Lavrov warns West will have to pay dearly for stoking revolutions in Middle East


ed note–as much as Trump aims to ‘improve’ relations with Russia, Putin & co know that everytime America extends the hand of friendship that the someone who accepts it winds up paying dearly for it. Putin & co will ‘play the game’ in the manner that it needs to be played in order to avoid open military confrontation with the US and the West, but they are not about to go down the road of relinquishing all the political gains they have made domestically and around the world as a result of their actions in Syria in return for which they get ‘better relations’ with America. And no one–Trump supporters especially–should make the mistake of thinking that the new administration views Russia (or any other sovereign power) as an equal partner when it comes to the world order. All of this talk of ceasing and desisting the business of ‘nation building’ is only taking place because it has blown up in America’s face, and now, in order to salvage what remains of Senatus Populusque Americanus, the Trump administration is adopting the ‘reformed and rehabilitated’ posture of a penatent political potentate, but just as soon as things have ‘settled down’ Uncle Sam will indeed fall off the wagon and go back to his old haunts and hangouts.

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  1. #1 by 5 dancing shlomos on 01/26/2017 - 9:34

    the statue of oppression
    does read
    “give me your thieves, your vipers
    your warmongers, your psychos
    send them, your murderers ready to kill, to me
    i unlock their cage doors
    i unshackle their hands
    create misery, give death”

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