Jewish terrorists celebrate weekly Torah portion by smashing Palestinian shop windows in Hebron


ed note–now WAAAAAAIT a minute here…We are told, from some REALLY smart people in this ‘movement’, that today’s Jews–who are not actually ‘Jews’ per se, but rather Khazars, Shmayzars, Cray-zars, take your pick–don’t follow the Torah, but have instead adopted the Talmud as their holy book, which these same REALLY smart people claim is the total opposite of the Torah and is full of all sorts of evil things (it is) but that the Torah is full of goodness, god-ness, and everything on the positive side of the spiritual number line. Furthermore, as we here often from some REALLY smart people on the left, who claim that the holy, peaceful, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow religion of Judaism has abso-freaking-lutely nothingwhatsofreakingever to do with ZY-nizm, which is evil because it is the Jewish form of fascism.

And yet, here we have, according to this story appearing on a Jewish website, RELIGIOUS Jews, ZY-NIST Jews, engaging in religiously-inspired violence against the Gentiledom of Palestine, specifically to recount/remember how Abraham buried his wife Sarah in Hebron and therefore how it belongs to the Jews.

All sarcasm aside, those who claim to be ‘truthers’ and yet who turn a blind eye to the glaring inconsistencies between what they believe/allege and what actually exists in reality are not ‘truthers’. Those who claim to support the Palestinians and yet who turn a blind eye to the glaring inconsistencies between what they believe/allege and what actually exists in reality are not supporters of the beleaguered Palestinian people. The only, repeat–ONLY–‘final solution’ to the problem faced not only by the Palestinians and other peoples living in the region but as well to all Gentiledom on the planet is an honest, accurate, no-holds-barred examination/discussion of the Ugly Truth which very few are willing to embrace, which is that Judaism has been evil from its inception, whether it is Torah Judaism, Talmud Judaism, or cultural Judaism that adheres to no religion other than the worship of Jewish ‘DNA’ or Jewish ideas. Until thinking people of whatever stripe start using the brains given to them by their creator and begin the first step in healing this Judaically damaged world, all creation will continue on its march towards destruction that is the beating heart of the ‘all or nothing’ protocols making up the religion of this seemingly insignificant group of insane people made so by an insane ideology.


Shop owner in Hebron got both his front windows smashed by celebrating settlers HEBRON 27 Nov by ISM, Khalil Team — This weekend in al-Khalil brought thousands of extremist Jews and settlers from all over Israel and abroad to celebrate the week’s Torah study on Chayei Sara  (Life of Sarah), where Abraham purchases the cave of Machpelah (which they think is in al-Khalil) in order to bury his wife Sarah.  On Friday evening, a group of settlers coming from the illegal settlement Kiryat Arba attacked one of the two remaining Palestinian shops on their way to the Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron, which partly serves as their synagogue since the settler terror attack on February 25 1994. The Israeli soldiers present did not prevent them from committing this crime. After threatening the shop owner and his customers, and smashing both shop-front windows, they continued on their way to the religious festival, loudly shouting and singing.  Although some Israeli forces along the street clearly witnessed this criminal incident, they let the settler-group go unhindered, leaving the traumatized shop-owner with the damage and the costs. Attacking shops isn’t a rarity for colonial settlers.


  1. #1 by Emanuel on 12/01/2016 - 9:34

    These are Satan’s chosen thugs!

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