‘New era of peace’: Trump vows to stop US toppling of regimes during 1st stop of ‘Thank You’ tour


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  1. #1 by ozymandias on 12/03/2016 - 11:16 pm

    No more dumb Zio racist wars against the Arab world is a very good idea,Israel can go and fight its own wars from Now on,the pro war left has done soo much damage and ,created so many horrors,–one of them being the slaughter and rape of christians in Syria,these insane wars have distabilised both the mid east and Europe, thank god for Trump winning, the election result saved us from WW111, because the zio neo liberal interventionist had eyes bigger than the stomach with their aggressive actions against Russia,I for one I’m grateful for not being turned to ash by Satan missiles..

  2. #2 by RichardKane.PhillyPA (@RichardKanePA) on 12/04/2016 - 12:37 am

    Greeting then insulting the President of Mexico, then insulting China not a good step toward creating a more peaceful future

  3. #3 by RichardKane.PhillyPA (@RichardKanePA) on 12/04/2016 - 12:42 am

    Greeting then insulting the President of Mexico, then insulting China not a good step toward creating more peaceful future

  4. #4 by RichardKane.PhillyPA (@RichardKanePA) on 12/04/2016 - 3:36 am

    Nixon also believed in negotiation not war praised for China etc but Ho in China refused to let the US win than Nixon quietly let Ho take charge

  5. #5 by Frederick on 12/04/2016 - 6:14 am

    This bitch is a rabid rat. Yes, it IS anti-“Semitism” (Judaic) and it is a direct result of Israeli crimes against humanity. What part of that don’t the jews understand?? Are they that stupid? The whole world would love it if Israel disappeared! Israel is hated the world over as a pariah state.

  6. #6 by Chris Safos on 12/05/2016 - 4:06 pm

    that would be a great decision,time will tell!

  7. #7 by Isaac on 12/07/2016 - 4:50 pm

    Trump said: We have spent trillions and trillions of dollars and what do we have? Nothing. Of course the American people do not have anything out of those wars, only our economy destroyed, no jobs, no money for infrastructure, every thing skyrocketing. The only beneficiary of all this is ISRAEL, we destroyed her enemies but they want more and more. They have taken us for a ride big time.

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