US authorities seek authors of hateful letters to mosques


Amid surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes, missives called Muslims ‘vile and filthy,’ praised Donald Trump

ed note–as much as we would love to autonomically consign all of this to the usual explanation, which is that it is all the typical business of Israel’s 5th column in America out to pull the Islamic community into an ‘alliance’ with Jews, the fact is that there is enough stupidity within the various White nationalist groups from which these letters appear to have originated that it could very well be them.

Driven purely by their own rage over what are oftentimes their own personal shortcomings, these types hate Muslims with the same fury that they hate Jews and who unfortunately are just as much led by the nose by organized Jewish interests in the West into adding fuel to Israel’s long-planned ‘clash of civilizations’ with their parroting of all the buzzwords and propaganda that organized Zionist mouthpieces use in seeding/seducing the mind of the general public against Islam–that it is violent, rapacious, anti-Christian, etc.

The good news however is that all can be assured that as soon as Trump is ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania ave–assuming of course that this actually occurs–he will begin putting plenty of distance between himself and these same types towards whom he made at least the appearances of being somewhat simpatico during the election season. Doubtless that they–feeling betrayed by him–will then revert to doing what they typically do–engage in violent activity that is splashed across the JMSM and which will then be used as prime efface evidence that those who are ‘against the Jews’ are inherently unstable, violent, dangerous, etc. 

In the meantime, the rest of us living in the sane world will have to endure the endemic stupidity of these types who make it virtually impossible for the rest of us to achieve some type of rational discussion of geo-politics given that we are lumped in with them in the same manner that all skeptics of 9/11 have been lumped in with the idiots of the ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ brigade who were/are too stupid too see how their going overboard with their various theories concerning Sandy Hook were a psyop used for the purposes of both misdirection and guilt by association.

Times of Israel

Authorities in Los Angeles said Monday they were actively seeking the authors of a series of threatening letters sent to area mosques and urged anyone who had received similar messages to come forward.

The letters, which were addressed to the “Children of Satan,” called Muslims “vile and filthy people” while praising President-elect Donald Trump and vowing that was “going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews.”

They were sent to three mosques in California and one in Georgia.

“Your day of reckoning has arrived,” the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy organization for Muslims in the US, quoted the letter as saying. “There’s a new sheriff in town — President Donald Trump. He’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And, he’s going to start with you Muslims.”

The author or authors signed the letter “Americans for a Better Way.”

While the handwritten messages contained “awful, awful language,” the messages did not contain a specific threat and as such did not constitute a hate crime, said Stephen Woolery, head of the FBI’s counterterrorism division in Los Angeles.

“I would encourage you, the community, that if you receive letters like this, please report them,” Woolery, said at a press conference at the Islamic Center of Southern California alongside police officials and faith leaders.

“We know that there is under-reporting in a number of crimes that occur.”

Los Angeles deputy police chief Michael Downing said two of the letters sent to mosques in California were postmarked November 19.

The FBI earlier this month reported that hate crimes against Muslims in the United States surged 67 percent this year — the highest level since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The bureau’s Uniform Crime Report documented 257 anti-Muslim hate crimes, up from 154 in 2014.

Trump railed against Muslims and immigrants during the presidential campaign and since his election on November 8, more than 100 anti-Muslim incidents have been reported across the country, CAIR said.

It quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate crimes, as saying that more than 700 incidents targeting different minority groups had been documented since Election Day.

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