Ex-defense Chief Ya’alon Warns: IDF at Risk of ‘Looking Like ISIS’


Remarking on trial of Hebron shooter Elor Azaria, Moshe Ya’alon says that the Israeli army needs to make sure it doesn’t lose its moral code of ethics and legitimacy.

ed note–those who were alive at the time will never forget this–

Image result for menendez brothers on trial crying

2 brothers out to inherit their family’s vast fortune, Eric and Lyle Menendez, brutally murdered both their parents, ripping them to pieces with shotgun blasts at point blank range and then trying to make it look like it was a Mafia hit. They were later tried for the murders, and then on the stand, upon the advice of their very Hebraic lawyer Leslie Abramson, got nice haircuts, dressed in sweaters, donned their most innocent faces and cried on the stand about how sad they were that their parents were gone.

The ploy didn’t work, they were convicted, but the fact that they even attempted this strategy–again, on the advice of their very Hebraic lawyer–speaks volume about what lengths to which the guilty will go in order to escape the long arm of justice.

Israel has mastered this tactic over the ages. By controlling the narrative and by constantly pouring their own brand of Judaic black magic into the mix, meant to confuse the jury members whose yea or nay will decide the fate of the accused, the Jews always know how to chew a hole in the wall of their soon to be prison in order to make their escape. 

Ya’alon’s comment concerning the IDF ‘looking like ISIS’ implies 2 things–

1. That the IDF WAS a good institution at one time, but now is in danger of BECOMING something else, putting aside all the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who have been murdered by this same institution since before 1948, and

2. That Israel is guided by people of high moral standing, but that a few ‘bad apples’ are the ones giving everyone else a bad name.

The only difference between the IDF of today vs the IDF of yesterday is that in its infancy, it was not in the position to do the kind of damage that it is today, but as far as the 2 being the same basic creature, that is a fact of nature that is impossible to contest.


If the IDF loses its basic values, it could wind up looking like ISIS, former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Wednesday regarding the trial of an Israeli soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian assailant in Hebron after he had been subdued.

Yaalon spoke to a group of about 1,000 high-school seniors on a trek sponsored by the kibbutz movement in southern Israel’s Arava desert, a week before a military tribunal was expected to issue a verdict in the case against the soldier, Elor Azaria.

Ya’alon said, “the IDF is an army that if it loses its basic values and moral legitimacy, it could wind up looking like ISIS.”

He said some politicians seized upon the incident as a way to make political capital. They “declared the soldier a hero and began circulating rumors, first against the prime minister, against me and the chief of staff.”

“Afterwards the prime minister unfortunately switched sides, and decided to embrace the soldier’s family. That’s his business, not mine. I decided to support the commanders and I was left alone in that war,” Ya’alon said.

“To all the commanders it was clear that this was something that should not be done. The commanders are the ones who should set the rules of engagement, not politicians like Hazan and Lieberman,” he added.

Ya’alon has in the past criticized Avigdor Lieberman, who succeeded him as defense minister, for attending Azaria’s remand hearings.

In July Ya’alon said Azaria was not “a hero as some are trying to represent him, and that is why the division commander has decided he shall not longer serve as a fighter, and from there it went on to a criminal process.”
Ya’alon added at the time that he didn’t discuss the issue with the chief army prosecutor or go to court as other politicians did.

  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 12/31/2016 - 9:34

    “If the IDF loses its basic values”… woohoo. That was when I started to laugh and not take much seriously. Is the IDF not based on the terrorist activities of Irgun and that ilk from the beginning of this horrible abomination known as Israel? These people, responsible for atrocities such as Dier Yasmin?

    I would say that the IDF has stuck to its basic values … values that have influenced the madness of ISIS policies since ISIS supports the creation of the Caliphate/Greater Israel Project.

    Just more word games and spell casting. As usual, our esteemed editor, Dean of TUT U, nails it.

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