ed note–as small as it may appear, nevertheless this is real, measurable, tangible success. The ‘white nationalists’–with all their growling over the ‘muzzies’ didn’t do it. The ‘good Jews’ of the left, who make the pretenses of supporting the Palestinians but who nevertheless are firmly in support of the ‘moderate rebels’ (terrorists with a nice sounding title) trying to overthrow the Assad government didn’t do it. Donald Trump and his supporters didn’t do it.

It was people of vision, principle, and a deep conviction in doing what is morally right, namely the Syrians, Russians, Iranians and Lebanese Hezbollah, who looked past superficial differences and focused on what was/is important who did it, a pattern that can be repeated over and over the world over if the idiocy of the various groups engaging in the charade of opposing Jewish power get their brains into gear and start thinking rationally.

Crescent and Cross Solidarity is the ONLY water that is going to put out the flames of Judaic hellfire that threaten to destroy the world. It will not be ‘white identity’, it will not be ‘Jewish ethics’, it will not be the 2nd Amendment, or Trump, or David Duke, or any of the rest.

You can either figure it out now or figure it out later, but eventually, you will figure it out by being forced to arrive at this place known as reality, because the only alternative you will have is to die the same horrible death that the world has witnessed taking place in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc.

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