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Haaretz–Trump Reportedly Suggests Wave of anti-Semitic Incidents Could Be False Flags Perpetrated by Jews


Similar suggestions have been a theme on right-wing conspiracy theory websites and are being promoted aggressively by white supremacist David Duke on his Twitter account

ed note–it goes without saying,  but for the record,  we’ll say it anyway–

For all of you card-carrying members of the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews brigade’, if you still don’t ‘get it’ after this, then you never will. 

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Trump–JCC bomb threats may be false flag attempt to ‘make others look bad’


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Drunken Hillbilly shoots 3 in Kansas bar, thought they were Middle Eastern

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Netanyahu: Israel, Trump at Odds Over Settlements, ‘Things Are Not as Simple as You Think’


At heated closed Likud meeting, prime minister describes Trump presidency as ‘historic opportunity,’ but says Israel should know its limits.

ed note–a few things worth noting here–

Assuming that all the information contained in this piece is accurate (and yes coming from any Judaic source, that is  always a big question) there are lots of important inferences here.

Note that the Likud meeting was described as ‘heated’. This isn’t between rival parties, but rather amongst people who ideologically are on the same page, and what Nutty Netty is telling them is serious enough that it has now devolved into shouting matches.

‘Not as simple as you think’–Netanyahu’s is in effect telling them that Trump’s posturing to Jewish interests, complete with parading his ‘Jewish’ daughter and her Jewish husband, to his professed ‘love’ for Israel and his saber rattling against Israel’s enemies does not necessarily translate into what has been interpreted by certain members within Likud.  In other words, what Netanyahu is basically telling them is that Trump understands the ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ paradigm just as much as the Jews do and that below the surface of his nice words and smiles that a differing reality exists, and especially with regards to the settlements.

And, just as we have counseled here now for over a year, people should not allow themselves to get too emotionally worked up over things Trump says that seem to indicate that he is ‘their boy’. The incessant screeching on the part of Judea, Inc that is intent upon destabilizing this administration before it has even gotten to 1st base indicates that there is something more to all this than what a surface reading of it suggests, and just as people made the mistake of allowing themselves to get ‘caught up in the moment’ in the early days of the ‘Arab Spring’ and–by assuming that their greatest hopes had finally materialized–thus acted as functionaries in a trap that had been laid and played against them, likewise perhaps (in reverse) cooler heads should prevail in this case and people should just ‘wait things out’ a bit before assuming the worst. Read the rest of this entry »


Trump considering nixing anti-Semitism envoy as part of budget plan


Amid proposed $54 billion surge in military spending, president may do away with Congress-mandated position, and others, to accommodate increase

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TUT Broadcast Feb 27, 2017


Tonight’s program–

Yours truly invited by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran to attend the conference dedicated to the Palestinian Intifada. More importantly, the various discussions I had with certain ‘movers and shakers’ there vis a vis the Presidency of Donald Trump and what it portends for the future of the Middle East.

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NYC rabbi gets 60 days in jail for teen sex assault charges


Ed note–But remember, it’s not Judaism that’s the problem,  but Zionism,  and its not the Old Testament (Torah) which condones this behavior, but rather the Talmud, and before there was Zionism and Talmudism there was no such thing as ‘the Jewish problem’ and everything surrounding these people was–as they would say– ‘Kosher’.

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