‘Anti Semitism’ –Gentiledom’s Legitimate Self-Defence against its own extermination


ed note–before being barraged by angry commentary from those–who for completely understandable reasons–react autonomically to Henry Makow’s discussion of having lost all of his grandparents in WWII, please look past this and focus on the essentials of the piece itself.

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  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 12/04/2016 - 9:34

    There is a lot of wisdom in this article. The aspect of the war of the spirit is essential. The dark atheism of satanic judaism has been something I have actually visualized many times as it strives to obliterate all that is spiritual and decent in the human spirit.

    To be honest, also, I like Henry’s work and have for many many years; truly of the internet writers, he is up there with Mark Glenn in the amount of information I gleaned from him in my early years on the net.

    The fact that his roots are Jewish are definitely relevant and give him extra insight into the problems we all face and he has been merciless over the years in exposing our enemies. I have always taken that as an asset; we all have our life stories and they are what make us what we are

    In Henry’s case, as with a few others, that extra grain of insight is invaluable. We cannot choose our circumstances of birth but we can choose where to go in life….

    ed note, MG–agreed on all points–Henry is one of my favorite writers/thinkers, and while I certainly don’t adhere to the notion that the Germans had a plan of exterminating Europe’s Jews, I understand that having lost 4 grandparents in the war might have a little effect (obvious sarcasm) with one’s perspective on the matter.

    The only notion on your part with which I would disagree is me being put alongside him as a great writer. As the great MCP used to say in defining himself, ‘I’m just a hack-writer with strong opinions’ and I view myself pretty much the same way.

    But I thank you nonetheless

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