Jewish Defense League lends its support to Neo-Nazis planning an armed protest against Jews


ed note–when the Aryan Nations marched here in sleepy, lil’ old Coeur d’Alene, Idaho years ago, the JDL made sure to be here and make its presence known and received national headlines for doing so.

But in this case, they have decided to ‘jine up’ with Andrew Anglin and his ‘movement’ and their plans to march through sleepy, lil’ old Whitefish, Montana with–as Anglin describes it–‘machine guns’…

For those having a difficult time putting the pieces together, what anglin’-for-attention Anglin and his gang–who get near-daily exposure on the JMSM–are planning is to hold a public march through Whitefish, Montana, armed with–again, using Anglin’s own words–‘machine guns’–in the interests of intimidating the town’s Jewish residents as a result of what these same residents recently did in threatening the mother of Robert Spencer, leader of the same ‘alt-right’ that has featured in so much discussion involving Donald Trump.

So, let’s see if we can figure all this out. Anglin is calling for his guys-n-gals, all self-professed neo-nazis and who have been centerpieced in the Jewish media for over a year now in demonizing Trump and whose unmeasured, over-the-top vulgarity and racism is used not only in painting Trump as a supporter of racists, but as well, in dragging down into the same gutter where Anglin and his associates happily dwell all other critics of Jewish power, to show up with assault rifles and the JDL has said it won’t be there to protest against them and all of this a mere few days before Trump takes the oath of office.

Who else smells something Gefilte fishy about all this?

The JDL deciding not to be there should be seen as an indicator that something is being planned, similar in many respects to the thousands of Israelis who got warnings not to be at the Twin Towers on the morning of 9/11. What happens when some high-profile ‘event’ takes place and there is a shoot-out involving all these armed neo-nazis, several deaths occur, including police officers, and all of this is dumped squarely in the lap of the incoming president, whom organized  Jewish interests have been working tirelessly to destroy?

The late and greatly-missed Mike Piper said it best years ago–Given as indispensable as they are in furthering Jewish interests with their daily antics, if Anglin and the White Nationalists who buzz around him did not exist of their own accord, the Jews would have to invent them, and it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that even if they weren’t created in some Judaic laboratory at their inception, nevertheless today they do function as Zion’s Frankenstein in propagandizing/mischaracterizing all ‘intelligent anti-Semitism’ as violent, vulgar, base, and embraced only by society’s more unstable elements.


Supporters of the far-right Jewish Defense League, an extremist group angling for a resurgence in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, say they are sympathetic to the white nationalism of the “alt-right” — and have no plans to push back against an anti-Jewish march planned in Whitefish, Montana by a neo-Nazi.


At a New York event for the late JDL leader Meir Kahane, organizer Jonathan Stern told Haaretz that “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer was “a white nationalist who stands up for white people and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Stern also said the group has no plans to support activists there ahead of a planned neo-Nazi march, scheduled for later this month. It is still unclear whether the march will actually materialize.

In Whitefish, Spencer’s hometown, liberal activists, including Jews, have organized for years against white supremacists — particularly as the “alt-right” has gained momentum. Spencer’s family owns property here and some locals urged Spencer’s mother to sell her property and denounce her son’s brand of white supremacy.

The “alt-right” and neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer views this as a sinister Jewish plot is organizing an anti-Jewish armed march in Whitefish to coincide with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 16.

Spencer and the neo-Nazi website cast Spencer and his family as the true victims, the targets of left-wing activists.

Kahane sympathizer Stern called the activist group in Whitefish “a liberal organization” that was “intimidating” Spencer’s mother. “I think that was very low,” he said.

Stern said that there was no budget for Kahanist activists in New York to get there and said there have been no attempts to reach out to Jews in Whitefish.

“So they provoked this guy, and now there is all this response, by white people, and white supremacists, and neo Nazis, and they want to march in the Jewish Community,” Stern said.

“And so I’m trying to figure out what is going on, because if Jews are being targeted, we need to stand up for them. But if this is a response to a liberal organization, it’s a different story,” Stern said. “They started it, let them deal with the consequences.”

Neo-Nazi website: Hamas member will speak at armed march in Montana on MLK Day


A neo-Nazi website said it has filed the paperwork for an armed neo-Nazi march designed to harass the Montana Jewish community of Whitefish.

The march was moved to Jan. 16, a Monday and the national holiday day set aside to observe Martin Luther King Day this year. The march had originally been set for the day before.

Andrew Anglin, who runs the Daily Stormer website, posted a photo of the filed application on Thursday. The Whitefish City Clerk’s Office told the Forward that it had not received an application, and that what was on the website appeared not to be complete.

Anglin wrote in a post published Thursday that nationalist groups from the United Kingdom, Sweden, France and Greece will attend the march. He also confirmed that “a representative of Hamas will be in attendance, and will give a speech about the international threat of the Jews.”

He said that participants will march through the center of Whitefish, and end at Memorial Park, where several people will speak.

Whitefish is home to white supremacist leader Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, as well as his mother. In November, Spencer spoke at a white supremacist event in Washington, D.C., celebrating President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in which he called out “Hail Trump!” and was greeted by Nazi salutes.

