MUST READ–Anti-Trumpers embrace Soros-ZOG and join War on Trump



A Global Resistance movement mounts against Pax Judaica, with endless new Jew fault-lines being discovered in every place the sick creatures have visited with chaos and intrigue. In America as we rapidly shift into a Competent Alpha Male paradigm, free speech is now the most powerful tool in existence to overthrow the yolk of our ancient oppressor, The Eternal Parasite. Every time we get closer to victory, Satan will hurl obstacles in our path. Up next is a unique new band of nuanced morons who have joined a tacit alliance with Soros-ZOG against POTUS Trump.

Unlike the MB-sponsored ISNA, which formed an overt Masonic alliance, codified as MJAC, with the neo-Zionist AJC, these self-righteous hypocrites condemn the Juice on one hand while condemning our Orange Hero on the other, claiming puritanical neutrality while forcibly trying to penetrate the Orange Wall of Support with their fractured and inconsistent, morally supremacist pedagogy.

Here are a few of their more coherent and adorable complaints:

  1. Trump ‘put the swamp creatures back in the swamp’.

  2. Trump worked with Juice. Trump listened to Juice. Trump’s family is married to Juice.

  3. Trump’s words hurt feelings. Trump is mean. Iran. Muslims. Bigot.

Notice how none of those constitute any effective foundation for an argument against Trump.

Sure, you can put 80 year-old fossil and Milton Friedman-spawn Ron Paul in two different roles and Cynthia McKinney in two others.

Other than that … who’s next?

Why don’t you present your esteemed list of cabinet picks that Trump missed? It’s reasonable to assume you were very well-versed on domestic American politics since you felt the need to opine with your disdain on the choices Trump made. You clearly must have hired a lot of people to do a lot of jobs. Can you please tell us about some of your struggles in that role? I’d be curious to know how well you’ve managed a large group of people with a unified vision through execution.

No. The reality is, you can barely manage yourself. Many of you don’t have a real family because of profound personal failure and weak relations, precisely because you hide from the world in your precious cocoon, insecure, ashamed of your beautiful scars, reinforcing your ironic distaste for inconvenient Truth: The Donald has more revolutionary fervor in the pen he uses to sign Executive Orders than the overwhelming majority of you have in your whole being.

Questions for Triggered Tyrants

In Pushto we say, “Dhaa Guzz o Dhaa Maidaan”

This Yardstick and This Ground.

Show and Prove.

Pray tell, the very best among you corny, self-designated enlightened, what have you accomplished?

Vacuous words that don’t reach beyond a hilariously small echo chamber?

A cohesive brigade of reliable, adoring sycophants who refuse to study reality for themselves?

Acute interweb infamy in insular nether regions of ideological enclaves?

Which one of you spent 12 hours a day delivering impassioned easy-to-understand speeches and 10% of your net worth waking up your countrymen and being their relentless Gentile hero? Most of you can’t even be a hero to members of your own family. How pathetic that you attack the Donald when the ZOG and Dajjal are attacking him far more relentlessly with exponentially more vigor and fanatic invective that you putrid, low-energy dingbats could ever muster!

Which Jew or Jew group attacked your family? When did the CIA or FBI recruit or interrogate you?

How many people have you actually reached with all those rambling words on your status updates?

Some better questions that I feel uniquely confident in asking you, on a more personal level:

How many people have you individually woken up and/or carefully mentored into being active Truth-proselytizers?

How many people have you fed and clothed by creating demonstrable value in products or services, in organizations or companies or in charity?

What percentage of your take-home income do you donate to God?

What have you tangibly done to ameliorate conditions for Humanity?

Also, I can’t help but wonder:

How much giddiness do you feel in your ravenous reptile brain when an acolyte likes or shares your repetitive and bland commentary?

I know there’s a ripe question in here somewhere about where your loyalties lie but I’ll let that one simmer and marinate.

