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Trump Assassination Threats Grow as Leftist Hysteria Expands


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Why the Trump era could be a political disaster for Israel


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Jewish aide wrote White House Holocaust statement


Politico says Boris Epshteyn, a former Russian refugee who lost family to the Nazis, penned release that failed to mention Jews Read the rest of this entry »


In rebuke to Trump, Yad Vashem issues clarification on Holocaust


Museum says ‘Holocaust was the unprecedented genocide of 6 million Jews,’ after statement from US president omitted reference to Jews’

ed note–As much as careful watchers of all things dealing with Judea, Inc will assume with a certain amount of accuracy that the constant ringing of the Hollerco$t bell is done to make Gentiles feel guilty and thus give organized Jewish interests the blank check they demand in inflicting all sorts of murder and mayhem throughout the world, what people fail to consider is that it is primarily directed more at the psychological conditioning of Jews themselves than it is of of their non-chosenoid counterparts.

The effect that the entire Hollerco$t trauma-based-mind-control operation, while indeed designed to beat down and weaken Gentiledom–is by design meant to empower Judea, Inc. It is the proverbial sword of Damocles held over the heads of each and every Judaic, the only escape from which is aggressive, rapacious, violent, militant behavior both on the individual and collective level. This–more than anything else–is the reason that the Hollerco$t has to be a ‘Jewish thing’, because to generalize it and include non-Jews in the mix would weaken its effectiveness on the Judaic mind, similar in some respects to any ‘act of God’ that is indiscriminate such as a hurricane or tornado.

Besides, when we consider what the term ‘Holocaust’ means in a biblical sense, it is the act of sacrificing an innocent, blameless victim for the ‘sins’ of others, and since–in the Judaic paradigm–Gentiles are inferior, wicked creatures that ‘descend’ from one of the ‘Satanic spheres’, according to the ‘good rebbe’ Schneerson, Gentiles cannot be an intrinsic part of a true ‘Holocaust’ per se, due to their inherently inferior and eeeeevil nature.

And, finally, once again the question must be posed towards all those ‘experts’ out here who think they have Trump all ‘figured out’ as yet another ‘stooge’ for Israel, Jews, and Zionism–why did he make the statement that he did in the fashion that he did, and furthermore, why is he continuing to stand by his original statement in the face of a tsunami of Judaic screeching and hollering, if in fact, as some claim, he is ‘their boy’?

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1st of the month–please help us do our part by donating to TUT

In this age of the ‘Truth Movement’, you can either have this–

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…Or any other assortment of deliberate disinformation designed to confuse and distort an otherwise clear picture and thus give the monsters out to destroy us the upper hand…


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So, due to the obvious risks and blowback associated with doing the kind of work we do here, using our real names, real faces, real voices, etc, and where it is somewhere between difficult and impossible for those of us operating at the center of the bull’s eye to enjoy the security and anonymity others take for granted, we therefore ask those benefiting from the work we do here to consider our needs by making some kind of contribution so that we can continue the war effort.

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Trump accuses Schumer of shedding ‘fake tears’ over refugees


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How They Do It–Jewish groups curry solidarity with Muslims by opposing Trump refugee order


Rabbi Joel Mosbacher had just finished the morning’s Shabbat service when he got an urgent message: Rabbis were needed at New York’s Kennedy Airport. People were being detained under President Donald Trump’s sharp travel restrictions on refugees. Would he come pray?

ed note–Years ago, when this thing was still in its embryonic form, as various white nationalist groups began infusing the Zionist-engineered anti-Islamic rhetoric into their daily bitching rituals, this website and a handful of others warned that this was a trap and that it was going to come back to bite them later. We warned that eventually, the same organized Jewish interests responsible for bringing about this ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Christian West and the Islamic East would–once the necessary inertia and momentum were achieved–back away from it all, run to the defense of the same Islamic world that these same organized Jewish interests had demonized up to that point and would throw all the blame for the whole mess directly into the lap of the white, Christian West which various WN groups and individuals claim they are trying to ‘protect and preserve’.

What we counseled was solidarity with other Gentiles of whatever stripe, and that if indeed this proved to be impossible on the part of these various groups and individuals (given their love affair with the color of their skin coupled with their own overblown sense of confidence in their superior DNA that they believed was all they needed in achieving their own liberation and victory) to at least not assist the enemy in his plans by contributing to the very same anti-Islamic hysteria/propaganda that formed the critical mass necessary for producing this conflict between West and East.

Sadly (but predictably) much (if not all) of this fell on deaf ears. Various groups and personalities, enjoying the intoxicating and narcotic sense of ‘brotherhood’ and ‘togetherness’ that came with membership in the ethno-theocratic cult of White Nationalism refused to bridle their rage and channel their frustration in a strategic way. Rather than making themselves an attractive alternative to the same organized Jewish interests responsible for creating the climate of fear in which Muslims have found themselves living even before 9/11, instead these various elements within the WN cult chose to behave like football hooligans, engaging in both violent action and violent rhetoric against ‘the Muzzies’ who they charge with ‘taking over’ white lands in exactly the kind of scripted dialogue/delivery that Judea, Inc needed in order to frame the narrative as it exists right now–that Islamophobia is a white, Christian, and western construct rather than a Zionist one.

As we say here often, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid, a fact which unfortunately too many seem to forget (or not even consider at all) when engaging in their daily political Tomfoolery. As a result of various individuals and groups having deliberately forfeited opportunities for solidarity with other like-minded Gentiles and in not allowing Judea, Inc to gain the upper hand in creating and dominating the narrative, now, the very same ‘glorious leader’–Donald J. Trump–which WNs believe is going to save the white race will find himself incapacitated by political pressures that have not been seen since the days of pre-Bolshevik Russia, and while various individuals and groups will blame it all on ‘DJOOZ’ and their war against Trump, what they will leave out of the equation is how they themselves contributed directly to this situation with their half-witted decision to assist Judea, Inc’s drive in fomenting this conflict between the Christian West and Islamic East. Read the rest of this entry »