Palestinian teen dies in Gaza after Israel denies him access to hospital

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  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 02/06/2017 - 9:34

    Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance Rushing to Hospital
    Arrests made at demonstration in Connecticut after ‘critically ill’ patient prevented from passing

    This seems to be a tactic of war that has spread….. Thanks Tribe.

  2. #2 by Tapp on 02/06/2017 - 9:34

    These evil jew bastards could teach those evil sauds a trick or two. One day soon.
    Dont tell me Trump is not on their side. You were wrong in your initial analysis and continue in this unabashed vein that Trump is not one of (((them))).

    ed note–ok Tom, so here’s the deal then. Since you have it all figured out and we are ‘wrong’ in our analysis, answer just one, ONE question, intelligently, factually, and reasonably.

    If indeed, as you have alleged, he is one of (((them))), then why is their unified opposition to him on the part of (((them)))? We have literally published hundreds of articles on this site, all originating with Jewish sources, written by (((them))) to be read and digested by (((them))), all of them screeching in ear-splitting decibels how much they hate him and want him either removed from office or dead.

    Now, if you can’t ‘man-up’, ‘rise to the occasion’, put your money where your mouth is and answer this very simple question, then don’t bother leaving anymore comments here, because what it will demonstrate to all of us here is either–

    1. You don’t have the necessary intellectual hardware to answer this simple question, or

    2. You’re a shill who’s just out to make trouble.

    We’ll give you until 8 pm pacific time to answer, roughly 18 minutes from now, and if you choose not to accept the challenge, then you have no one to blame but yourself when you find yourself persona non gratis.


  3. #3 by Tapp on 02/07/2017 - 9:34

    It seems im not the only one who does not agree with your asssesment of President Trump.
    Im no expert on these matters, but it appears that many noted “experts” seem to have the same concerns as i do, notably Johnathan at the Mark of Zion, Paul Craig Roberts, and the guy from Japan …..what was his name? Michael Kreiger? No it was James Corbett and his recent analysis of Trumps Cabinet, and how Trump drained the swamp.
    You are entitled to your opinion that Trumps gonna beat the jews at their own game, but i dont see it. Mossad Creed in action with tbe Trump Jew dissent.
    I see i’ve struck a nerve with you but no need to get defensive and make me “persona non gratis” mate. Everyone has a right to his/her position, its just that i think you are wrong. Time will tell. Im a patriotic loyal american who served during Vietnam, and i saw the lies and deception the usa was trying to sell then. I didnt agree then nor now. Not a shill and not stupid.
    Did i make your 18 hour time limit? God i hope so as i was so worried about that.

    ed note–once again, surprise surprise, you got it wrong. ‘Defending’ your position is not finding others who agree with you. It is not done by pointing out that you were/are a ‘patriotic’ American who served in Vietnam, an obvious contradiction of facts, given what Vietnam was all about and who was behind it.

    Defending your position means presenting facts in the face of contradictory evidence, none of which you have done, and as I already said, surprise, surprise.

    No, you haven’t struck a nerve with me at all. There are rules for intelligent discussion/debate and if you can’t adhere to these very simple guidelines that exist/have existed in every intellectual environment in the history of mankind, then wander off to some other website where the rules are either non-existent or else are extremely lax, resulting in a very lacklustre environment of discussion/debate.

    As far as the others you listed, generally speaking I agree with their positions, and as I/we have said here often, it is perfectly understandable why people approach Trump with a measurable amount of skepticism. The difference between the aforementioned experts and you however is at least they do address the obvious contradiction in terms of the universal opposition Trump has received/is receiving and acknowledge that at this point, it is hard for them to understand/explain exactly why. And for the record, Jonathon Azaziah’s position is (as best as I have been able to determine) that all the recent moves on the part of Trump do not forebode well, but that it is too early to determine definitively, as opposed to someone such as you who offers nothing more sophisticated except the same old/same old ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ tapdance.

    As I said, there are plenty of other websites that offer platforms for ‘patriotic’ Americans to just spew whatever happens to wander into their frontal lobes at whatever moment, and I am sure you will find yourself much more at home at locales such as those.

  4. #4 by Tapp on 02/07/2017 - 9:34

    If i dont agree with your asssesment im a perona non gratis? SAD.

    ed note–no, what’s ‘sad’ is that a very simple challenge was put before you, that you defend your thesis while explaining the obvious counter evidence that screeches like a banshee 24/7, and instead of adhering to the scholastic rules of intelligent, reasoned debate/discussion, you chose instead to chicken out, as unfortunately, so many do in this ‘movement’. In this regard, your posture–as well as that of your fellow travelers–is exactly the same as those in the Jewish community constantly chirping about the Hollerco$t but who refuse to explain the obvious discrepancies/deficiencies that exist in the narrative they have adopted with regards to counter evidence.

    People disagree with me/us here all the time. Healthy discussion/debate is a good thing, and we cherish it. That’s why at the very top of the website it is described as ‘Intelligent anti-Semitism for thinking Gentiles’.

    But the one thing we don’t cherish is empty-headed assertions that cannot be defended intellectually, and as you have proven, that includes your assertion that we ‘got it all wrong’ on Trump. At least we are willing/able to come up with some type of intelligent explanation/theory concerning the anomalies surrounding our position. You could not even muster 2 or 3 words.

    There are plenty of other websites/blogs out there that cater to people like you who engage in the intellectual equivalent of wandering from hydrant to hydrant, lifting your leg and marking your territory. This isn’t one of them. Come back when you’ve grown some grey matter and you’ll be welcomed.

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