Now, of course, these hypocrites will be aghast at being so hastily and mercilessly judged by a respected colleague, but lest you forget, I stand in need of no human being to espouse the Truth, as I see it, in a unique, almost peerlessly objective manner. The Truth stands on its own with no need for cosigning, friendships, endorsement or acceptance. In fact, at a time of near ubiquitous deceit, it is telling that you are throwing your own faint personal weight behind ZOG’s endless War on Trump, ‘critiquing’ words and affiliations of The Donald, rather than getting behind his tireless Herculean effort to establish a New American Zeitgeist of MAGA to eviscerate the ZOG.

There is not a drop of credibility in your incoherent and nebulous attack on the Donald for his tweets, rhetoric, or executive actions. He did more in his first 48 hours to change the Planet than you have in your entire life. Guaranteed. But maybe you can show us your track-record in service of your countrymen? I’ll wait as long as it takes.

You deign to salute and proliferate the brilliance of close compatriots, and sometimes, you instrumentally sabotage friends and allies fearing their dazzling and dominant, self-effacing light might be much brighter than yours. What are you so scared of?

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon not only is not a Jew, which is exceptional in and of itself, but he is also decorated with inviolate secular accomplishments, not the least of which is a very keen pulse on (((the real source))) of agitation among the populous. None of you pontificating scoundrels, even given the platform, would nor could ever reach the same awareness and effectiveness, because that requires a transparently selfless attitude that is entirely foreign to your relations with other creatures. I know this from first hand dealings with many of you, even extending a hand at burgeoning relations with some of you who promised everything and declared bankruptcy within moments, disappearing into the abyss of endless failed promises from human entropy.

Bannon is very much a closet Anti-Jew, but again, surface level observers and linear thinkers rarely notice unique patterns. You can’t be America First and be pro-Jew. You can’t desire economic prosperity to ignite the inner city and love wholesome things like traditional heterosexual marriage and be pro-Jew. But I guess you guys are better versed in Bannon’s views than all the rest of us so please tell us about how he’s a philo-Semitic, anti-Muslim bigot. I couldn’t have gotten that assessment from anywhere else but you. You’re precious, snowflake.

You Jelly!

How many of you overreact to small disagreements with bellowing bellicosity because your special, hyper-defined narrative has massive holes in it? You are just as insane and intolerant as the Judeo-Left with your incessant and shrill demand that we should agree with your macabre prophecies. I give a full-throated, awe-inspiringly defiant rejection to your thesis, your moral supremacy, your profound ignorance, your opaque hypocrisy and your repugnant jealousy.

Your (((misreading))) of Trump and the Juice is appallingly infantile. The Juice always think they got a good Goy puppet on their hands. Their vulnerability is their ego and self-love which Trump affirms and dismisses with notable efficiency, in the same sentence. He does not have the luxury of your messy, chaotic personal life and your convenient evasion of society and its massive, Jew-orchestrated problems by being aloof when it suits your egoistic comfort. That’s you. No. Trump’s dedicated to this, way more than you’ve ever been dedicated to anything and that’s why I am tickled to death that I get to be practically alone among the most hitherto esteemed and brave Truthtellers, on the side Al-Haqq over proxy-Judaic antagonism.

Trump plays the Juice, not the other way around. Keep that in mind as you navigate the next few months. It will help you understand what is actually happening as it starts to unfold before your eyes. No amount of your contortionist deception can hide Trump’s rebellion to the Kehilla. We choose Rational Investigation over Dogmatic Confused Pontification.

Trump’s tactics may not be yours. His defiant dismissiveness of anyone who disagrees with him may rub your cute cheeks a little too rough. His lack of allegiance to your allegiances may incite your stupidity. His exceptionally luxurious life, glorious wife or highly competent offspring may inspire your jealous hostility. Trump’s swift Geminian forked tongue might aggravate your precious sensibilities.

Linda, look it, look it!

We have a dike-kryke saying exactly what you’re saying. More passionately, I might add.

Let me re-issue my own edict:

If a Yid makes the same public pronouncements as you, YOU are NOT a revolutionary. Swing around that learning curve and get back to me.

There are too many dogmatic ideologues desperately clinging onto fragile ethnic or theological alliances with little to no genuinely fresh content who love to hear themselves bloviate. The public is neither arbiter nor judge. Endorsement and Rejection are the same. Your personal value system and its empirically demonstrable effect on your surroundings tells the true tale of your intrinsic utility to Humanity and the Universe. Come down off that perch before someone knocks you off.

