Pakistan makes nuclear threat to Israel in response to fake news


Defense minister in Islamabad reacts to false news item featuring non-existent quote by ex-Israeli defense chief Ya’alon

ed note–months ago, when pieces from first started popping up with fantastic claims about various things, all written in the same sensationalist style as those pieces originating from Soorcha Faal and, we warned people not to propagate this nonsense, that it was BS and that there was no truth to any of it. I personally received quite a few angry emails from people accusing me of being ‘closed-minded’ and of not being ‘serious’ about finding out ‘the facts’ for my refusal to post this garbage on the website.

Now we see how ‘fake news’–no different than the fiasco that took place exactly 4 years ago this month with the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ BS that took off like wildfire within the ‘truth movement’–has serious consequences involved in it and how anyone claiming to be politically aware has no business whatsoever engaging in this. You are doing more than just damaging your own credibility and the credibility of those who are seriously risking everything they have by operating out front and center in waging a REAL war for the truth, for clearly, as evidenced in this news story, you are contributing to the escalation of tensions between world powers who have nuclear weapons, and if this needs explanation as to why you need to be more discriminating about the ‘information’ you pass along, then you need to throw your computer in the garbage and go back to doing something that is less dangerous to the well being of the rest of us.

Times of Israel

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif tweeted a veiled nuclear threat at Israel, apparently after taking affront at a fake news article where Israel purportedly warned Islamabad against meddling in Syria.

“Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh. Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too,” the Pakistani minister tweeted on Friday.

Israel Radio said Saturday that Asif was responding to a fake news story on the website, which falsely reported that Israel responded to a Pakistani promise to send troops to Syria with a threat of nuclear attack.

The unfounded story even mistakenly attributes the threat to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. Ya’alon left the Defense Ministry in May and was replaced by current Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Israel has never publicly confirmed or denied possessing nuclear weapons, nor issued threats to use nuclear weapons. It would be beyond unlikely for it to brazenly threaten Pakistan that “we will destroy them with a nuclear attack,” as the report claimed that Ya’alon did on Tuesday. Such ostensible comments by Ya’alon would have caused major headlines worldwide.

Asif’s tweet was roundly criticized on twitter, with many calling on him to act in a more responsible manner.

“Oh Khawaja Saab, It’s a Fake News From Fake News Outlets. Act Like a Defense Minister,” wrote one commentator.

It’s not the first time Asif has brandished his country’s nuclear arsenal.

In September he threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons against arch-enemy India.

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