Dermer: Obama ‘Handcuffing’ Incoming Trump Administration


ed note–we have seen a lot of commentary concerning the recent UN Resolution against the theft of land in the West Bank by the Zionist entity being something that Netanyahu ‘secretly wants’, and while I have no doubt that Jews by their nature are wily and inevitably live by the ‘by way of deception we shall do’ paradigm, in this case, I don’t think that all the smoke coming out of Nutty Netty’s ears is just there for show. There are all sorts of very serious implications associated with this resolution, implications that can–if necessary–be enforced with military power by a world that has grown weary of dealing with the Jews and their issues and therefore I believe all the screeching on the part of Judea to indeed be ‘the real deal’.

Now, I know that what’s about to be said here is going to erupt in the usual theatrics from the usual suspects who can’t seem to get the ‘math’ of the entire Trump question mark, but it is entirely possible that this abstention on the part of the US was something that was worked out between Obama and the people behind Trump’s presidency. Despite all his ‘bluster’–the word often used in downplaying the credibility of things Trump says–I don’t think he was/is bothered by this recent UN decision at all. What it does is to put Netanyahu in an inferior, prostrating posture when Trump takes office so that instead of the typical business of a newly-minted US president crawling on his knees begging the Jews for their blessing, it will be the other way around. And no, despite everything Trump has said about ‘supporting the settlements’, I believe that one of the main priorities he plans to address is a lasting, enforceable resolution to the Palestinian situation as a means of bringing some stability back to American foreign policy in the region and to head Russia off at the pass before she is able to ensconce herself in the area to the point where she then begins pulling the various players in the Arab Middle East–including Jordan, Egypt, Saudi, Turkey, etc–out of the American sphere of influence and into the Russian one.

Jewish Insider

President Barack Obama is undermining and ‘handcuffing’ the incoming Trump Administration by changing longstanding U.S. policy on Israel before he leaves office, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer said on Monday.

“The real story is how an outgoing President would fundamentally change U.S policy towards Israel in the waning days of the Administration,” Dermer told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson, defending President-elect Donald Trump’s intervention at the behest of Israel. “Imagine if President (George W.) Bush on the way out of the door, a month before he leaves office, decides to move the [U.S.] Embassy to Jerusalem, to recognize Israel’s annexation of the settlement blocs, would then everybody be saying, ‘Well, we only have one president at a time’? Of course not. They would say, ‘Look, you’re undermining and handcuffing the next Administration.’”

“This was an attempt to handcuff a new Administration and prevent us from advancing peace,” Dermer asserted.

Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes denied Friday that President Obama was working behind the scenes to bring forward the UNSC resolution for a vote. “This was not a U.S. resolution. We did not draft it. We did not put it forward,” Rhodes said. “We did not have any role in bringing it forward. But when we assessed the resolution, this is consistent with U.S. policy… After January 20th, [Trump] will be responsible for the conduct of American policy.

Until January 20th, President Obama is. That’s how it works. There’s one president at a time.”

But Dermer was not impressed by Rhodes’ comments.

“Ben Rhodes is an expert at fiction,” Dermer said, alluding to his role in creating an “echo chamber” to advocate for the Iran nuclear deal last year. “Let’s just wait until all of the evidence is presented to the new Administration and they will decide.”

“When the Prime Minister of Israel makes such an allegation, that is backed up by one hundred percent evidence. You can take that to the bank.”

Earlier Monday, Dermer insisted there is “clear evidence” that the Obama Administration was behind the UN action against Israel. “What is outrageous is that the U.S. was actually behind that gang up,” the Israeli Ambassador said on CNN’s “New Day” morning program. “I think it was a very sad day and really a shameful chapter in the U.S.-Israel relations… We will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels. If they want to share it with the American people, they are welcome to do it.”

  1. #1 by Mr Reynard on 12/29/2016 - 9:34

    Obama ‘Handcuffing’ Incoming Trump Administration ???
    Trump Administration soon (3 weeks) to handcuff Obama ??

  2. #2 by TonyFromIN on 12/30/2016 - 9:34

    “it is entirely possible that this abstention on the part of the US was something that was worked out between Obama and the people behind Trump’s presidency”


    And if HRC won the election, you would not be hearing jack-shit about ‘Russia interfering in the elections’, 24/7. Excuse my Yiddish

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