Who are you trying to convince?

I have watched quietly as many of the more recently awakened opinion-amplifiers have begun to try to establish fault lines among those of us who not only supported this First Legitimate President in Over 100 years, early, often and aggressively, but also have embraced the many reverberating changes that he instantaneously made to the very Law of the Land.

How could we tolerate you demanding obeisance to your emotional overreactions due to your divided loyalties which tacitly reveal your unjust grudge against Trump? You can’t behave exactly like the regressive Left and then claim total disavowal of them, their candidate, incompetent era and histrionics. You are them. It is in your actions and behaviors. Your tactics may be slightly different but the irrational / illogical undertones of the same putrid arguments reveal impeccable mimicry of the Jew-Dajjal War on Trump. There is no investigative honesty, just crass judgments that you pass off as binding and enforceable edicts.

Did you give Trump credit for sending Rep. Gabbard to Assad to let him know the new Orange sheriff was not going to be ISIS’s Air Force? Of course, not.


But will you impute the actions of the rogue elements and remnants, blackmailed agents, ex-(((CIA))), ZOG networks and the traitorous Mossad like the “raid on Yemen” onto Trump? Of course, you will. You didn’t support him at all, then, so now you will have to find little nuggets of unconfirmed information to justify your alleged indifference or opaque animosity. This, despite the fact that your very fate, as well as ours, was lying in the balance with the very real, very binary 2016 election. You can’t fathom or abide how Trump’s actually in there without needing your help, despite universal opposition, so now you want to spin it and win some type of cool points from the homies for astute analysis and AC360 style ‘Keeping them Honest’ reporting. You can’t crush our Pro-Trump spirit because it flows through him and his righteous intent. Also, remember your bedfellows in this emotional tale who tugged at your noble heartstrings also brought you the ‘Syrian boy’, Aylan Kurdi, and murder of 6 million incubator babies in Kuwait. The very same Jew-organs that applauded the murder of her then 16-year old brother and the father, fiery cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki, under the Obama regime when intel and agenda were in unison under the ZOG.

You really think Trump isn’t going to be fooled a few times by faulty intelligence, hindered by blackmailed or ideological agents within his empowered apparatus and crossed by deep and insidious, double-dealing Mossad intrigue tipping off Al-Qaeda | ISIS to raids? You don’t accept that there is a process to extricating the USA from the dozen open wars in battlefield arenas scattered all over the Planet? They crashed their aircraft as they landed. Moments later, a Navy Seal got murked and he only managed to kill Awlaki’s last little girl. That’s the whole story? All Trump’s fault. Not real Al-Qaeda? No other intrigue, then?

This was organized by Obama starting in November, possibly as a grenade with the pin pulled out. Misstep. A reprehensible and ugly mistake, possibly out of a zeal to get things done. It clearly backfired for reasons unknown. The more of these mistakes that happen, the more responsibility Trump will have in the eyes of all those who supported him. War crimes in Syria, even attempting to do the right thing, given the extenuating circumstances, will also prove difficult to sustain with a now fully-engaged Jew-media, wielding unlimited resources, ready to tell the ‘Truth’ about ‘Trump’s misadventures’ in the Middle East. Keeping them honest. Just like you.

They give you news that you modify and cajole till it fits your pre-ordained narrative. No wonder, with every minute detail that you extract from a protracted war scene to implicate Trump, you declare, “Well if it wasn’t obvious that Trump drinks Goy blood before, we all know he’s a Christ-murdering Jew now!” Nothing to see here anymore, I guess. Let’s move it right along now as you so successfully closed the entire subject of Trump with your dazzling display of Truthiness. Trump’s a Jew. You’re my hero. Can I borrow a dollar?

This is where we diverge. My battle is with the same people opposing him. He’s doing 10 million different things at once. I appreciate his Geminian hustle and drive. He’s doing it for you. It’s repulsive to me for you to have a transparent agenda to diminish or eradicate support for Trump. Criticize him legitimately and we cosign. Demand seditious mutiny and hostility because of your well-known startling discoveries or un-clever presumptive innuendo and I will personally stomp on your soul.


