Trump’s UN tweet will Cause WWIII


 2016 by Khanverse, Lost Scribe Media

The UN has been doing a great job enforcing its resolutions! Bibi’s ready to disarm The Entity’s 500 nukes any minute now. They are never going to ‘mow the lawn’ again if we let the UN just do its job. Why is Trump trying to stifle the UN? Why is Trump endorsing Israeli genocide!? He’s going to destroy all life on Earth just like Bernie and Chomsky promised!

All hysteria aside, the purpose behind this, in my view, is that it gives Trump a lot of room and a lot of rope to the Rabbinate which will (hopefully) hang itself with it. The rabid disease The Entity has is beyond its common CJD. No, this Hateful State suffers from a merciless spiritual malaise. These Juice™ deeply enjoy their seasonal bloodletting of the defenseless, helpless and young, complete with Old Testament references. They find it thrilling. And delectable.

Sanguinary conflict, preferably glorious inter-Goyim guts and gore galore, orchestrated through The Entity’s tentacles is essential for its very survival as the Highest Chosen Global Superpower dictating to Europe and North America through the curtain of the vast interlocked international Talmudic banking apparatus nestled inside it’s genocidal vessel. 

Trump knows. He knows a lot more than his critics think he knows and many times, a whole lot more than they know. He’s going to let these Zionists isolate themselves while publicly cheering them on waiting for their disloyal treachery, which is inevitable. Meanwhile, Trump is galvanizing whites across the Globe in Resistance where before there was supine submissiveness, in an almost clandestine manner, to potentially overthrow their over-arching yoke. The intelligent non-whites, who are simply not dumb enough to side with the Talmudic Supremacists and their armies of delusional degenerates, are joining and will join the Trump-Putin alliance away from Global Judaic Dictatorship to Every Nation for its Nation. Multipolarity is the only viable model in a Global Village.

They very much want to kill Trump. The radical Left has normalized joking about Trump’s assassination, but some of the Juice™ half-believe his posturing and don’t want to make the Goyim that mad because this time in retaliation, these nations will savagely attack the Rabbinate back. The Genetics of Anti-Semitism.

Europeans have ejected Jewry countless times for basically the same reason. Treason and Vicious Sedition.

Trump’s obnoxious detractors are themselves the projecting self-indulgent bullies, without any awareness whatsoever of the finer, subtle mechanics of dealing with this rancid metastasizing cancer in the global body politic. Putin’s been doing this on a World stage, virtually alone, though in tacit alliance with China, for a decade+. You would think, by now, these flamboyantly-outraged lemmings would have learned how to interpret received media and doctored information.

Of course not. No Accountability is a core tenet of this Zeitgeist. Very few have flown against that tide. It permeates all of society and is collectively reinforced.

Look for Putin and Trump to possibly fake some hostility publicly, but maintain the bromance, beyond the Kehilla’s eavesdropping. Lincoln and the Czar II, as Putin himself referenced during the Election season. Same exact enemy. Same alliance. We pray for this man to begin to vanquish the Great Red Dragon Marching to ZOG and help inspire others to stealthily but meticulously eviscerate all their levers of power.

Anti-Trumpers pontificate and bloviate, though they don’t know, but hate .. So we wait.

Obama is something else isn’t he? He rode in to the Presidency with Nobel Peace Prize credentials. Some even thought he would be the first one to do something about Israel since JFK. Though we admit he did not give them Nuclear WWIII between the US and Russia over Syria, this latest “historic” abstention of the vote without veto, allowing the UN to condemn Israeli settlements, is a meaningless attempt to assert autonomy at the very end of Obama’s presidency.

Our readers will recall his subservient silence during his time as President-Elect during the late 2008 – early 2009 Israeli massacre in Gaza, Cast Lead. He never spoke a word of criticism against The Entity for its perpetual madness throughout his two terms. Now Obama wants us to believe that the UN’s worthless, toothless condemnation of Israeli settlements, after decades of tacit endorsement of all Israeli policies, is a profound step in the right direction, when it’s really just window dressing for yet another American administration which has been Israel’s servile vassal, most notably in the Zio-Takfiri ‘humanitarian’ wars on free Libya and beautiful pluralistic Syria.

If Trump speeds up the dismantlement of the UN, which he has indicated is irrelevent and worthless, that’s good for the Globe and bad for Israel. As long as everyone believes we must go through the UN to censure Israel, the genocidal Entity enjoys a veneer of legitimacy and benefits from the barrier between itself and the wrath of the whole planet. Demographics and the Resistance have started a process which will only end in the dismantlement of Israel, preferably within the decade. 


  1. #1 by wsigma on 12/25/2016 - 9:34

    I hope this version of things is correct. I really hope it is. At best I currently think Trump just says different and conflicting stuff he thinks he needs to – to get what he really wants. It’s not a particularly honest way of doing things, but his way of doing things did win him the election against a pretty corrupt alternative.

    But I won’t be persuaded on Trump’s dealings Israel until the day he says “NO” to them. NO you can’t have more military aid, NO the US won’t protect you. NO you can’t get the US into another war. Until that happens I remain unconvinced.

    Happy Christmas.

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