1. #1 by robken on 12/25/2018 - 9:34

    Yes, the media is nothing but presstitutes and the political system nothing but corrupt puppets waiting to be fed… It’s all very well calling Trump anti-semitic (which by the way means anti arab) but the real people who are to blame for the corruption and the mess we are in should be outed, namely Israel. They are the real culprits causing instability in the middle east. And of course the US pulling out Syria is a serious set back to Israel, as they no longer have our boys and girls getting killed fighting Israels wars. They have tried desperately to get the US more involved in Syria. And the meida, which is primarily Jewish owned, is consistently using their propaganda center to denounce ANYTHING against Israeli interest. Until we have an independent media not reliant of corporate funding the game will continue to be played…

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