Israeli Intel Officers Reportedly Confirm: Global Spy Agencies Looking Into Trump’s ‘Russia Ties’


Buzzfeed cites two Israeli intelligence officials as saying unsubstantiated dossier on Moscow’s dirt on Trump being looked into across world.

ed note–one question that has not been asked in the wake of what’s taken place in the last 2 weeks vis a vis the charge that Trump is a ‘puppet for Putin’ is as follows–

WHERE, OH WHERE is the wall of support coming out of Israel for Trump, complete with Netanyahu’s assertion that the charges are false and bolstered by statements from Mossad that the scandal presently swirling around the Pres-elect is the result of ‘fake news’ and is nothing more than a ‘hatchet’ job meant to break his legs politically before he has even taken the oath of office?’

If indeed Trump was viewed as favorably by the ruling establishment in Israel as some ‘experts’ have maintained, does anyone doubt for an instant that this is precisely what would be occurring?


Two Israeli intelligence officers have reportedly confirmed that the unsubstantiated dossier containing compromising information Russia has on President-elect Donald Trump is being investigated by intelligence agencies across the Western world.

The documents, published by Buzzfeed hours after CNN reported that Moscow has “compromising” information on the president-elect, are attributed to Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent who was privately contracted by Trumps’ political opponents to examine his ties to the Kremlin. Trump has vehemently denied the reports as “fake news.”

 “You can trust me that many intelligence agencies are trying to evaluate the extent to which Trump might have ties, or a weakness of some type, to Russia,” one of the Israeli officers was cited saying in a report carried by Buzzfeed on Saturday.

According to Buzzfeed, Israel purportedly received the dossier through an unnamed ally in Europe, but has yet to coroborate its contents.

“There have been various reports about Trump’s ties to Russia,” one intelligence officer was quoted as telling Buzzfeed, evidently in reference to additional yet unpublished reports. “The dossier is one of them, but there are others, they make other allegations. Some are more specific, and some are less,” he reportedly said.

Regarding the more salacious aspect of the reports, the officer said that it was unlikely its full details can be verified:

 “The number of people who would know the specific details of what happened at a Moscow hotel are so small,” he said, adding that “it would be easier to tell you what was happening in [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s bedroom.”

It was reported this week that Israeli intelligence officials were concerned that classified information shared with their American counterparts under a Trump administration could lead to their being leaked to Russia.

Trump said on Thursday that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called him to denounce the “false and fictitious” report about the dossier that makes salacious, unverified claims about him in Russia.

Clapper, in a statement on Wednesday, said he had spoken with Trump that evening and expressed “dismay” over media leaks about the report, but did not say the document was false.

  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 01/15/2017 - 9:34

    They ain’t gonna give up. They are not called “international jewry” for nuffin’.

    AND WHEN did Jewish filth like Buzzfeed, aimed at liberal millennials of the West, become a NEWS source of any credibility when it has already been found guilty of (and admitted to) the reation of fake news? That whole sex scenario involving things no decent human should be aware of are the lib attempt to draw attention from the ongoing investigation into so many other crimes and possibly to some extent away from the Evil Queen HRC. You know… lurid stuff to compete with the reality of such horrendous deviant crimes as Pizzagate etc. (And yes I firmly believe there is a LOT of fire in that smoky mess.)

    I might add that in my many tours around the web, I find links to articles about Mrs. Trump and her …. vile nude background. “Photos of Mellania that Trump doesn’t want you to see” .. that sort of stuff. A lot of attacks on her also, hinting at all sorts of lewd and salacious goings on. Gold digger. Adventuress. yadayada yada. (As for the criticism of her not moving into the White House… I am going out on a limb to state with all compassion that I think their son has autism or a disorder of some sort and she is keeping him where things work best. A good mother basically.

    The perfect family is now leaving the White House. A gracious black woman and her masterful husband, leader of the nation, and their two beautiful daughters. They led the perfect normal moral life with their friends Beyonce and JayZ and other such folks. HAHAHA… sorry I cannot keep a straight face.

    Meanwhile, in Isreal, just saying, the cartoon sentiment I found was … “finally the Jews have found someone to stand for Israel (Trump) and the American liberal Jews are all ldenying him.”

    Go figger. Illusions illusions and insinuations put to paper and spread to media…. that is the fantasy of the world they create for us… and they never fail to dip into the filth that is part of their own psychological biological makeup.

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