WATCH – Medvedev: Don’t Put Faith in Foreign Leaders, Sanctions Not Going Anywhere



RUSSIA INSIDER – Don’t count on sanctions being lifted any time soon. That was Russian PM Dimitri Medvedev’s sober advice to the 16th congress of the United Russia party in Moscow.

Medvedev warned the assembled delegates not to place their hopes in any foreign leader – but in themselves and their own country.

He also reminded the audience that sanctions – supposed to harm Russia – were actually a big boost to Russian agriculture and the government would do what it could to help Russian farmers exploit the unique conditions.

  1. #1 by James Benn on 01/24/2017 - 9:34

    Yes, The Juze petulant insistence on sanctions against Rusklandia can only be good for business, Russian style. And at the same time, cement Russia’s resurgent nationalism and indeed Christian revival. Both of which are absolute poison to The Juze. Bring on the sanctions baby!

    It was because of sanctions slapped on India during the 70s that those resourceful Indians developed their C and C+ coding skills. They had lots of Unix boxes, all coded in C of course. So C and C+ were the lingos of choice. When the micro-computer revolution kicked off in the early 80s, what should be the main lingo for application development? Why C and C+ of course. Enter the Indians as guns for hire. Now Silicon Valley is staffed by, what is it, 90% Indians? I dunno. They did well.

    Of course this unintended consequence of sanctions happened to play right into the hands of The Juze and Its ‘multi-cultural’ agenda. Since Enemy #1 is ‘whites’ across the boards. Why whites when The Juze resembles and in most cases is indistinguishable from ‘whites’ … apart from having large proboscises and silly little skull caps? Precisely for that reason. ‘Cos in an ideal werld, the only ‘whites’ allowed will be The Juze. The ‘race’ formerly tagged as ‘white’ will be a mishmash mongrel breed, similar to the situation besetting ‘Coloreds’ in Seth Efrika … hovering in some limbo, unaccepted by either ‘white’ or ‘black’.

    All Power to Putin’s arm. And may he boot out the Rotshites and their Central Bank from Rusklandia on the double. NEVER to return!

  2. #2 by Michael Mazur on 01/25/2017 - 9:34

    Trump will be lifting sanctions off Russia.

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