Like Brexit and Trump, Azaria verdict exposes a moment of transition in Israel

Like Brexit and Trump, Azaria verdict exposes a moment of transition in Israel

BY JONATHAN COOK –  Azaria is no rogue soldier. He is “everyone’s child”, according to much of the public. The unexceptional nature of his act is vouched for by the complete indifference of his colleagues as Azaria pulled the trigger. Polls show overwhelming support – 84 per cent – for Azaria among 18- to 24-years-olds, the age of ­Israel’s conscript army (…) 

Only massed ranks of riot police saved the three judges from a lynching by crowds outside. The army top brass have been issued bodyguards. Demands to overrule the court and pardon Azaria are thunderous – and they are being led by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 


  1. #1 by NLG on 01/11/2017 - 9:34

    I thought he was just a soldier, but, specifically, he’s an “army medic,” which, to me at least, makes the story even more chilling (as if it couldn’t be worse). Also, the IDF has been caught shooting dead Palestinians it “suspects” of trying to hurt them, and then throwing in a knife after the fact; and this is fact, not conspiracy. Furthermore, according to the agreement signed by all UN members, it is LEGAL for an occupied people to resist occupation WITH VIOLENCE. Of course, this is never mentioned because the Jewish-controlled narrative says that there is “no occupation,” because God “gave” the land to the Jewish state, and it’s their right to take it, be by theft, killing or whatever. The entire “trial” was for international consumption. Nothing’s going to be done to the guy, period. Netanyahu, that Polish guy who changed his name, he’s all but begging for a pardon. Murder is murder, except (in Zio Christian and Jewish eyes) if a Jew murders a non-Jew). We’ve all seen the video. Palestinian is lying there, half-conscious, bleeding, and the Jew gets a closer, pulls out his weapon, and pops him in the head. Why? Because he’s a Jew in the Jewish state, and the other guy was a Palestinian. There’s no way to explain it or justify it except by saying that’s what Jews do to non-Jews in the Jewish state, period, end of story. And if you challenge a Jew on it, he’ll pull out a Bible and show why he can and should do it. This is a religious war, in the truest sense. Always has been. It’s not a Jihad. It’s a Jewhad. A Judeo-Crusade. They’re just “cleansing the land.”

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