What I find so fascinating and hypocritically repugnant about the new FSA-style ‘neutral’ Anti-Trumpers, is that despite demonstrable victory after victory by the solitary revolutionary, they find fringe ancillary issues to latch on to, with an eerily similar attachment to minutia as the Eternal Parasite they claim to oppose. They then blow these minor and irrelevant details out of proportion to “once and for all” prove their fantastical account. If I noticed prejudicial confirmation bias from the Yids, you think I wouldn’t notice it from you too? You’ve played yourself. You’re a psuedo-intellectual, crypto-kryke with all the same phony tears about stigmatization. You weren’t even kicked off a plane, were you? Were you arrested and fingerprinted for speeding? Did you grow up around country white folks? Didn’t think so. Basic.

Difference between us is I know God is in charge. That’s why despite the profuse prayers and organizing of ostensibly good-hearted Muslims against the Donald, as subsidiary organs of Jew-Dajjal’s War on Trump, God put this man in there. He not only has a mandate from the people, he has a mandate from God. I believe that like I believe I’m alive, like I believe you’re being a deliberate inconsiderate idiot. Whether your flippant idiocy is out of genuine ignorance or self-righteous hypocritical egomania is also immaterial. You will be rebuked and sharply reprimanded for your misrepresentations.

Did Trump bomb Iran? Did Trump sign off on the Iran deal? Did Trump give chemical weapons to Saddam? Did Trump make Iran say Death to America? Has Iran toned down anti-US rhetoric to give Trump a chance?


If Trump starts or deepens any wars, we will roundly rain down on him a storm of angry indignation. If he doesn’t and you continue your Faggot Feeling Fatwas, we will smash your brains out, in public, for everyone to see and draw wisdom from.

Iran has EVERY right to hold the positions that it does and engage the political sparring under the paradigm of the erstwhile imperialist ZOG-America while Trump has a Divine mandate to change the course of this massive Empire before it crashes into the proverbial jew-trap in the form of a massive, multi-layered, cataclysmic (((iceberg))). If it takes a little political and economic tussle with Iran to convince the Yids not to try to whack him as he changes our domestic reality, I support the vision, without co-signing every underlying political tactic or rogue action. Iran could use a stronger voice than Rouhani’s and we all would love to have Ahmadinejad back. I happen to think two God-fearing and optimistic men would get along, but silly me.

Anti-Trumpers shouldn’t complain. They should celebrate.

I have the incredible luxury of being a philanthropist opportunist in Trump’s revolution, rather than the primarily accountable visionary architect. We entrust that role to him precisely because our insight into the phenomenon enabled us to envision the fortuitous and miraculous, political revolution we just witnessed that everyone else was late to. That’s called being pragmatic instead of dogmatically ideological, unreasonably insane, and transparently supremacist. Thus, Trump is getting things done against ZOG-JNWO, instead of just translating battlefield tales and hurling irreconcilable banter at a gargantuan monstrosity, which will never see you as a threat, as you do on your best days.

You’re the moderate head-choppers of the FSA who only happened to join the radical head-choppers of ISIS by virtue of a common enemy. Oh yes, you’ll give the other lemmings a faint, pseudo-intellectual veneer as justification for your acrimonious disloyalty to America’s nascent revolution led by President Orange Superhero, but your fallacious premise will always fall flat if you extrapolate years of karma from a solitary event.

By the way, in case this lengthy resistance manifesto strokes the ego of the intensely indulgent self-lovers and they attempt to obfuscate reality with more emotive hyperbolic rhetoric, I am not trying to convince you. In fact, now that you’ve revealed your incredible stupidity and palpable jealousy, I would never want to be a perfect ally with you, anyways, not until you acknowledge the very real massive changes which are afoot less than three weeks into Trump’s Presidency. This, your ego will never allow you to do, even after Trump Trees really speak on the Evil Heebs. You have exceeded the bounds of exaggeration, even by your own esteemed standards. Rather than being profoundly grateful that this man had meticulously planned this entire turn of events decades in advance because he knew about the The Conspiracy, you criticize him to win cool points with the plebs. Just not nearly as loudly or dangerously as the Krykes you claim to oppose but are aiming to empower.

