TUT Broadcast Jan 09, 2017


Tonight’s program– ‘Come with me if you want to live’…

All Gentiledom facing extermination unless and until it comes to grips with the fact that a spiritual type of cyborg organism known as Judaism is on a seek-and-destroy mission that will not ever quit until all are dead or hopelessly enslaved, and, just as the character ‘Sarah Conner’ came to realize in the blockbuster film The Terminator, there is no room for sloppiness or error.

Listen here

  1. #1 by Sassine on 01/09/2017 - 9:34

    I’m sorry to say, but as far as that book you were talking about it is cause for me to part company. Good luck but I think you are headed down the wrong trail.

    ed note–well, if indeed I am ‘headed down the wrong trail’, why not look into it first before ‘parting company’? After all, what interests me is the author’s research detailing how Roman Catholicism was the product of a joint venture between the Roman government and the early Christian community in creating a force for good that would counter the evils of Judaism. What is so controversial about a theory such as this that would elicit such a reaction on your part?

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