Can Muslims Live In The West?


Why do Muslims insist on migrating to secular, godless Western countries?
Why do they insist on going to those very countries which destroyed their homeland. Why don’t they go to other Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Yehudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, etc?

I understand that in time of war, fleeing is the only solution. A quick look into History of Europe shows civilian people fleeing war zones. And we even have the pictures and video footages documenting the mass exodus of civilians during WWI, WWII, during the war against the former state of Yugoslavia etc. WWII even saw thousands and thousands of Europeans fleeing Europe and finding safe refuge in the Middle East and North Africa.  This is survival instinct and we would probably all do the same.

But the wars which America/the West have been waging on behalf of Israel since 2001 are different: collectively they represent a war on Islam itself. And so it baffles the mind to see Muslims fleeing to the very same countries which destroyed their own homeland because of their religion.

That being said, what should Muslims do when living or entering a country which is known to be hostile to their religion?
Another quick look into Islamic history may provide us with an answer.

First of all, Muslims must not go to countries which are known to be hostile to their religion. On the contrary, they should leave such places rather than become powerless victims or tools or useful idiots of the jewish engineered clash of civilizations. This is precisely what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did.
During his time, a  group of Muslims first migrated to friendly Christian Abyssinia. The second wave of migration was from Mecca to Medina.

But how to live in a hostile environment? Can Muslims live in a non-Muslim country

The last Prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also provides the answer. For the first 13 years of his prophetic mission, he lived in Mecca with a handful of followers who had believed in his Prophethood.

During these 13 years, he tried to spread the Last Gospel as it was coming down to him from God (via archangel Gabriel).   He and his followers were subjected to all kind of hardships, torture etc., and for 13 years, they took all the suffering with patience.

Why did they not fight back?  There are many answers to that but the most important of them was to prevent civil war because as History has shown us, civil wars are the worst of wars as they are extremely difficult to stop.

When it had become a matter of life and death for the Prophet (PBUH) and his followers, they did the only thing they could do: they migrated.

They did not fight back, they did not engage in civil war, in societal clashes, they did not add fuel to civil unrest, they refused to be used as pawns by the forces of darkness represented by the pagan Arabs of that time.

In other words, Islam strongly condemns civil wars, societal clashes, civil unrest.

When the Prophet and his followers migrated to Medina and the tiny Muslim community was starting to organize itself as an independent state, they were attacked by the pagan Arabs who wanted to crush the young emerging state.

It is only at that time that the order to fight back in self-defence came.

The circumstances were different: it was no longer a civil war but a war which the city state of Mecca had declared against the city state of Medina.

So for 13 years, the Muslims were denied permission to self-defence to prevent civil war. When it became a state vs. state war, the order was given to them to fight back.

We learn a few things from this:
1) Muslims can live in a non-Muslim country, as a religious minority
2) They must never engage in civil wars, civil unrest
3) They must not fall into any trap that aims at using them to trigger civil war/civil unrest
4) They must not force their religion, culture and way of life on the non-Muslim peoples living around them.
5) When it becomes difficult or impossible for them to practice their religion in a non-Muslim country, the only thing they have to do is follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and leave and try and find refuge in a Muslim or Muslim-friendly country.

Muslims living in non-Muslim Asia and Africa

Islam was spread thru Asia and Africa by Muslim merchants. These merchants taught Islam to whoever was interested in it. They taught Islam (the religion) and not the Arabic customs and traditions, which, more often than not, were/are in total conflict with true Islam. Yes, that’s right: Arabic culture is more often than not, in total opposition with the teachings of Islam.  Islam and Arabic culture are 2 separate, almost antinomic things.

These merchants taught Islam while totally respecting the cultures of the people to whom they were teaching it.

They did not tell the people that they had to give up their Asian or African fashion, culture, cuisine, identity and adopt the Arabic way of life.  Rather, they taught modesty, humility which can be achieved while keeping their own code of dressing, without adopting the Arabic one.

The same goes for everything and is particularly visible in architecture. They did not teach that the mosques had to be built the Arabic style. They simply taught that a house of worship should be built and Asian and African Muslims built their mosques using their own architectural style, thus keeping their own cultural heritage.

Islam is not an ‘Arabic’ religion nor is it the religion of the Arabs. It is a universal religion, open to whoever wants it. And while Muhammad is the Arab Prophet of God, God is not an Arab. And so we must stop ‘introducing’ God in an Arabic setting, Arabic clothing etc. Doing so will have no effect but to repulse people from it, and particularly those in the west who have been infected with Judaism.

Can the Muslims living in the West hold fast to their religion while detaching themselves from their Arabic way of life? Of course they can. But they need to understand that Arab and Muslim are not one and the same.  Again, despite the fact that Prophet Muhammad is the Arab Prophet of God, God is not an Arab.

And if Arab Muslims who live in the West find it difficult to hold fast to their Arabic culture due to their hostile environment, then they must not force it upon the people around them but rather emulate the Prophet (PBUH) and make “hijrah”, move to a country where such culture is accepted.

The Islamic head-scarf

I would like to use here as an example the most emblematic, problematic and politicized item in the Arabic/Islamic code of dress: the head-scarf or hijab.

First point we all need to remember here is that all respectable women, all throughout historical societies, have always covered their hair when going out of their homes.
In ancient Greece and Rome, prostitutes and slave women were forbidden to cover their hair and pretend to be ‘respectable’ women.
So covering one’s hair is not Islamic per se, and all one need do is consider how the Mary, mother of Christ (PBUT), has been depicted throughout the centuries.

