UK – Did Israeli embassy spy on Scottish National Party?

scotland palestine

ELECTRONIC INTIFADA – A prominent Scottish National Party activist has told The Electronic Intifada that he has “no doubt” that the Israeli embassy official who plotted to “take down” a “hit list” of UK lawmakers was responsible for his deportation by Israel.

Andy Murray, founder of SNP Friends of Palestine, was detained and questioned at Tel Aviv airport in November 2015, when travelling in advance of a parliamentary delegation. During his interrogation, Murray was presented with a series of photographs of him manning the Friends of Palestine stall at the SNP conference in Aberdeen the previous month. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by CB on 01/10/2017 - 9:34

    Any Jew parading himself
    in a Jew ‘army’ uniform is a
    self-confessed war criminal.

    Any I$rael-first Jew that’s
    too shy to put on his Jew
    ‘army’ uniform is a traitor
    and a spy, as well as a
    back-stabbing war criminal
    that’s far more dangerous
    than a Jew in a Jew uniform.

    There is a historical legal
    precedent, where the
    members of an entire branch
    of the military forces of a
    WW2 belligerent – namely,
    the Waffen-SS – were
    (fraudulently) claimed by the
    Jews, Germany’s historical
    enemies, as being guilty of
    war crimes – and treated as
    war criminals by the Allies.

    In the case of the Jews,
    however, no such mistake
    is possible. Their colonial
    adventure in Palestine was –
    and is – a purely criminal
    enterprize from day one.

    Their war crimes, however,
    were never contained within
    the Palestinian borders, but
    extended all over the world –
    and brought death and
    destruction to millions.

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