Explosive Washington Post Story on ‘Russian Hackers’ Can’t Name a Single Source


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  1. #1 by PJ London on 12/12/2016 - 9:34

    Do not laugh this off!
    The “crime of hacking” took place in the US, why is the CIA involved?
    All the hacking investigations to date have been carried out by NSA and FBI with arrest – extradition warrants issued and evidence presented. Why the CIA?
    The CIA are the war-dogs of the NWO.
    They do not work for America or the US people or Congress. The work only for the benefit of the NWO and their owners the banks and corporations.
    They are the NWO action arm, not any of the domestic agencies, but only the CIA.
    They owe no allegiance to the US.
    The CIA is owned and run by MI6 (the UK action arm of the City of London).
    See the Act of 1871, when one says the Corporations, we are not talking about IBM and Monsanto only, but about the US and the UK and Germany and Europe.
    We are not a citizens, we are assets.
    They are preparing a legal fiction, more deadly than Iraqi WMDs or Syrian Chemical weapons, they are preparing to impeach Trump for “Treason”, for conspiring with the enemy, and acting against the USA.
    Their only problem is that the US is not at war with Russia. That could change in a heartbeat as the congress has extended the president’s powers against Al Qaeda to include all ‘terrorist’ organisations.

    Obama’s plans for the Democrats

    Plan “A” win the vote
    Plan “B” win the recount
    Plan “C” win the Electoral College vote
    Plan “D” get the election nullified because of foreign intervention as an act of war and either keep Obama or appoint Clinton.
    Plan “E” Attack Russia and declare Martial Law.
    ( Impeach Trump and arrest for Treason)

    Plan “F” play golf on a state pension and hope that MIC and Carlisle etc. do not shoot him for failure, hope that the Pay for Play cannot be traced to him and he is arrested for criminal activities, and tax evasion.

    It ain’t over until it is over (and all the enemy dead or incarcerated. We may be glad that Obama did not close Guantanamo after all.)

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