ed note–an excellent overview by Dr. Azaziah of the recent passage of 2334 that has ‘good Jews’ and the left strutting around confidently, however I have only one minor disagreement.

While it is true that the language of the resolution is toothless and does carry double-edged liability in preventing the Palestinians from engaging in justifiable resistance to the theft of their land, in this world of soundbites and symbolic gestures where the average person in the West has been dumbed down and propagandized to the point that they cannot intellectually function when faced with anything more complicated than 2 dimensional ideas, this is a good starting point. Just as Trump has been forced by the ‘facts on the ground’–in this case, Americans’ fawning, lickspittle worship of all things Judaic–to adopt the ‘I LOVE ISRAEL’ mantra in order to move forward with his plans, likewise those elements who are out to reign in the Judaic state before it overheats and burns up entirely understand that it must begin with something such as 2334, as impotent as it may appear to be on the surface.

I do agree however, wholeheartedly in fact, that the Palestinians and other peoples in the region whose lives have been destroyed by the West and by the completely criminally-negligent international body known as the UN owe no debt or gesture of gratitude towards those countries who voted for this resolution nor for the US who abstained. It is the equivalent of parents watching as a young girl is gang-raped by their sons and then giving the young girl a handkerchief to clean herself up afterwards.

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  1. #1 by AndyRogers on 01/02/2017 - 9:34

    Stephen Bannon and disarming Israel

    Interesting article about Trump strategy, providing unlimited support for Israel, but doesn’t mind anti-Semitism?

    Is there a global move to allow anti-Semitism but support Zionism?

    If that is the case, the corrupted Zionists on the top of the food chain will be protected and continue to rule the world.

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