The Daily Stormer published a blog post last month calling for followers to “take action” against Jews in Whitefish by writing and calling them with anti-Semitic messages. The post claimed that Jewish residents were “threatening” the business run by Spencer’s mother in the town.

The post included the names, phone numbers and addresses of Jewish Whitefish residents, as well as their photos emblazoned with yellow stars. It also showed the Twitter handle and photo of a child. Along with using a number of anti-Semitic slurs, the post warned readers against using “violence or threats of violence or anything close to that.”

“All I have asked for is an apology and a vow to stop harassing Richard Spencer’s mother in the future,” Anglin wrote Thursday, saying that his request has been refused by human rights activist Tanya Gersh and the Love Lives Here organization. Gersh is a local real estate agent.

“This is absolutely insane, and shows the mentality of Jews,” Anglin said of the lack of an apology.

“And they will rue the day, as they see two hundred skinhead Alt-Right Nazis marching with a guy from Hamas carrying machine guns through the center of their town!”

There are about 100 known Jewish households in Whitefish and nearby Kalispell, part of the Flathead Valley.

Montana lawmakers and faith leaders have issued statements in support of the Whitefish community.

Whitefish has a population of about 6,000 full-time residents and is home to a ski resort on Big Mountain called Whitefish Mountain Resort.

  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 01/08/2017 - 9:34

    That scrawny little dude is just not to be trusted as far as you can spit into the wind. Over the years his actions have always been suspect, to say the least. Corrosive and not in a good way.

    Yep, four-day dead fish rotting in the hot sun.

  2. #2 by Carl on 01/09/2017 - 9:34

    I realize now that I was first attracted to sites like TUT because they were the only ones talking about the Jewish problem, and it was ultimately articles like this that led me to abandon this sphere and the kind of race-denialism that flourishes here. Now I have the Alt Right and finally feel at home. I fundamentally sympathize with Mark but he’s wrong about a lot of things. I still think the site does more good than harm, but you guys should try to write about the Alt Right because you guys are not in a position to understand us. You have too many pre-existing ideological commitments to be fair arbiters or to have an unbiased view of what is actually going on in the world with the Right. Oh yeah, and also – the “armed march” is a troll, that means “joke to mess with the enemy” for those of you over the age of 40. The fact that Mark is not able to tell the difference between reality and trolling should tell us all he is not a reliable source of information or speculation about the Alt Right. Mark, stay in your wheelhouse buddy, you look just as ridiculous as the Jewish Daily Forward when whine and kvetch about a JOKE.

    ed note–there is no ‘race-denialism’ here, and only someone suffering from that type of psychological conditioning whereby they react viscerally and irrationally to certain trip-words would make such an idiotic and baseless claim. What folks such as you term as ‘race-denialism’ is translated as simply thus–‘anyone who doesn’t agree that whites are the most persecuted people on earth is a white hater’.

    Furthermore, we are not opposed to ‘alt-right’, as upwards of 90% of us at this little venture here would characterize ourselves as ultra right conservative, nor are we opposed to whites (or anyone else) preserving their culture, identity, etc.

    Where we obviously differ however is in the irrational and more than oftentimes dogmatic position that many individuals calling themselves white nationalists have adopted, which is that the only suffering that matters is when it is white and that all efforts need to be focused on remedying that specific form of suffering.

    Furthermore, if you had actually bothered to read the article, you would plainly see that the focus of the discussion therein had nothing whatsoever to do with the alt-right, but rather with Andrew Anglin, the JDL, and the planned armed-with-machine-guns march in Montana. But, of course, none of that registered to you because, as earlier intimated, you seem to be the typical WN type who is more driven by emotionalism than rationalism and therefore someone who can be counted on to bypass focusing on what the meat of the matter happens to be rather than the personal satisfaction derived from the typical emotional outburst that inevitably arises in situations such as this.

    Next, if indeed angling-for-attention Anglin is only joking about the march, why all the coverage? You mean NO ONE but you is taking it as a joke, including the various police agencies who are following it all closely? The fact that you find common cause with a stain such as as Anglin speaks volumes about your own quality as a ‘defender of white culture’ when in fact Anglin only gives credence to groups such as ADL, SPLC, et al when they paint whites as racist, uneducated exploiters of non-whites.

    I read a piece recently by an extremely erudite writer by the name of Liddell entitled ‘Andrew Anglin’s inverted ghetto’ that was, IMO, 110% on the money. Anglin and the bottom dwellers he creates/cultivates are there to destroy any vestiges of chance that anyone–white, black, red, yellow, etc–have of forming any kind of cohesive opposition to our common enemy, to say nothing of the damage he is doing to what Trump means to accomplish. If this has escaped your notice, then I/we truly pity you, because that ‘family’ known as ‘alt-right’ where you ‘finally feel at home’ is about to be the source of more misery and disappointment than you have likely ever experienced, and the worst part of that disappointment will be you looking back over the entire picture, realizing that the warning signs were there all along, but you chose not to focus on them in favor of that warm, fuzzy feeling you had when being amongst those who seemed to speak your language.

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