leaders following the elections last week, Trump suggested that Netanyahu “come as soon as possible” to meet with him, the Hebrew-language Walla news website reported Thursday, citing two unnamed senior Israeli officials.

After discussing the appropriate protocols of such a visit, Netanyahu “elegantly refused Trump’s invitation in order to avoid embarrassing Obama,” Walla reported, citing sources close to the Israeli leader.

“There is only one president at a time, you can work in parallel. Until Jan. 20, Obama is still in the White House, and you have to keep the rules of the protocol with him,” an unnamed Israeli official told Walla, noting Inauguration Day.

Netanyahu and Trump spoke by phone the day after the U.S. elections in what the Prime Minister’s Office described as a “warm and heartfelt” conversation. At the time, the Prime Minister’s Office said that Trump invited Netanyahu to meet him “at the first opportunity.”

Candidate Trump met with Netanyahu in New York in September when the prime minister was in town for the United Nations General Assembly meeting. Netanyahu also met then with the Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

Walla also reported that the Prime Minister’s Office, Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., have begun working toward a meeting that will take place between Trump and Netanyahu after the inauguration.

  1. #1 by PJ London on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    You couldn’t make this up.

    “There is only one president at a time, you can work in parallel. Until Jan. 20, Obama is still in the White House, and you have to keep the rules of the protocol with him,”

    This is the same Nuttyyahoo who completely ignored protocol in March 2015 :

    “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the United States on Tuesday that … acceptance in January of a Republican invitation that bypassed the White House. … Netanyahu: speech to Congress no ‘disrespect’ to Obama.”

    ‘At the time, the Prime Minister’s Office said that Trump invited Netanyahu to meet him “at the first opportunity.” ‘ i.e. (when Trump is free and not too busy), which will be shortly after Hell freezes over.

  2. #2 by nobodysaysBOO on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    Maybe bennie-the-RAT knows about another 911 like Bush and him planed and EXICUTED to start wars for a “greater Israel” .
    He is scared of losing his American Express Gold card!

    Claw BACK our nations wealth Mr.President TRUMP , stop the BLACKMAIL from these Jews!

    Make them GIVE BACK the DANCING JEWS that DID 911 for TRIAL !

    NEVER give these war tribes another DIME!

  3. #3 by noor al haqiqa on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    Might he feel a slight twinge of fear? Trump is ultra alpha male… As for the silly excuses, his mouth was moving so he was lying. That surely is not news ~ so many can read between his multifaceted layers of fabrications.

    To be honest, I have stopped second-guessing these folks. They are becoming more and more just …. nightmares to be borne as terrors swirl about us all. Our future is, indeed, in the hands of the gods.

  4. #4 by desert on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    Bibi is a smart man, he doesn’t want to see that wart on the ass of humanity again that is currently in the off white house….can’t blame him, I don’t want to see “it” either!!

  5. #5 by maisoon on 11/20/2016 - 9:34

    I buy your conclusions.
    I suspect he does not want Americans to think he is actually calling the shots and pulling the strings of Israel’s new Marionette. Let the American sheeple ‘believe’ that Trump is ‘in charge’ and settle in without ‘Israeli presence but of course everything will be done behind closed doors or on the phone
    Just take a good hard look at the neocon types Trump is bringing in and his meeting with Ari Emanuel.
    TRUMP is gong to be very bad news for the Arab and Islamic world though he may appear to do some ‘good positive ‘things for Americans just to placate them. Take a good long hard look at the choices he is making for his new Fascist Government whilst posing as America’s new Saviour who will make America great again! America was never great- it was always a Western Military Colonialist Settler Colony that genocided the First Nation Indigenous Peoples [which you Americans shamefully celebrate on Thanksgiving annually] much like the Jews against Palestinians

    I don’t like or trust Trump and hold him with equal contempt as I did for Killlary Clinton.
    Trump was mentored by Jewish Mafia Gangster Roy Cohn [linked to Mossad]
    Trump received financial backing from pro Israel Zionist Jew, funder of Settlements, Sheldon Adelson
    Trumps’ daughter is a converted Jew married to a staunch Jewish Zionist with links to Israel.

    Looks like America’s new President is transforming US Government into a Zionist Fascist Political Arena which will ONLY SERVE the ZIONIST NEOCONS who already controlled America in any case and now they are using Trump to bring in their New World Order through his backdoor which will be at the expense of Americans and tragically will bring more death and destruction to Arabs and Muslims. Contrary to what some STUPID AMERICANS believe,

    TRUMP is NOT an ‘INDPENDENT’ President at all but is I deeply suspect being DIRECTED by his Jewish Buddies in Tel Aviv and in the USA itself, whispers from the likes of Ari Emanuel and Netanyahu, and no doubt Adelson and Trump’s son in law
    Israel and Netanyahu are very happy at Trump’s victory and his comments about Israel taking over all the West Bank, legalising Settlements and making Jerusalem the capital of Jewish Israel and he is quite happy at the Jews ethnically cleansing Muslims from Palestine and disregarding and dismissing the Christian Palestinians too so long as Israel is secured
    All you have will be a change in faces, change in the colour of your president. But the Jewish New World Order and the Neocons are in full swing once again, waiting with relish to get rid of their Black Slave who gave Israel an unprecedented amount of funding/military hardware that exceeded all other Presidents during his 2 term reign which the damn Jews were still not satisfied with, being the ungrateful bastards that they are as they use and abuse everyone and anyone that they install to further their Agenda for Israel and within the United States of Israel
    Righteous peace loving people of the world have nothing to celebrate with Trump and I cannot understand why you have all been taken in by this Zionist mentored fraudster and loudmouth wo is as much an evil as Clinton was and is.

    ed note–I understand the reflexive rejection of people–and particularly those who have watched helplessly as their innocent brothers and sisters in places such as Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc, have been subjected to the systematic slaughter that has been inflicted upon them by the West, and especially America. Furthermore, I understand why there is a visceral reaction on the part of Muslims when they hear what appear to be anti-Islamic noises coming out of Trump.

