Rabbi Karim to High Court: No apology, no retraction


Rabbis express ‘pride’ in Rabbi Karim, calling his refusal to apologize to the Supreme Court a sanctification of G-d’s Name.

Israel National News

Though his installation ceremony as Chief Rabbi of the IDF was canceled yesterday, just two days before it was to take place, because of a Supreme Court ruling, Rabbi Eyal Karim refuses to apologize for or retract his Halakhic ruling of 14 years ago. Thus reports the 0404 news site.

The Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice Miriam Naor, accepted a petition filed by Meretz party Knesset Members against Rabbi Karim’s appointment as Chief IDF Rabbi. One of the justices stated that Karim’s words that are at issue were “shocking” – and in light of this view, the Rabbi’s appointment, which was confirmed by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Eisenkott, cannot take effect.

Chief Justice Naor is scheduled to retire by October of next year, when she turns 70.

Sources close to Rabbi Karim said that he has written a response to the Supreme Court explaining his opinion, but without retracting or apologizing for it. Leading rabbis quoted by 0404 said they were “proud” of Rabbi Karim, “and that “one need not and cannot apologize for what is written in the Torah.”

“Rabbi Karim is right for not apologizing,” the rabbi said. “The Torah is above the Supreme Court. If he continues along this path, this is a public sanctification of G-d’s Name.”

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked expressed guarded opposition to the Court’s ruling, saying, “I will relate to it in depth when the story ends, but I will just say in the spirit of the State’s response to the petition: The Chief of Staff appointed Rabbi Karim according to the protocol, after having given him a special hearing. I don’t believe that in a case such as this the Supreme Court should intervene; the petition should have been rejected outright. A Chief of Staff who sends soldiers to battle can also appoint a Chief Rabbi.”

  1. #1 by Marty Caulfield on 11/22/2016 - 9:34

    There is NO GoD!

    Ed note–the existence or non-existence of any higher power has absolutely no bearing on the significance of the story. what matters is that these people believe that a higher power is speaking to them and directing them to act in ways that are criminal to the rest of civilized Society, and that if people do not begin utilizing the brains with which they were born and recognize this situation for the danger that it is we are all doomed.

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