Don’t Wait For An Assassination

If you can’t perceive and promulgate how Trump is eons beyond JFK at this stage, your self-aggrandizing research is clearly of no use to the Universe. What is the point of reading all these books on history while History is being made on the side of the people and you’re complaining about those actively engaged from the sidelines? Trump had already given the same infamous JFK speech numerous times through the campaign trial, most importantly right there at the end as the pizzagate scandal rocked mainstream America. JFK took Jewish money to run his campaign, did many dirty things for them, not the least of which was personally shining Yid Mob-Boss Mayer Lansky’s blood-soaked shoes. Trump did none of that. JFK was licentious and easily blackmailed. Trump is not, and is clearly not blackmailed.

Why does he need to take a bullet just so you can stop lying about him?

It’s beyond the subtle mention of the funding and assisting of ISIS, to the more important, #sorrynotsorry not taking your money, Yids, to his deliberate omission of 6 million Juice from a Holocau$t ceremony. It’s more basic and fundamental than that. It’s about reversing the culture of fetus murder, the faggot agenda, the anti-religion attacks, the bureaucracy, the suffocating PC matrix, and the endless Wars. In time. Don’t be a friend of your enemy because you dislike their enemy. No one is paying attention to you. All eyes are on Mr. Orange. Don’t be mad. Contribute value. Even if critically. Talking about Trump’s mutual investments with Soros, as a businessman, long ago, where all parties made money, is not conclusive research on the phenomenon.

Personally, I’m not waiting for them to assassinate my President before I step up and support him. JFK’s populace didn’t have the internet. We do. Let’s act like we have some sense about what we just witnessed and what is clearly happening now.

Please sit and pipe down till you show up with a better resume. We meticulously disintegrate these myths because of strict adherence to Truth and facts, not dogma, associations or relations. It’s not magic. It’s honesty and integrity.

We are uniquely qualified to savagely ravage your faulty premise, because not only did we know these things before you, we also never fell for any obfuscatory enemy placed in front of us by the Juice, such as Reptiles, Globalists, or Jesuits. I don’t need content to feel accomplished, nor praise to feel worthy. I despise the cult of personality that follows Truthers like a rancid death smell. That is why I speak and write so little publicly. If something is being addressed accurately and competently, I refuse to capitalize on it with my own unnecessary regurgitated analysis. I believe the more writers we have at our Revolutionary Gentile disposal, the better. A multitude of voices lead to functional conflict and disharmony which leads to clearer and more effective Truths.

I don’t enter the arena to gain social-web units of loves in likes and shares.

However, this work must be done.

The People Vs The Kehilla

I gain nothing from having a nebulous legacy. Those who have been around long enough already know and those who don’t, don’t need to be told, certainly not by me. I’m starting and growing 5 different businesses and counting. I don’t have the time or desire to join in the fray of the ego-driven, ineffectual volleying of opinions. It is only because all of you traitorous, proxy scum-bagels are trying to diminish support for My Rebel Tangerine President, against the Kehilla, that I decided to put you dweebs on notice: There is still a voice out here who has been paying attention, without ideological filters, this whole damn time, who knew the whole scheme way ahead of you and who will eviscerate your phony digital existence with exquisite ease if you don’t relax your clenched butt-cheeks and stopping drinking Yiddish cool-aid. Please.

Nothing like a camera to blow up an assiduously crafted persona. Thus, mi casa es su casa, Usted. Try to bring that hot, anti-Trump garbage on the air and let’s just see if I don’t fulfill my promise, for posterity to draw wisdom from.

All of this listless gibberish we can get from Robert Fisk, exposed by LSM in ’06.

Be grateful for this opportunity to have free reign to acquire and proliferate factual information with prodigious access to the same resources we are all using to obliterate the Kehilla.

That’s what Donald Trump has given us.