    However, people who allow their emotions–as justified as these emotions are–to get the best of them in this situation are making a critical error, as indeed I believe you are. Trump is not a plaything of the Jews and people have not been ‘fooled’ by this ‘con man’ as you put it. There is something more going on here other than the same old/same old, something deeper, more serious and infinitely more dangerous than any of us have personally dealt with before in our lives. What is Trump supposed to do, go to the dumbed down American people and say ‘Look, America, the Jews have lied to you. The Muslims are not our enemies, Israel pulled off 9/11, the USS LIBERTY, JFK, and pretty soon, she is going to pull off another one bigger than all the aforementioned rolled into one that will inevitably result in a nuclear war with Russia unless we get a handle on this situation.’

    Obviously, he can’t say that and expect to move ahead even one space on the political chess board.

    Nevertheless, I believe Trump’s plan is doomed to fail, despite whatever ‘help’ he has on the inside from the intelligence services of the US who understand how serious the situation is. His election has not removed us from the threat of WW3, but rather moved us closer, because now the Jews, rather than spending 8 years under a Clinton presidency setting up all the dominoes so that they fall a certain way that results in the long planned for destruction of America, realize that their time is short and therefore must move their plans closer. As someone whose family comes from the Middle East, I have spent the last decade + grieving for what has been done to the innocent people there, but at the same time, I know that the only possibility that exists in bringing it all to an end resides with the man who was recently elected by popular vote to the presidency.

    Do I like him? No. Do I ‘want’ him as President? No, no more than I would enjoy eating the family pet during a time of starvation, but when the alternative is considered, it certainly is better of the 2.

  6. #6 by Tapp on 11/21/2016 - 9:34

    So how does Trump “get a handle on things” ?
    Does he do that by filling his cabinet with many Zionist zealots like Ledeen? The same Cancerous Neocon that was know as Perle’s “bull dog”, the same Ledeen that helped Perle develop and formulate PINAC?
    Is Trump making these appointments to not appease Netanyahu? Hardly, Bibi is a very smart guy, and likely is thinking to himself, why should I meet with Trump now and possibly screw things up? Trump is doing a fine job by himself.
    Further, Trump is taking the lead from Kushner who is the defacto head of the transition team, albeit the VP Pence is officially named to that post.
    Trump will never alienate the inner circle aka his family….Ivanka and Jared. That would be a cardinal sin.

    ed note–this whole drama really is beginning to resemble the entire ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ fiasco from years ago, where no matter what you say and no matter how well a case based upon research and reason is made, it is ignored in favor of some tiny issue that in the end, the other side uses to ‘prove’ their case that what we saw did not in fact take place at all, but was all a big hoax.

    Ok, so we’ll try this again, even though is probably won’t matter a hill of beans to those–much like the sandy hook hoaxers–who have already made up their minds.

    ‘Getting a handle on things’ can basically be summed up in just 5 words–avoiding a war with Russia. This is the entire reason for the whole ‘Trump phenomenon’. Everything else, dealing with jobs, immigration, etc, are all secondary issues that have been utilized/capitalized on in order to create a base of support so that priority numero uno–again, for those with short term memory issues–de-escalating the very dangerous situation with Russia, can be achieved.

    Having said this, all can rest assured that Trump & co are going to do/say whatever they have to in order to facilitate–again, for those suffering from short term memory issues–this de-escalation of tensions with Russia. Trump will put neocons in his cabinet if this is what is required. He’ll say nice things about Israel, if this is required. He’ll make all sorts of promises about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, if this is required.

    And, again, again, for those with short term memory issues–the single most glaring issue that Trump is not looked upon favorably by organized Jewish interests is the UNPRECEDENTED screeching campaign that they have waged against him and which they are STILL waging against him. There is simply no other thing in recent history, save what was done to Mel Gibson in the run-up to the release of his movie ‘the Passion’ that even comes close. The Jews do not like Trump and do not trust that he is gong to ‘deliver’ on the things he has promised, and for this reason, those of us with still-functioning brains have every reason to suspect that there is something at work here other than the same old/same old.

    People ask me all the time why I have scaled back my involvement in all this political business, why I don’t appear on Press TV as often nor do radio programs anymore, and the answer is–or at least should be–evident, based upon all of this taking place right here–it is a waste of time trying to have a productive, intelligent discussion about modern political issues with people who cannot seem to graduate above their comfortable, cozy little 2nd grade level understanding of current events, and whether it is the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ crowd or those who seize upon circumstantial ‘evidence’ such as Trump’s daughter having married a Jew in proving that ‘the Jews own Trump’, the bottom line is, it is a serious waste of time and energy dealing with such nonsense.

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