How they do it– Israeli settler leader claims fires in Israel are ‘divine punishment’ for planned settlement uproot


ed note–as we say here often, the key to understanding and de-mystifying the ‘Jewish question’ lies in understanding the fact that Judaism–in all its forms, i.e. religious, cultural, etc, is the most sophisticated form of mind control that has ever been devised and applied.

Having said this, as people ponder the phenomenon of Judaic solidarity and how most of the time Jews as a group seem to march lock-step with each other and with whatever agenda has been laid out, the question inevitably arises how these Manchurian Candidates are able to be reveilled, rallied, and organized around any given issue, and the answer goes back–once again, surprise, surprise–to the institutionalized foundation of their identity, which is their ‘chosenness’ and their blind adherence to those above them who interpret/apply the dictates of a vengeful, wrathful deity who stands poised to strike them dead at any second for the minutest infraction of any one of the 613 commandments making up ‘the laws of Moses’ as enumerated in the Old Testament.

Below is an example of this. Never missing an opportunity in reinforcing that deep-seated paranoia/terror that is the beating heart of Jewish life, not a good thing/bad thing happens that in some way is not brought back to its roots–the pleasure/displeasure of Yahweh, the god of the Jews, and the periodic reintroduction of this theme in daily Jewish life is the manner by which these people–in bondage to their leaders and to the paralyzing mindset infused/reinforced in them that has been the source of their suffering for millenia–are kept in line, marching as dutiful soldiers of Zion in whatever scheme that has been dreamt up in the mad minds of those who sit atop them, whether they be religious rabbis or political leaders.


A leader of Israeli settlers said that the fires raging in Israel, which officials partly attribute to arsonists, are really divine punishment for the government’s plans to uproot settlements.

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, of the settler community of Elon Moreh, made the controversial assertion about the 250 fires recorded in recent days in Israel, in a pamphlet published Thursday, the news site Srugim reported.

Israeli police have arrested 12 people on suspicion of arson over a series of wildfires that have burned around the country for four days. Firefighters have brought a blaze under control around the northern city of Haifa, where about 80,000 people were ordered to evacuate.

The fires have been fanned by hot, dry weather and high winds, but some — including in Zichron Ya’akov, near Haifa — were started by arsonists, the head of local firefighting force said following an investigation.

Several people have been treated for smoke inhalation but no serious injuries have been reported.

Yona Yahav, the mayor of Haifa, which was one of the cities most heavily hit by the fires, said he was shocked to see the damage during a tour of the affected areas Friday.

“I had a difficult emotional experience,” he told Army Radio. “We take pride in how green our city is, but now everything is painted black.”

He added he had no information on the people who have been arrested on suspicion of arson, but wished to remind listeners that “there wasn’t a single Arab town in the country that didn’t contact me to offer its help.”

In his pamphlet, Levanon wrote: “Strong winds usually carry rain but now all is dry and flammable. It is G-d’s hand that does it. The Israeli government is delaying the approval of the law for regulation,” he added in reference to a bill designed to legalize Amona and other West Bank outposts deemed illegal.

“Until the disgrace of the threat of eviction is lifted from Amona, Ofra and elsewhere, no rain will fall,” he wrote.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who on Thursday vowed to punish arsonists, has accepted offers of assistance from the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan, who on Friday joined Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia and the United States in offering to help with firefighting equipment and personnel.

Egypt will send two helicopters, Jordan will send several trucks and the Palestinian Authority will dispatch four firefighting trucks as well.

  1. #1 by mahmoodtajar on 11/25/2016 - 9:34

    ”chosen people” vs. ”goyim”!//gaay/gaav/cows//cattles!!!!!!!!1

  2. #2 by nooralhaqiqa on 11/26/2016 - 9:34

    The fires, I have read, all are taking place on the Israeli side of things. Arab arsonists arrested. Netanyahu says the firefighters are exhausted after 5 days and is demanding help from all over.

    Meanwhile, the Biblical Mount Carmel is destroyed.

    Living on the West Coast of North America, I would not wish these fires on anyone. Truly they make one feel as if the end times are come….

    But these rabbis always have and always will twist EVERYTHING to suit their agenda of the moment. Everything. Especially these hillside settlement rabbis who have a few flames of madness in their eyes already. They have frequently inflamed their young men to set fire to Palestinian people and properties in the past.

    As for missing “how green things are” ~ that was probably due to theft of Palestinian water!

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