We need White Folks to WAKE UP

It is in all minorities long-term strategic interests that Whites in White countries wake up to their own demise, physically, culturally, linguistically, philosophically, economically, and spiritually. The Globe has known no peace in over two centuries because the Talmudic Beast has engulfed White nations and spread its tentacles through these societies. Of course, there have been innumerable traitorous, white child-rapist slaves of the Mishpucka that have expedited the Rothschild clan’s intergenerational Global plans as shabbos goyim. But you’re not any different now as you give hypocritical and totalitarian edicts in your adorably small bubbles by joining the hysteria, with your own ‘voice’.

Sorry, muffin, but I trust Putin’s judgment of Trump over some smug internet chump. I feel no remorse for punching lovely dummies in the gut. Just take it and shut up because its tough love and you need it so much.

Your issue with me will always be that I care less about what anyone thinks than any single one of you. I tell it like it is, to EVERYONE. I enflame black people, ‘muslims’, libtards, whites, homos, soft dudes, jelly haters, lying females, bloviating old folks and everyone in between. It’s not about equal opportunities, it’s about clear objectivity. Associating someone like me with Alex Jones or (((Milo))) reveals how limited your research capacity really is. I exposed Alex Jones publicly in 2005 and no one should be confused about our views on Milo, the Homo-Yid. These people prudently recognize their own rise in popularity and shekels by associating with Trump. This guilt-by-association tactic is stale, hollow and hilariously ineffective at predictability.

I am not beholden to any of my thoroughly-consistent and complementary identities. Thus, God help me, I will never deny a manifest reality in favor of an ideologically safe interpretation. The research into child torture, rape and murder has numbed my sense of subjectivity and doubled my passion for Truth and Vengeful Restitution. Irrationally fighting my Orange Rebel President in that quest will put you right in the crosshairs.

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. As long as I am breathing I will viciously oppose any of the faintest hypocrisy and obfuscation as it relates to this New Day.

It makes me beam in my soul to know that I’m virtually alone and universally opposed by those who certainly claim to know what’s been going on in throughout the Globe.

Stop harassing Trump supporters with illogical and asinine questions. You will not be appointed a judge over them. Focus on your own battle with the Eternal Parasite and prove, conclusively, in the physical realm, that you’re better than Donald is at actually stopping the Yids, not just talking about it on the Internet.

As of now,

Trump is a Superhero. You’re an innocuous, profoundly underwhelming, booger-flicking, keyboard-clicking chimp. Don’t get your head ripped off by one of the many citizen deputies of the Orange Revolutionary.

I gleefully await all hysterical reactions. They’ll be exactly as I predict, which reaffirms my position, like the Rose of Baghdad: Right above the rabble rousers with a spiritual prescience they could never evince or counter.

Peace & Blessings upon the Wise,


  1. #1 by MG editor on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    For the record, I understand the visceral reaction, particularly from those within the Muslim community, to Trump. They have been demonized and traumatized by a ZOG media that has placed them in the very same danger which these same ZOG media elements falsely claim was applied to them in the run up to WWII and in such an environment, it is perfectly understandable how–in the same way that a person who has been previously mauled by a pitbull will react with terror at an approaching dog and even when that particular dog is friendly and means them no harm at all–react to something he/she hears that sounds like a menacing, threatening growl.

    HOWEVER, having said that, at the same time, for the sake of their own skin and that of their loved ones, they need to stop acting emotionally and start thinking critically. Trump may be this, and he may be that, and may say this and say that, and do this and do that, all of it a giant question mark in terms of what he is/what plans to do.

    But where there is absolutely NO question mark is how both sides of Judea, Inc view him and his presidency. Never before in recent history has the entire freaking human race witnessed/been subjected to the 24/7 screeching campaign as it has over the person of DJT, and no, it is not an act.

    This fact alone should cause all those who fancy themselves ‘experts’ on political matters to pause and consider how they may have gotten their math wrong with regards to him, because at the end of the day, Jews make the best accountants and know when a downturn in their fortunes is approaching, and this is clearly the posture they have adopted with regards to Trump.

    I/we leave open the possibility he could crumble like a cookie and wind up being an instrument of Judea, Inc. We have never claimed infallibility on this matter.

