The US Deep State is in Deep Trouble


ed note–as much as some are inclined to snicker at the recent JMSM noise surrounding Trump being a ‘Russian agent’, the truth is no one should be laughing at this. What it–the media frenzy surrounding it, backed up by ARCH Neocons such as Senators McCain and Graham who are for all intents and purposes personal gophers for Netanyahu and Likud in the US Congress, represents a new level to which all of this has escalated and which opens up possibilities for political/social meltdown that have never existed before.

On a final note, to all those who still can’t seem to do the math on the manner by which Jewish interests–both from the left and the right–are continuing in their mad drive to prevent Trump from taking office–obviously are not swayed by the various things he has said/promised with regards to how his administration will deal with Israel. Does any sane, rational person believe for a microsecond that all this noise about him being a ‘puppet of Putin’ would be blaring out on the JMSM 24/7 by Israeli assets such as McCain and Graham if in fact Trump was indeed ‘owned by the Jews’ as some self-anointed ‘experts’ in this movement claim?

Either way, in however manner all of this plays out, everyone better buckle their seat belts, because it’s going to be a very bumpy ride for the foreseeable future.

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  1. #1 by James Benn on 01/11/2017 - 9:34

    Well something must explain the idiotic reaction amongst so-called ‘Liberals’ and rank-and-file Jews to the Trumpmeister’s erection. Jews react instinctively and perhaps even telepathically to any perceived threat to the Jewish collective. Just like swarming wasps. But what is the threat? Do they know something we don’t?

    The heart and soul of Jewish Power in Yanklandia is, as we know, the affectionately known ‘Fed’ or ‘Federal Reserve Bank’. Which, as everyone knows or should know by now, is a privately owned consortium which has the gig of creating the national money supply (out of thin air) and LENDING it into circulation at face value. Any person self-identifying as a Jew knows in his water that any threat to the ‘Fed’ is a threat to Jewry across the boards. Even if Little Jews are not direct beneficiaries, they KNOW that Jewish privilege in Yanklandia and across the world absolutely depends on their control of the money supply. How else do they get to own and run all the major corporations?

    It seems inconceivable that Trump or anyone else is really going to dismantle the Fed and its private intelligence service, the CIA. We saw what happened to JFK. Are you feeling lucky today punk?!

    And yet, meantime, the federal debt continues to expand … exponentially. It took about 80 years to get to 5 trill, another 8 to get to 10 trill, and another 8 to get to 20 trill. The ‘Boy President’, George Bush Jr, doubled it during his time in orifice. Obongo doubled it again. 20 trillion dollars! How long can Yanklandian ‘presidents’ keep doubling up ferchrissakes?

    If Trump’s accession to the throne of Yanklandia has any meaning whatsoever – and if Little Jews are worried for a reason – it’s because Trump and his backers intend to do something about this absurd situation.

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