Does a rogue Deep State secretly have Trump’s back?


Sabba – Yes indeed!

America has been built on an unholy judeo-protestant alliance  between the WASP and the jews. It was built on the alliance of a protestant virtuous capitalism that manufactures products to sell and the jewish predatory capitalism represented by Wall Street. Jews, no matter where they are and for how long they have lived in their host country, remain jews and their allegiance is and will always be to Israel. And their goal is and will always be Pax Judaica, i.e jews ruling the entire world from their middle Eastern headquarters – from the Nile to the Euphrates (cf: the Old Testament).

The ‘Trump phenomenon’ is a late realization of the powerful Protestant elements who are behind Donald Trump and who do have his back, that their former allies are no allies after all, that they have no love for America and that they never had her interest at heart. It is a late realization that jewish predators’ ultimate goal is the destruction of American’s hegemony so that Israel might take over.

What we are witnessing is a war between these former allies, a last effort from ‘white Christian America’ to prevent the total collapse of their nation brought by the jewish predators, to prevent Pax Judaica from ever happening, not so much because they understand the messianic dimension of what it entails, but only to keep American hegemony alive, make it last as long as they possibly can.

Having said that, my opinion is that Trump and the powerful people behind him are doomed to fail. History has shown us that the solution will not come from pagan Rome (America) but from Christian Rome, aka Byzantium, which is represented by Christian Russia, aka The Third Rome. CONTINUE READING




  1. #1 by PJ London on 01/21/2017 - 9:34

    Article is by,
    Charles Hugh Smith
    Of Two Minds
    Wed, 18 Jan 2017. The author of the article could have saved himself a lot of effort by reading my comment from months and lately days ago.
    “People, there is a long running civil war going on in the US.
    There are three factions.
    The MIC, with Boeing, Grumman, the Pentagon and all the minor companies (including Ford – GM et al.) supplying the big boys. The Pentagon are the enablers for the MIC as they provide the budgets and also get rid of the product, 3 bombs per hour every hour, not to mention writing off planes and ships and equipment at an alarming rate. [Every bomb is 3 years work for half a dozen Americans and $100k profit for the shareholders. Don’t even mention the F-35 or the Littoral Combat Ships and Supercarriers] They siphon off the taxes of the masses into profits for the shareholders and consultancies to the MIC. These owners operate in the shadows with Cheney – Rumsfeld – Soros as their fronts.
    The Energy – Oil companies with the major food and Pharma corporations. (Corprats) These are supported by, and are the controllers of, the CIA who are the global and local enforcement arm for these organisations. The Corprats force sickness [vaccines, Aspartame, Fluoride, Chemotherapy etc.] and energy usage with pollution, on the population purely to siphon off the earnings of the masses. They are led by the Banks with the Bush – Clinton Dynasty (very nasty) as their front-men. [If a country fights the Corprats, they get a ‘colour revolution’, an invasion, a whole lot of assassinations and internal civil strife. The CIA are very good at this, they have had 70 years practise, and it is coming to the USA because of the rejection of Clinton – Bush. If an individual fights the Corprats, they better not get into any small or even large planes, Brown, Kennedy, Wellstone or drive cars, Haider, go to a gym, Ashe, or walk down a street, Rich.]
    Finally there are the masses, mainly dumb animals allowed to exist purely to provide production and permit the MIC and Corprats to channel that production into their pockets. [They are entertained with Football and other childish entertainment, fed fantasies with lotteries, and competition TV shows where talentless people (you too can be a millionaire by pretending to sing or dance). Fed 24/7 fear mongering ‘The Russians, Muslims, Mexicans are coming’ and offered salvation, ‘Fear not Hillary – Jeb – Bernie – Donald loves you and will save you from all nasty things and keep you warm and fuzzy’.]
    The MIC – Corprats war has been hotting up since 9/11, the masses are only slowly getting involved as they are tired of being used.
    Trump has appealed to the slowly waking masses and has won the election, in spite of the best efforts of MIC and Corprats to get Clinton – Bush elected again.
    Trump has surrounded himself with ex-military men. Perhaps they are anti-MIC, only time will tell.
    He has surrounded himself with ex – Goldman Sachs people, perhaps they are anti-Corprats, only time will tell.
    Perhaps Trump has sold everyone a fake President, only time will tell.
    If you think that because of Nov 8 the war is over, you are stupid. It has only just begun and it will get nastier and nastier.
    Think of USA (and all the other countries) as a farm, you are the sheep and the chickens and the ducks and the cattle. You are only important as a source of income to the farmer and his sheep dogs. If you don’t like this then too bad. You don’t get a choice. When you stop being of value, or become a nuisance or threat, you will be culled.
    Think Georgia Stones, Bill Gates, Barbara Bush’s beautiful mind, annihilation is on the cards.
    With robotic production, 90% of the population is superfluous, they take up so much room, and they make a mess.
    Read George Orwell, twice, then realise that 100 years on, nothing has changed, nothing will.”

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