The Star of David and the US State Department


Sabba – Well, Richard Edmondson never noticed, but TUT did and Mark Glenn went further than just noticing and put it in the right and only context it should be understood: as a symbol of Judea’s victory over Rome:

And in this way, a major re-write of history is effected, where the original celebratory phrase ‘Judaea Capta, Roma Victor’ is reversed and thus becomes ‘Roma Capta, Judaea Victor’, as clearly evidenced not only in the Great Seal of the United States, but as well in the ‘coinage of the realm’–the American dollar — which features a Judaic Star of David sitting in superior position atop the eagle (the national symbol of both ancient Rome and Nova Roma, the United States of America) as well as an inverted Menorah placed over the eagle’s breast, one of the sacred items looted by the Romans and taken to Rome following Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 A.D”


BY  RICHARD EDMONDSON – A friend of mine sent me an email today with a video of John Kirby giving a press conference at the US State Department, my friend pointing out that the flag visible just behind Kirby’s left shoulder has an image of a star of David on it.

“Hmm…interesting. I never noticed that before. Do all State Department press conferences take place with the same flag in the background?” I wondered.

We both did some checking on it. I ended up at the State Department’s YouTube channel, and my friend ended up at Wikipedia.

It turns out that all State Department videos entitled “Daily Press Briefing” do indeed show the star of David image. The person giving the briefing may change on any given day, with Kirby being replaced by either Mark Toner or Elizabeth Trudeau, but always they are standing at the same podium with the same two flags in the background–the American flag to their right and the flag with the star of David to the left.

The image on the flag is a representation of the “Great Seal of the United States.” Here is the Great Seal in full:


There can be also found slight variations on it, such as this official seal of the US State Department, but which also includes the star of David:


And there is also a “flag of the US State Department,” which appears to be the same flag in the photo with Kirby in it above:


And incredibly there is also this official seal of the 9/11 Commission:


You’ll notice that regardless of the variation, the image always has the star of David, and always the star of David appears above, with the American eagle and the America flag below it. How’s that for symbolism? And the backdrop for the star of David is blue–in some cases almost the exact shade of blue as the Israeli flag.

Perhaps also interestingly, the colors on the 9/11 seal are reduced down to blue and white only, with the other colors stripped out–though of course with the star of David still there.

So is all this just a coincidence? Perhaps. Certainly you might come away with that impression after reading Wikipedia’s article on the Great Seal. The cluster of 13 stars, referred to as a “constellation,” is supposed to represent the original 13 colonies, though why the stars are patterned into a star of David is not explained. All Wikipedia has to say on the matter is as follows:

Over its [the eagle’s] head there appears a “glory” with 13 mullets(stars) on a blue field. In the current (and several previous) dies of the great seal, the 13 stars above the eagle are arranged in rows of 1-4-3-4-1, forming a six-pointed star.

The “glory” above the eagle’s head and surrounding the 13 stars is supposed to represent an iconic “saint’s halo.” Ironic, isn’t it? That the symbol for an apartheid state, whose treatment of the Palestinians probably meets the legal definition of genocide, would be enclosed in a halo.

My friend comments as follows:

The intent to deceive is in pretending that the star of David is simply “a constellation of 13 stars” (the 13 colonies)– curious how of all the shapes they could have been represented in they happened to “fall” into this one. Why not this one:


All of this might cause us to view the following video in an entirely new light:

Why was John Kirby falsely accusing Russia of bombing hospitals? Whose interest would be served if a war were to break out between the US and Russia?

Perhaps this post will cause some Americans to rethink their long-held beliefs that we live in our own independent and free country. Please share it far and wide.


  1. #1 by derek on 12/15/2016 - 9:34

    Thirteen stars have nothing to do with thirteen tribes then?
    Even though they are instructed not to count Levi
    “47 The ancestral tribe of the Levites, however, was not counted along with the others. 48 The Lord had said to Moses: 49 “You must not count the tribe of Levi or include them in the census of the other Israelites”

    Regardless of what Yahweh says It still makes thirteen in total.
    The answer is that it depends on whether a person is referring to the actual number of tribes, or the number of tribes that received a land inheritance, or the number mentioned in the NT book of Revelation.

    Interesting also that 1-4-3-4-1 = well…13!

  2. #2 by nooralhaqiqa on 12/16/2016 - 9:34

    Cabalist and masonic symbolism in the above symbols is off the chart right down to the number of sticks in one set of talons and the number of leaves on the twig are… yep… 13. Oh, and 13 berries on those twigs as well.

    Much of America, and certainly most of the District of Columbia (ie Washington, DC), is rife with it. There is no Christianity built into the city design, it is all ancient and of pagan origins. Of this we are all far too aware. The material of “magick” is built into the very structure and foundation of the city by its original designers.

    Icke pointed out the SoD over the American eagle years ago. But we have learned so much more since then.

    I am going ask ~ just who designed this symbol? The Elizabethan court was rife with Tribalists in positions of privilege and power. Many of them came here to keep tabs on their investments and create “The New Atlantis” … and here we are. Just sayin’….

  3. #3 by AndyRogers on 12/16/2016 - 9:34

    What do you think of Trump appointing one of the most radical Zionists as US ambassador to Israel?

    You are very good in your political analysis, but it comes to Trump, you don’t see anything wrong with him. In Haaretz opinion, David Friedman makes Netanyahu look very moderate.

    My friend, in the Whitehouse, there will be a Trump the president, and Kushner (a Kosher guy) & wife, the “advisors”. This Kosher guy is VERY Influential. He managed to get rid of anyone he did not like, even those most loyal to Trump, such as Chris Christie, Huckabee, Giuliani, etc. Now Kosher became his ONLY close (in the closet) advisor.

    Remember I told you this: Trump will be worse than Bush and Obama combined. Narcissistic, Greedy business man who will use the Whitehouse to build his own family business.

    Mubarak is the closest that come to mind. He made $70 billion through his children corrupted practices.

    Trump will do the same (in your face), use his position to accumulate huge amount of wealth through corruption.

    He’s been showing that even before he is inaugurated.

    Trump pick for ambassador to Israel supports Israeli annexation of West Bank and calls liberal Jews ‘kapos’

    ed note–it constantly amazes me how people who have it all figured out–based upon things Trump has said giving the appearance of being favorable towards Jewish interests–but who nevertheless fail to explain o make sense of the concerted effort on the part of both the left and right wings of organized Jewry to take him down.

    He is saying what he has to say/doing what he has to do to get into the front door, just as JFK did. The Jews however, are not buying it and don’t trust him. Everything he has said and done up to this point has been PRO FORMA/SINE QUA NON in terms of any candidate seeking office in America. What is he supposed to do, announce the Mel Gibson is going to be heading the DHS and David Duke the Justice Department?

    Beam me up

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