FRANCE – Leftist Jew, Vincent Peillon, Will Run for French President


Sabba – Vincent Peillon started in life as a high school professor of Philosophy and seems to have climbed the ladder and made it into politics only because or thanks to his jewish DNA. He was a researcher at the most prestigious CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique) and has become one of the greatest specialist on Secularism (in French: Laïcité). Anyone interested in this subject would do well to read his books, articles, listen to his conferences, interviews, widely available on the internet.

A staunch anti-Catholic, a fervent lover of ‘secularism’, he regularly comments about the failure of the French Revolution in its main mission which, according to him, was to destroy Christianity and replace it with a new religion: Secularism. But Christianity has not died yet, he laments.

To know what secularism really means to him, one only needs to look at his domestic life, his spouses, the name he has given to his children, how these were raised etc. 

And if any is still in doubt about what secularism is, what its roots are and therefore what its goals are, Mr. Peillon has kindly defined it for us once, in a rare moment of intellectual honesty: “It is false to say that France is an atheist country. It is not. It has a religion and that religion is secularism. And behind secularism, we find the Kabbalah”. 


THE FORWARD – Vincent Peillon, a former education minister of France, announced his candidacy to lead France’s Socialist Party, where he is already receiving key endorsements from the party’s left wing.

Peillon, a lawmaker in the European Parliament whose mother is Jewish, announced his candidacy Sunday to succeed President Francois Hollande and run as their party’s presidential candidate in the election in April. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo pledged her support for Peillon Monday, according to the French daily Le Figaro.

In the Socialist primaries in January, Peillon, who opposed the ban imposed in summer against the wearing in some public beaches in France of the full-body swimsuit known as the burkini, will face off Prime Minister Manuel Valls — a hardliner who supported the ban citing what he said was its use by radical Muslims to oppress women.

Peillon’s mother, Françoise Blum, was a chief researcher for the French national institute for health and medical research. His father, Gilles Peillon, was a communist and a banker, according to Le Journal de Dimanche. Peillon was appointed education minister in 2012 and served in that position for two years.

Peillon, who rarely talks about his Jewish roots publicly, signed a petition by the left-wing Jcall group, which is the European counterpart of J Street. In 2009 he celebrated the bar mitzvah of his son Elie at a Paris synagogue, according to Jacques Benillouche, a columnist for Slater and Tribune Juive. His other son is named Isaac. Peillon is married to Nathalie Bensahel, a journalist who has written about France’s anti-Semitism problem.

In an interview with Le Monde, Peillon defended President Francois Hollande against his critics and vowed to continue Hollande’s course if he is elected president.

Hollande, who for over a year has received dismal approval ratings in polls and is considered France’s least-popular president in decades, earlier this month announced he would not seek a second term, adding others were “better suited” to lead the Socialist Party to win another term.

But Peillon said Hollande “should be proud” of his ability to lead France to economic growth following a long period of stagnation. “France’s ability to restore its public and social reserves without compromising its socialist agenda is unique,” he told Le Monde, adding he would not have run for the party’s leadership had Hollande not called it quits.

After three years of sluggish growth — 0.5 percent on average in the years 2012-2014 — France’s economy in 2015 achieved a growth rate of 1.2 percent. Also last year, the French economy created jobs in the private sector — 98,000 for the year as a whole — which has been encouraged by tax measures that cut labor costs.

However, many voters blame Hollande for failing to prevent a series of attacks by jihadists, including on Jewish targets, who have killed hundreds of people since 2012, the year Hollande was elected.

Polls project that the far-right National Front will win about 25 percent of the vote in April – a record-breaking figure for that party. Francois Fillon, the center-right candidate, was favored to win the election in polls conducted in early December.

  1. #1 by C_Reuter on 12/13/2016 - 9:34

    Here’s some simple math for you Mark, which obviously you cannot see: Trump, (right-winger) Netanyahu, (right-winger) George Bush, (right-winger) George W. Bush. (right-winger)

    The right-wing backlash to refugees and immigrants in the West is part of the Zionist Agenda!!!

    There is no real left anymore, it has been slowly dying by the poison that was injected into by Jewry via Freemasonry in the French Revolution, ie. ‘Democracy’ and ‘Relativism.’

    There’s a good reason why Jews push Liberal Democracy through organizations such as Freemasonry…

    Of course Trump is their pick, whether he knows it or not himself is irrelevant, considering how easy it is to deceive and mislead the average person…

    The CIA and the NSA are the average Americans last line of defense against the machinations of International Jewry at this point!

    Are you people blind?

    I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress

    Donald Trump’s Salvo at CIA Is Unusual Move for a President-Elect

    Meanwhile Putin gives the Jews a place to escape to if Israel goes under:

    Putin: Jews fleeing Western Europe should move to Russia

    Trump and Putin, MASTERFUL chess players, both of them!

    It’s not good enough to know the Jews lie Mark, if you don’t understand how the Jewish lie actually operates!

    Jesus Christ…

    ed note–it should be obvious, based upon the amount of time/energy that has been spent on this and other topics here that we are well aware of all this and are especially adept in understanding how the Jews lie.

    In the final analysis both your comments and the articles you posted mean nothing. Politicians–and particularly in America–will lie through their teeth and dance the 7 veils in order to get elected, and that includes Trump, Putin, etc, etc, etc, and will play the game in any way they must in order to get their feet through the front door. Dig up and post as many articles as you want, it doesn’t matter. What counts is what is taking place before our eyes, right here and right now, including in Syria and here in America where the Jews are in full throttle mode doing what they can to prevent Trump from getting elected.

  2. #2 by James Benn on 12/13/2016 - 9:34

    “It is false to say that France is an atheist country. It is not. It has a religion and that religion is secularism. And behind secularism, we find the Kabbalah”.

    Well there we have it. In black and white. Secularism. The religion of the modern ‘irreligious’ age. A mask for good old Hebraic cabalism.

    On and on it goes … the same old schtick. Them Jews attempted to bring atheism to Rusklandia via the Bolshoi Ballet ‘Revolution’ of 1917. They killed the priests en masse. They rounded up the middle class … how they despise the ‘petit bourgeoisie’ … the eternal enemy of The Juze. 1000s were treated to summary execution.

    And where did it get ‘em? On hundred yrs later and the ‘virus’ of Christianity is resurgent in Rusklandia. They’re buildin’ churches like they’re going out of style. Just as they’re pulling ‘em down in Jew-phucked France.

    As a child I was terrified but rather impressed by the sufferings of the cruxified Jesus. What an incredibly grisly icon for a religion. He died for our sins? What sins? We were just little kids. It took me years to work out that this is what happens to any good man who opposes the satanic teachings of those self-serving Pharisees.

    Such is the Power of Usury!

  3. #3 by AndyRogers on 12/13/2016 - 9:34

    Have you watched this video about Trump and his team. Nathanael seems to be knowledgeable about politics.

    It is worth watching as it gives a different point of view than yours.

    Trump’s ‘Mad Dog’ Military Policy

    ed note–I know Bro. Nathanael’s perspective on this, but I disagree, and the simple litmus test for us as Gentiles in determining the nature of the game being played here lies in examining how the Jews themselves have dealt with the prospect of a Trump presidency from the beginning. If he were truly in ‘their camp’ as so many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in this movement claim, the world would not have been subjected to the wall of noise that it has for the last year. And no, I don’t believe it is/was all ‘an act’ on their part. They know that Americans have no clue about how extensive, pervasive and pernicious Jewish influence is and therefore don’t need to throw any smokescreens onto the battle field in order to confuse us.

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