Trump Will Try to Smash the Russia-China-Iran Triangle. Here Is Why He Will Fail


SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST – China, Russia and Iran are the three key players in what promises to be the Eurasian Century. Donald Trump may be The Joker; The Fool; The Ace of Spades; the ultimate trickster. What nobody can tell for sure is how this shifty chameleon will seduce, cajole, divide and threaten these three countries in his bid to “Make America Great Again”.  CONTINUE READING


  1. #1 by Michael Mazur on 01/23/2017 - 9:34

    I don’t think he’s going to be playing power politics, just a straight dealer in trade with each country separately.

    It’s his integrity that will warm them all to him, which in turn will make possible the gradual nuclear disarmament so desperately needed, otherwise, after he’s gone, these things – tens of thousands of them, will still be there for a crypto psycho successor to once again take us to the brink.

    He knows what nukes can do, as he once remarked that he had asked about them with top military people, and he just quietly shook his head.

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