Trump: Jewish in Dealing With the Jews


Trump may not be an anti-Semite but it appears that he knows Jews well. His secret weapon is his son-in-law Jared Kushner. What did Trump call him? ‘A natural deal-closer.’ By natural he means Jewish.

ed note–allow me, if I may, to translate for you, gentile readers…

What has our esteemed Hebraic authoress in a tizzy here is that–as her very words indicate–Trump has ‘out-Jewed’ the Jews themselves. He has employed all the Judaic pick-pocket tactics that have been used for thousands of years in going for the gusto and grabbing the prize, including schmoozing, distraction, diversion, etc.

As we have posited here for sometime, there is only so far that the nastiest, dirtiest, most immoral prostitute will go in plying her trade. She’ll do just about anything her client asks of her, provided there is enough money, but the one thing she won’t do, the one cheap trick she won’t turn no matter how much money she  is given is to put a loaded gun in her mouth and pull the trigger.

This ‘hell no, we won’t go’ posture is in effect where the US has arrived, or at least, with certain elements within it. They have cooperated with the Jewish state every single time she has demanded a, b, and c, but now, that what America is being asked to do is to put a loaded gun in her mouth and pull the trigger, she is simply not willing to do that.

What Trump means (hopes) to do is to impose a settlement on the Israeli/Palestinian situation that is amenable to both sides. The Palestinians should understand now after half a century of struggle and incalculable suffering that they are not going to get their country back in toto. They need to understand they have suffered enough and that this charade of peace negotiations–the smoke screen that Israel uses in grabbing more land–will go on interminably until the last square meter of Palestine is turned into Judea, Inc. The US–or at least those elements behind the rise and presidency of Donald Trump–understand that now that the Russians are back in the neighborhood, things have gotten exponentially more dangerous, not the least of which is that the Russians are now in the position to begin exerting their influence–along with Iran–in building coalitions of nations in the region united along political, economic, and military lines–to challenge the go-nowhere status quo that has existed with the US as the dominant superpower in the region since the early ’80s.

Imagine the clout therefore that a public-approval anemic Uncle Sam will gain if a real, practical, fair, and lasting settlement to the Israeli/Palestinian situation is achieved. America’s image in the region will receive a blood transfusion the likes of which has never previously occurred, leaving Russia, Iran and the Axis of Resistance pushed off stage, out of sight and thus out of mind.

And this–in addition to other factors–is the reason why there is UNIVERSAL opposition on the part of Judea, Inc to Trump. They–understanding the protocols (no pun intended) of doing business ‘the Jewish way’–can see where all of this is heading. They understand that Trump making both sides ‘an offer they cannot refuse’ means an end to the whole ‘Greater Israel’ paradigm that Jewry has salivated over for 4,000 years and tantamount to the same kind of heavy-handed approach that the Romans applied in ‘laying down the law’ with Judea 2,000 years ago, something that even the most ‘secular’ of Jews simply cannot accept.

For the Palestinians and those who have dedicated their lives to helping what is certainly the most persecuted and oppressed people of the last century, Trump is your last hope for some kind of resolution to the slow-motion genocide that is being inflicted upon you. Don’t fall for all the tricks that your Judaic enemies are plying against you now in cozying up to you and appearing to oppose the ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobic’ policies of Trump.

The entire charade is a mirror image of what took place on 9/11 when the same people now pretending to support you were then seducing the American mind into hating Arabs, Muslims, and all enemies of Judea, and which now, in the final analysis, is designed to prevent any kind of resolution to your situation and to remove the one chance there is of finally reigning in the mad dog of the region, the Jewish state.

Carolina Landsmann, Haaretz

Ironically, the thing that made Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely swell with pride last week was that the discussion of annexation had reached the other side of the political spectrum, notably with novelist A.B. Yehoshua joining the fray. This took place at a forum organized by a Bar-Ilan University professors’ group and titled “Ending the ‘Occupation.’” The sense was that “even leftists now understand what we’ve been talking about all these years.”

It’s too bad Hotovely didn’t discern another, no less important change: Yehoshua may have mentioned granting residency rights to Palestinians in Area C, but the occupation seemed to be worrisome to right-wing participants at the forum. The quotation marks around the word “occupation” could not serve as a barrier against the occupation’s reality, gnawing at their consciousness.

