UK – Muslim restaurant owner wants to ensure no one eats alone on Christmas day

Christianity and Islam

Sabba – To those who believe that the Muslims hate Christmas or anything relating to Christianity, to those who believe that some EU countries are forced to change whatever is left of our Christian culture/heritage because it makes the ‘Muslim migrants’ uncomfortable, a theory that many so called ‘independent media’ like to convey (such as jewish gate keeper Mike Rivero), allow me please to remind you that Arabs/Middle Eastern people have been Christians centuries before Christianity was established in Europe.

I would like to remind you that it is in the Middle East, which is now mainly Muslim, that we have the oldest Churches in the world and they are still standing.

I would like to remind you that, unlike our ‘Christian’ West, those churches are still being used on a daily basis and it is the Islamic Republic of Iran who has the honor of housing the oldest standing Church in the world. In contrast, our governments in our ‘Christian’ West are busy selling them or destroying them by the hundreds ever year, without any one of us even lifting the little finger. So much for loving and wanting to protect our Christian heritage. 

I would like to remind you that it is Iran – the ancestral land of the Aryan, also known as Persia – who is the first nation to have recognized Jesus as the Messiah, the first nation to have sent a delegation to Jesus when he was just born.

In other words, Muslims have always been surrounded by Christian buildings, Christians festivals, Christian rites and symbols and have not encountered those only after they arrived in the ‘Christian’ West.  

Better than that, Muslims in the Middle East take part in the festivities. Many celebrate Christmas too, in their own way, by reading the passages of the Last Testament – the Quran – that relate the story of Blessed Virgin Mary (PBUH), her birth, her youth and the birth of her Blessed Son (PBUH).  The Muslims have never waged a war on Christ, on Christianity or on Christmas (otherwise there would be no ACTIVE churches in the Middle East).

The jews, on the other hand, have been at war against Christ ever since he was born (Massacre of the Innocents) and have not stopped since.  They have used different strategies and tactics – all by way of deception –  and are now using the ‘Muslim migrants’. They are hiding behind the ‘Muslim migrants’ and using them as the pretext to continue to wage war on Christmas and finish off what was started 2000 years ago. CONTINUE READING

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