TUT Broadcast Feb 5, 2017

Tonight’s program–Discussing the difference between the ‘good’ Jews on the left and the ‘bad’ Jews on the right with special guest ‘Paulie from Alaska’.

Listen Here

  1. #1 by Todd Christopher Raine on 02/05/2017 - 9:34

    Great program Mark.
    Many important points were defined clearly and I enjoyed
    Pauli’s interjections and occasional blue-collar tongue.
    I hope to hear more from him.
    Your last broadcast made me very interested in the writings
    of Flavius Josephus. I have read bits and pieces over times,
    but your recommendation of it caused me to seek a hard copy.
    Very much looking forward to that read.
    Sellers’ info said this is an early mention of Jesus by a “Jewish”
    Again, thank you for your work and thanks for the invitation to listen
    to the broadcast.
    I agree. America is ‘done’. I am surrounded by the rabid protesting morons
    and insouciant plebs.
    A pilot that can land this American plane and save most of its passengers and
    not kill anymore innocents by exploding in another country’s airport
    sounds like a win to me.

    ed note–thank you Todd. I agree, Paulie is great and hopefully we’ll hear more from him in the weeks/months/years to come, assuming we have that long.

    I am glued tor reading Josephus. It is not easy, because of how it is put together verbally, but it is absolutely fascinating in light of everything going on right now. I re-read the chapter last night where Agrippa is trying to council the Jews away from making war against Rome, how futile it was and his hinting to them that they were nuts in thinking they could do it and win. It is a play-by-play replay of what we see taking place now as various personages–including Trump–are doing their best to prevent a repeat of 70AD.

  2. #2 by Sabba on 02/06/2017 - 9:34

    Maestro, I think I know why da joos hate Trump so much.
    There actually is a precedent to Trump, a man who is still alive and who has spent his entire public life living under a tsunami of insults and spit: Jean Marie Le Pen.

    Everything Trump says, JMLP said before, as early as the 1970s..
    When I listen to Trump’s talk about immigration, it really feels like listening to JMLP.
    Except that JMLP is much classier and refined than Trump.
    But the message is the same.

    And then it was found out that JMLP did not believe in the holocaust. He did not deny it and even declared on national TV that the gas chambers are a detail in the greater history of WWII.
    That statement was the end for him.

    I remember very well journalists and politicians screaming that JMLP was only pretending to attack Muslims when in fact his real targets were da joos.
    They accused him of hiding his anti-jew feelings and agenda behind a semblance of islamophobia.

    I think they fear that Trump, too, is hiding his real agenda (fight against the synagogue of satan) behind an apparent islamophobic rhetoric.
    And in the case of Trump, not only he does not seem to believe in the holocaust, but he also knows 9/11 was not what we were told it was.

    As for how to disarm the vampires, I think the solution is hidden in Babylon.
    Something major has happened to them during their ‘exile’ there, something so big that it changed them from being those troublesome and rebellious people to becoming the synagogue of satan when they adopted satan as their new father.

    It is no surprise that they got America to destroy as many Iraqi archaeological sites as possible and to steal from Baghdad museums everything that had already been excavated about that period of history.
    They want it wiped out, forgotten forever because there is a bigger secret than the holocaust or 9/11 hidden in the sands of Iraq. It is THE secret of all secrets.

    The focus should be on Assyriology in general and the History of Babylon in particular.
    This is where the solution will be found.

    Great show!

  3. #3 by christina whitmer on 04/21/2017 - 9:34

    the good people on the left & the evil people on the right …
    labels. let’s get rid of them.
    the good humans on the right & the evil humans on the right . . .

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