Trump team: Embassy will move to Jerusalem, but no timetable yet


President-elect ‘firmly committed’ to campaign pledge, says aide, but it’s premature to schedule the action

ed note–remember, that as President he can do whatever he wants, and if he were truly in the back pockets of organized Jewish interests as some claim, it would be a done deal on day one.

This–in addition to many other noises/actions Trump has made/done during and after the campaign is the necessary evil he must perform in order to create the situations on the playing field that he needs to have in order to move forward. Understanding what results from batting an eye or clearing the throat in a manner that the Synagogue of Satan does not like, there are things he simply MUST do in order to get his chance at bat.

Another thing to keep in mind in trying to untangle this entire Trump phenomenon is that the West–and by that we mean the Gentile power structure operating in politics, finance, etc, does not want to see Israel disappear. Remember that the West’s initial reason for supporting Jews having a ‘homeland’ was to get these noisy, problematic elements out of Europe where they had been a source of upheaval and aggravation for over 2,000 years. In this manner, Israel is viewed by these Gentile elements as a garbage dump residing far away from the Metropolis where all the city’s disease-bearing refuse can be taken and thus kept out of the eyes, ears, and nostrils of the city’s inhabitants.

Having said this, Trump’s posture and what he intends to do with regards to Israel can be summed up thus–to take a set of pruning sheers to a thorny scrub that has grown out of control, and to prune it so that it is not so unsightly and dangerous to approach.

Therefore–barring whatever Judea plans to do in terms of frustrating his plans–what we will see is pressure being put on the Jewish state, and even as unbelievable as this sounds in light of Trump’s recent choice of Friedman as the US Ambassador to Israel–to pull back behind the pre-1967 lines so that a practical, workable solution to the Palestinian problem can be achieved before the entire world finds itself further embroiled in a war that at its nucleus exists between thieving, rapacious, murderous Jews and their defenseless Palestinian victims.

As far as the business of moving the US embassy goes, please note again–Trump’s response on this is the equivalent of the often-used dismissive statement ‘the check’s in the mail’. For all we know, what he plans to do is to hinge all US support–financial, political, etc, to Israel pulling back behind the ’67 lines, in return for which Jerusalem becomes a sovereign entity all its own similar to Vatican City, that by treaty serves as a holy site for all 3 faiths in the region, and with a ‘US Embassy’ in Jerusalem serving dual purpose–one for Israel and one for the newly-created sovereign city-state of Jerusalem. 

Times of Israel

President-elect Donald Trump “remains firmly committed” to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, his transition team said.

“This is a commitment that the president-elect made numerous times on the campaign trail, that he remains firmly committed to,” Jason Miller, a transition team spokesman, said Friday on the daily briefing call for reporters.

The prior evening, Trump nominated longtime adviser David Friedman to be the US ambassador to Israel, and in the campaign’s release, Friedman said he looked forward to working from the embassy in Jerusalem.

JTA asked Miller on the briefing call whether that meant Trump has a timeline for moving the embassy from Tel Aviv, and he said it did not. But he reiterated Trump’s commitment to such a move, noting that he chose as an ambassador someone who is on the record backing the move. Miller said it was too soon, with 35 days until inauguration, to schedule such an action.

Congress recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 1995 and mandated the embassy move, but successive presidents have exercised a waiver on the move, citing national security considerations.

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