UK – Swastika Smoothie Sparks Outrage In London

Nazi-themed smoothie drink sold in London cafe , November 2016 (Campaign Against Antisemitism)

TIMES OF ISRAEL – A London cafe sparked outrage by selling bottles of swastika-labelled smoothie drinks. The Nincomsoup cafe in Old Street Tube Station in central London was selling an almond-based smoothie called “Nutzy” bearing the Nazi emblem.

A horrified Jewish member of the public, whose family were killed in the Holocaust, spoke with the management, who refused to apologize. She contacted the Campaign Against Antisemitism and alerted them to the pro-Nazi product.

The customer told the charity that she noticed the drink on November 16 and immediately asked to see the manager. When she asked him about it he told her that it was a Hindu symbol of health and prosperity. However the Hindu symbol is the inverse of the swastika which was on the bottle. “When I asked about the name of the drink, he said it was a play on ‘having the nuts,’ meaning ‘having the courage’ and was a pun as the drink contains nuts,” she said.

The customer told him that she had lost family to the Nazi regime and she found it extremely offensive. The manager replied that “London is a free city.”

“I left the shop almost in tears and shivering as it proved to me how much anti-Semitism and fascism is still utterly present,” the woman said. “That man had no shame whatsoever to tell me that I should not be offended by what I saw, when the use of the swastika and the name of that drink is clearly not a coincidence.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism complained to the cafe’s landlords, Transport for London, and the product was subsequently rebranded with an image of a waving Pope.

Nazi-themed smoothie drink sold in London cafe , November 25, 2016 (Campaign Against Antisemitism)


Ben Page-Phillips, the founder of Nincomsoup, issued an apology on the cafe’s website on Sunday which read:

“Sadly, an employee deemed it appropriate to put a Swastika on a smoothie named The Nutzy. This was unsanctioned and the bottles were removed immediately upon being alerted by our shop manager. Needless to say the rogue employee has been dismissed. This was incomprehensible, extremely insensitive, and upsetting to all of us. We unreservedly apologise.”

Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock, said: “This ‘branding’ attached to this soft drink is offensive – it demonstrates at best, a lack of sensitivity and at worst, complete disrespect for the millions murdered during the Holocaust,” the Sun newspaper reported.

John Mann, a Labour MP who heads an all-party group against anti-Semitism, said: “We fought a long war to stop the Swastika flying in Britain and it needs quickly removing from the shelves of this cafe. I suggest environmental health officers do a spot check on the hygiene of the cafe to see if there are any other nasties lurking.”

Stephen Silverman, director of investigations and enforcement at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “It beggars belief that this shop created a Nazi-branded drink by unwitting coincidence. The Nazis murdered six million Jewish men, women and children during the Second World War as well as almost half a million people from Britain alone in the most devastating war and genocide ever committed. It was unavoidable that this would be immensely offensive to Jewish people and anyone who lost members of their family to Nazi brutality.”

  1. #1 by Jamie on 11/29/2016 - 9:34

    I find the Talmud and the Torah very offensive against non-Jews. Why are these racist Jewish pigs allowed to live among us to exploit us? When is enough enough? Will there be the 110th purging of this anti-God, anti-nature, and anti-human filth?

  2. #2 by mothman777 on 11/29/2016 - 9:34

    The Jews protesting about the use of this symbol are the real ‘nutters’, trying to ban the Hindu symbol, which is in fact expressed in both directions in Chinese Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism. I am a Hindu myself and know this as fact.

    It is completely offensive to claim that the Swastika is somehow ‘evil’ when used in one direction, and that malicious falsehood is a deliberate part of the hysteria put about by the Jews, and it is in fact an attack on the religious freedoms of those three faiths and any others that use it. Even some Native American Indians are too scared to use the Swastika now because they feel it is ‘cursed’. It is part of the plan to make people feel ashamed of non-Jewish religions. The Jews are horrible bullies in this regard.

    And we all know, that every Jew And his dog lost their entire families in the fictitious ‘holocaust’, whilst they are always still around to talk about it, and we are tired of hearing whining Jews making up blatant lies about it.

    And how does Silverman think ‘Nazis’ ‘murdered’ almost 500,000 English people? He should view the video by Lady Renouf on how Churchill secretly ordered the RAF to bomb civilian areas in Germany with high explosive and incendiary bombs for many weeks, while England refused to accept any terms for peace repeatedly offered by Germany, so as to deliberately provoke Germany into bombing England back, all this having been deliberately done to create a ‘war psychosis’ as Churchill himself put it, in the British people, that would make them lust for ‘revenge’, and that would never have happened unless Jewish agent Churchill had not callously and traitorously forced the Germans to bomb England’s cities.

  3. #3 by Frederick on 11/29/2016 - 9:34

    Oyyyyyyyyy!! I lost all my families in the holocaust…..they were steamed and electrocuted to death, killed in gas vans, shot, hung & starved. My cousins were thrown into narrow, deep ditches and burned alive with gasoline or diesel.

    You could always tell when jews were being burned; the smoke was white and smelled like roses. I personally survived 2 gassings and a firing squad and escaped 4 times until saved by a pack of dogs who fed me and led me to safety before I was recaptured and survived another firing squad and was buried alive. I had organs removed. I only have one lung, one kidney and one liver. I ate dirt to survive and only weighed 47 pounds. My father was electrocuted to death by a truck battery before the entire camp for stealing a rotten potato, then lit on fire until only ashes remained.

    I haven’t slept in 50 years because I’m afraid to dream. Oy! I’m the only survivor from my town in Poland. SIX MILLION innocent jews were murdered in record time. I only survived by emptying the gas chambers, which killed 25,000 Jews per day. The crematories were burning stacked up bodies of jews 24/7 for years. I survived eating fingers cut off of gassed corpses…..623 members of my family died; I’m the sole survivor. I’m 97 years old.

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