MUST READ – The Socio-Political Significance Of The Covenants Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

KATHEON – It is essential, necessary, and imperative to realize that these “clashes” represent an absolutely artificial set-up, a fire that was ignited, and which is fueled and fanned by puppet-masters with shameful and criminal intentions with the objective of remaining in their sinister positions as the undisputed “rulers of the world.” It is these people who coined the name of their reign: The New World Order. Obviously, this system contains nothing “new;” rather, it simply brings the old imperialistic agenda to a new, more deeply-rooted, stage. The globalists are no longer interested in colonies or empires: they seek full-spectrum dominance and a global government in which countries are prisons for the poor but borderless for billionaires.  CONTINUE READING


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