Putin–Attempts to Create Unipolar World Failed, Global Balance is being Restored


ed note–in other words, the ‘New World Order’, where Judaic interests operate unfettered in shedding the blood of innocent people and destroying entire nations, utilizing America and the West as both hammer and sickle in doing so will no longer go unchallenged.

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  1. #1 by Humanity on 12/07/2016 - 9:34

    In the meantime, look at the legions of idiot white nationalists getting together and grumbling about ‘the muzzies’ in their midst when in fact it was ‘the muzzies’ and Christians working together that defeated Israel and the US in Aleppo.

    I didn’t see it back way back, when this website made the allegation that the entire white nationalist paradigm was something that has become a tool of Jewry aimed at preventing a coalescing of anti-Judaic forces between the white christian west and the Islamic world, but I certainly see it now. Geert Wilders and all the anti-Islamic judas goats working for jewry, including those individuals who claim to be against Jewry but who nevertheless act as water carriers for the ZIionist conspiracy by propagating hostility towards Islam and Muslims need to be seen for what they are–traitors to humanity who are not really interested in saving their people as much as they claim, for if they truly cared about saving their people, they would align themselves with a winning team and with winning ideals.

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