A further irony is that the right, which disqualifies the Palestinians as partners since it views whatever action they take, be it violent or peaceful, based on the Oslo accords, as merely a stage in a Palestinian multi-stage program for eliminating Israel. This dismissal actually reflects the right’s own tactics. The Jewish right wing’s plan to impose Israeli law on the occupied territories is nothing but a Jewish multi-stage plan to wipe out Palestinian nationhood. The ultimate plan is to annex everything without granting equal citizenship rights. Thus, aside from excitement over the appearance of the redheaded messiah, words of concern could be heard at the forum, especially from Immigration Minister Ze’ev Elkin and Jerusalem Post journalist Caroline Glick.

It’s easy to dismiss Glick’s concerns. She’s always worried. She views the shadow of Europe’s past as an active anti-Semitic volcano. In her mind the left, J Street, the army brass (excluding the partisan reserve colonel Erez Weiner, who attended the conference, and a handful of others) – are all Judenrat.

It is precisely for this reason that her worries about Trump deserve particular attention: Trump is not anti-Semitic in her eyes. So what could be bad for the Jews with an American president who is not an anti-Semite? The danger is that he’s a deal-closer. After all, he promised to “close a deal in the Middle East.” Trump is even more dangerous than Obama, explained Elkin, since Obama would never agree to a deal that is unacceptable to the Palestinians. Trump could impose a deal he believes in on the Palestinians, even against their will.

So what’s the problem? The problem lies in the words “deal” and “closing.” A deal means that not only one side’s aspirations are fulfilled. Closing a deal means that there are no more demands. Trump could be the wall on which the multi-stage programs of both sides are shattered. Elkin explicitly said so: A partial annexation could be interpreted as a relinquishing of all the rest. If we annex only Ma’aleh Adumim how do we explain to Trump that we’re not giving up our national aspirations regarding all the territories? It was no coincidence that Glick hoarsely cried out for annexing everything right away.

The dilemma facing the settler right is this: A partial annexation of areas containing blocs of settlements could at the same time be a step towards separation into two states, akin to eating first and paying later. Position papers disseminated by the left also talk about steps on the road to separation. The territorial map of the two-state plan is more or less clear. Anyone interested in the entire territory could reach a practical decision that it’s better not to sign any deal that involves accepting only part of the territories.

Trump may not be an anti-Semite but it appears that he knows Jews well. His secret weapon is a Jewish mediator, his son-in-law Jared Kushner. What did Trump call him? “A natural deal-closer.” By ‘natural’ he means Jewish.

Truly, why didn’t they think of this before? It’s so poetic it must be just. Trump decided to be Jewish in dealing with the Jews. It’s almost a pity we won’t be able to see Netanyahu eating the stew he concocted for his people.

  1. #1 by TonyFromIN on 01/28/2017 - 9:34

    “He has employed all the Judaic pick-pocket tactics that have been used for thousands of years in going for the gusto and grabbing the prize, including schmoozing, distraction, diversion, etc.”

    I have never been to New York, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the above mentioned ‘tactics’ are what Trump used to be successful in the New York real-estate market.

  2. #2 by Michael Mazur on 01/29/2017 - 9:34

    Landsmann – ‘Trump decided to be Jewish in dealing with the Jews’.

    So, Jared Kushner isn’t spying on Trump, he’ll be bringing a Jewish inflection to deal making at Trump’s direction – he’s married to his daughter, after all, so isn’t just another Jew, albeit well qualified.

    What is more likely than anything to impose a Israeli Palestinian solution to these seemingly intractable problems is an end to the $10Bn annual tribute to Israel, to let them stew in their own juice, as America has enough problems without being broker for recalcitrants who are impossible to please anyway.

    Kushner will smooth over the tapering off of this annual tribute to zero by 2020.

    Iran has no regional ambitions except peace, and Trump will not be making war like noises at Iran now that he’s President, those were just for show.

    Now that Syria will not be ceded to Israel means the end of the Greater Israel project, and Russia will go quiet as Putin is a gentleman, and not an opportunist, meaning well for all parties.

    This leaves Israel with a high – unsubsidised, military expenditure just because of the occupation which cannot quickly end, and a two state solution will thus be decided on by Israel itself, for a one last mass slaughter of Palestinians will put Jews the world over in bad odour with everyone, as corporate media is dying and can no longer lie with impunity, for everyone has bypassed them for serious news.

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