The second point we need to remember is that Islam is built on 5 pillars, pillars which do not change, regardless of where one lives. And while the hijab is not among those pillars, it has been elevated to the number one pillar of Islam for women, beginning in the 1990s. What happened?

In Islam, the hijab is much more than covering one’s head. It is one part of the code of dress which aims at covering women and men’s curves/body shape.
It is part of a greater philosophical and spiritual way of life which aims at promoting modesty, and humility while eradicating ostentatious and immoral behaviour for men and women alike.

The hijab in Islam is a sign of humbleness,  respectability as well as a means of not attracting undue attention to oneself, something which is celebrated and enshrined as a ‘must-do’ in the Judaized West.

In the 1990s, the West has seen a flood of wahhabi propaganda through wahhabi mosques and literature. We might add here that this flood has taken place with the blessings of all the Western powers.
More or less at the same time, the hijab has been elevated as the number one pillar of faith for Muslim women while being reduced to either a piece of cloth one puts on one’s head or a political tool.
The spiritual meaning and purpose of it have all been forgotten.
In fact, the spiritual meaning and purpose of all acts of worship have been put aside and ‘the Law’ has become all there is to Islam… Reminiscent of Judaism, isn’t it?

And this is how we see women wearing a piece of cloth on their heads and a mini-skirt, leggings and killer heels. They are good and pious Muslims because they are obeying ‘the Law’ and wearing their hijab.
This is how we see women wearing a piece of cloth on their heads and a tight top and skinny jeans which define their curves. 
This is how we see women wearing a piece of cloth on their heads with tons of make up and perfume on.
This is how we see women wearing the hijab in a such sophisticated manner that they look like they have leapt right off of one of the pages of Scheherazade’s 1001 Arabian Nights.

All this defies the very purpose and essence of the hijab.

It attracts attention and, in a hostile country, it attract attention for all the wrong reasons, while stigmatizing the women who wear it, making them easy targets, and making the Muslim community easy to infiltrate. Indeed, as the hijab has become the most important pillar of faith for a Muslim woman, the Muslim communities have become infested with spies, who need nothing more than a head-scarf to be accepted as the most pious member of the community, all this, ‘by way of deception.’

We have all seen these women wearing a full niqab demonstrating in major Western cities demanding ‘shariah Law’ to be implemented in the West. We have seen these individuals taking the streets demanding to have swimming pools closed to men a couple of times per week. How do we know these are indeed Muslim? How do we know those hiding behind their niqab are even women? Having a head-scarf or a niqab doesn’t make a woman a Muslim. The Messiah Jesus, the son of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBUT) said it best: you shall know them by their fruits. Not by their names or clothes but by their actions. 

What should Muslims do?

If a woman wants to wear a head-scarf and the Arabic code of dressing in a non-Muslim environment and she suffers no harm on account of it, then fine.

If dressing that way puts her and her community and her religion in danger, if it gives a negative image of Islam, then she should either stop wearing it (there are thousands of other ways to dress modestly and of not attracting undue attention) or follow the example of the Prophet (PBUH) and migrate to a Muslim or Muslim-friendly country.

If wearing it is being used as a weapon by the enemies of God against her, her community and her religion, then she should stop wearing it or follow the example of the Prophet (PBUH) and migrate to a Muslim or Muslim-friendly country. The one thing Muslims must not do is impose their way of life and their religion in an openly hostile country. 

The Muslims living in the West would do well to look at the Jewish and south-east Asian communities around them: they are the best integrated and at the same time, the least assimilated.

Integration is not the same as assimilation. Integration does not mean losing one’s religion. Far from it. Millions of Western people have converted to Islam while rejecting Arabic cultural traditions or, should I say, while keeping their own western cultural traditions, as far as these are compatible with Islam.

However, integration may mean losing one’s cultural traditions, but Islam and Arabic cultural traditions are not the same. I said above, they are often antinomic. But which is important: the religion or the cultural traditions?

For those who live in an Arab-hating country but want to hold on to their cultural traditions, the best for them is to move to a country where their traditions are accepted.

But if they prefer to live in an openly Islamophobic city/country, if they prefer to put themselves, their families, their communities at risk, if they refuse to make ‘hijrah’ to a Muslim or Muslim-friendly country, then they must stop and ask themselves: why?

We are in a time of war and the enemy of Mankind is waging war by way of deception.

It is time that Muslims realize that Islam is being used as a weapon against them.
It is time that Muslims start acting strategically, taking all care to prevent being used like fuel or like useful idiots in a messianic clash of civilization.
It is time the Muslims wake up to their reality and stop accepting the role of pawns of their enemies, pawns being moved from one spot to another, from one country to another, in this gigantic messianic jewish chessboard.

Sabba, 29JAN17.

  1. #1 by MG editor on 01/29/2017 - 9:34

    excellent piece and I am sure must have been difficult to write, given what was sure to be the expected backlash from those who were bothered by its message. Viva Sabba, Viva TUT, and Viva C&C Solidarity

  2. #2 by Aven on 01/30/2017 - 9:34

    Thanks for excellent article.

  3. #3 by 5 dancing shlomos on 01/30/2017 - 9:34

    go to where the bombs and black ops and hate come from
    if jew wears beaver on head and has long curly hairs from ears
    and smells
    and jew women waddle covered with blankets 365
    and smell
    do as you wish
    tell jew creator of hate and division
    go fly foreskin kite

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