Donald Trump cuts abortion funding

Sabba – I have known many, too many women who have had an abortion. Some regretted it and moved on; others never got over it and still live in guilt; and others sincerely believe that it is their right to do so – ‘my body, my choice’ is their mantra, thus equating abortion with some civil rights.   

What is Life? The scientist who are looking for life on Mars only need ONE living cell to prove there is Life out there. And so what to say about a living cell here on earth, living cells inside a woman’s womb?

‘My body, my choice’ should only mean that a woman is free to do to her own body whatever she likes: kill herself, amputate herself, deface herself etc. That indeed is her body.

But is the life inside a woman’s womb hers as well? Is an unborn baby’s body her body and is its life her life?

My opinion is that the unborn baby being destroyed is not a woman’s body. True, it is inside her body but it is distinct from hers. And so when a woman decides to have an abortion, it is not her life she is taking away but somebody else’s and no woman should have any ‘right’ to destroy, terminate a life which is not hers.

We are horrified when we read of a child being murdered by his parents. What has happened to us that we fail to see that taking an unborn child’s life which is not ours is as horrific and is also a murder? We need to be honest and call a spade a spade: abortion is nothing but the sterilized, ascepticized, ‘kosherized’ re-branding of another reality: infanticide and child sacrifice to Moloch.

President Trump has done his part. Let us do ours. Western Gentile Resistance starts no further.


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