Christian Values Are Forbidden In Europe


The Blessed Virgin Mary Wearing The Islamic Veil

Sabba -And guess who is forbidding them?… And not, it ain’t the Muslims. Christian values and code of ethics are the exact same as Muslim values and code ethics. And anyone who claims otherwise  is an imbecile who has never read and studied the Gospels and the Quran. And I am saying reading the Gospels and the Quran and not books about these 2 sides of the same Faith, books written in their overwhelming majority by ‘the lying pens of Scribes’.

And there are very good translations of the Quran available in English.

Anyone who claims otherwise is an imbecile who thinks he has it all figured out because of whatever knowledge he has of WWII, or is a liar whose aim is to prevent Christianity and Islam, these 2 long lost sisters, to be re-united to fight together against that 3rd party who wants them both destroyed.

There is no conflict between Christianity and Islam. Nowhere do we find in Islam Christians being called “Infidels” as so many deluded, judaized Christians believe. We do find references in the Quran where God does call some Christians “disobedient” or “rebellious” as they long stopped following the teachings of Christ. And isn’t that the ugly truth? But we do not find the term ‘kafir’, which is wrongly translated into Infidels, to refer to Christians. And if we want to be honest, this very specific term was in fact always, always used by Christians in medieval literature, to talk about the Muslims. Not the other way round. 

There is no conflict between Christianity and Islam. But there is an unbridgeable gap between religious values (Christian and Muslim) and secular ‘values’ and its fountainhead, judaism. And THAT is the real clash of civilization.

There is nothing to fight over between Islam and Christianity, however there is everything (our lives and the planet)  to fight over between Christlam on the one hand and judaism and its offsprings such as secularism on the other.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” said the greatest of French poets, Charles Baudelaire. 

There is indeed a clash of Civilization, a clash of ethos between Faith and Unfaith, between Faith in God and its opposite, faith in satan and his synagogue which was sold to us under the shiny and seductive wrapping of ‘secularism’.

France is the most vehemently secular country in the world. And ‘French’ political leaders always brag about it. 

France, who was built on Helleno-Christian foundations and who was governed by Helleno-Christian values, France who was known all throughout her history as the Church’s Eldest Daughter, France is now only being referred to by our politicians as ‘the Republic’.

The ‘Republic’ brags about her secularism,  she brags about her destroying churches, monasteries and abbeys by the hundreds every year (which make I.S.I.S look like poor amateurs when it comes the destruction of Christian places of worship), but she is at the forefront in the protection of judaism, jewish values, jewish places of worship etc. With gentile tax money. That goes without saying.

Politician Vincent Peillon, a jew, a former professor of Philosophy at the prestigious Sorbonne University, once let the cat out of the bag when he said that the Republic does have a religion, that religion is secularism and that behind secularism we find the Kabbalah. He said it, not me.

Many think that WWII is the litmus test as to see who is a real Truth Warrior or not. It isn’t. The real litmus test is Islam bashing/Islamophobia.

Anyone who sees Islam as an equal or greater threat to us than judaism and all its offshoots, has failed the test and is a liability to the ‘Truth Movement’, to the ‘Party of God’ or, to use the Arabic equivalent, Hezbollah.

And anyone who sees ‘secularism’ as a Western Christian way of life and wants to fight to protect that, has failed the test too.

What is ahead of us can be easily summed up as we do not have many choices: either we go back to the Christian foundations upon which our nations were built and govern our nations with Christian set of values or we will be governed by the Noahide laws.

It is that simple and the choice is ours.  CONTINUE READING

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  1. #1 by Darwin26 on 12/02/2016 - 9:34

    All Religion is belief in Cloud People} whose “Values” are cult Values that belong in the dust bin of history. The Sooner ‘religion’ is relegated to your own damn kitchen table or in TAX Paying institutions (Churches/Synagogues/Mosques/Temples/etc) ~ the better.

  2. #2 by Ryan Hodgson on 12/03/2016 - 9:34

    Darmin26. ‘Cloud people’ is a jewish idea born in jewish hollywood. God isn’t some dude in the ‘sky’ with a beard who looks down at us.

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