MUST READ – Red Star over Bethlehem: The politics of Christmas

jesus christ

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin ~~ Hanukkah has nothing to do with European culture or traditions yet gigantic Menorahs are displayed in public spaces in Paris, Berlin and other cities in flagrant defiance of those states’ claims to be upholding secularism. Recently, Europe’s largest menorah was erected in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Israeli press reported that Syrian refugees paid tribute to the symbol of Jewish supremacy. It has now been admitted by an aide to President Putin that Israel is backing the Islamic State terrorists in Syria. The symbolism of Syrians bowing down before ‘Synagogue of Satan’ could not be more potent. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 01/14/2017 - 9:34

    Some amazing information there. The author provides interesting historical information that ties in many different aspects of the Tribal conundrum. It might take me awhile to wrap my head around some of the things he speaks of but his arguments are sound and bear investigation. His take on Jesus and the Jews and the Pharisees is excellent imho. Definitely worth a second or even third read.

  2. #2 by Blake on 01/14/2017 - 9:34

    Another myth zionists had to create in order to fool gullible Christians that they could steal Palestine is the Judeo-Christian myth. The pharisees of today are merely self proclaimed Jews.

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