Trump Aims to Break the Russia-China-Iran Axis, Preserve US Global Hegemony


Sabba – And here we have the real meaning of ‘Make America Great Again’

STRATEGIC CULTURE – In Syria, Washington and its puppet allies have almost exited the scene without achieving their strategic goal of removing Assad from power (…) 

Donald Trump has emerged with a new approach to foreign policy affairs, shaped by various political thinkers of the realist mould, such as Kenneth Waltz and John Mearsheimer (…)  The Trump administration intends to end the policy of regime change, Arab Springs, and color revolutions. Such efforts are ultimately ineffective anyway and are too costly in terms of political credibility (…)  The Middle East is in chaos, with a Moscow-Tehran axis emerging and going from strength to strength (…) 

[Trump will try and ] seek dialogue and cooperation with all nations. Probably what lies behind these overtures is actually an explicit willingness to try to break the cooperation between Russia, Iran and China. The motivations for this action stem from the implications for the United States if a full military, cultural and economic alliance between Beijing, Moscow and Tehran is formed, it would almost ultimately consign the United States to irrelevance on the grand chessboard of international relations.


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