    The other side however, those who have done the ‘quick’ math in deducing that Trump is ‘one of them’ based upon very superficial criteria are the ones with their heads in the sand by leaving open only one possibility–that the ‘math’ they have calculated is the right answer, the ONLY right answer and everything else simply is not possible, and by so doing–as this excellent piece makes clear–they are actually pushing Trump to become the disappointment they envision him being and even when he may not be that at all.

  2. #2 by Goy Pride on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    Jeez, trolling or a Trump fanboy? No one should be THAT passionate about some rich old white dude…

    Good comment Mark btw!

  3. #3 by jean-marie ignatowicz on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    I wonder, if by (accident) was Hillary president, what would be USA in the world .. she did so much to destroy America, Just Bengazy is Trauma, and her Foundation that never served the purpose was in first, this fake new government would go on to eliminate Americans, she Loves satanyahu, israHELL was Her Friend, zionism Power is Hell on earth, but uneducated ones ignore this ! One Man came to be, and Americans believed in Him ! Nothing Wrong ! But the losers have a shit in their pants(if they have…) for them, impossible For Americans to Choose One that speak Straight ! Demoscraps, (democrats) almost sound like rats… they are ennemy of USA ! But, no worries, now we have a Head, and the destiny so far gives a light up front, For American citizens, and the welcomed immigrants ! We cannot approve all Trump decisions, like going to war against Iran, or supply weapons for Saudies, but Inside States, he has Good Moves !

  4. #4 by Todd Christopher Raine on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    You obviously did not understand what you just read,
    which would make your correct analysis of Mark G’s
    comment an unfortunate accident.
    But you won’t understand stand that either Goy Pride.

  5. #5 by Frederick on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    I don’t think it’s that he’s so enamored with Trump, but he sees Trump as a possible warrior against the “Yids”. Also, his hatred for the Juice and the snow flakes protesting against Trump, like sheep being led to the Bar Mitzvah feast, is where I feel his passion, since I’m right there with him in that regard. I like his writing, the Khanverse man!

    For the first time, I’m beginning to sense people are gaining recognition of what the (((problem))) is.
    I shoot of my mouth all the time about the jews, 9-11, the jew media, Rothschilds, etc, etc. and WHO it is that is driving the evil in the world. It may be that blowback is once more in store for the hebes. People are hearing us, it makes all the sense with the ring of truth, and they’re waking up and becoming emboldened. Charge!

    ed note–agreed on all points. KV is just doing what everyone should be doing on this issue–thinking in practical terms based on our survival, similar in many respects to being on a cruise ship that is sinking and having an oil tanker, certainly not the most luxurious or comfortable of possible rescue ships–show up to take the passengers on board before the cruise ship sinks., and while we’d all like to jump from one luxury cruise ship to another, we have to take the best we can get, and at this particular time, this is what Trump is.

  6. #6 by jean-marie ignatowicz on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    Any one of us are simply looking for what happened, what went wrong, what else could we do, and now we Have to face Truth, Americans can be free to elect One President, it is Peoples Choice, not an organisation, or Group of any kind, like in Canada, Harper was A leader, but Peoples did choose Trudeau, and he became Prime Minister, what is wrong with this .. In US same patern, why is it so Hard to accept this new President ..and all that he did promised to be elected… who do not like it, change the way elections are, or simply wait for what will be For Americans with this New fashion way to govern ! You cannot reverse what has come, we have no ways to avoid future ! Friendly yours !

  7. #7 by jean-marie ignatowicz on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    Frederick you saw what I was saying, I am just exposing what reality is, Trump could be The Best *thing) For America, but yet, no one knows for sure up to what point, Yes, he brings millions Jobs Back in, cares for each worker, wants to built a new Start for America, and I think in his mind, it is not a dream, but a goal that can be done ! One part, what I do not like, is what he wants in Wars, why does he keeps army as a necessity to glamour US Prime Power … if he wants America Great Again, Really, forget Trillions $$ spend in warfare ! Focus on Citizens, and spend $$ upon them to live well ! Billions $$$ for Bombs, imagine how much Food to give all over the world in misery… That is of course a Human point of view, not a Leader wish !

  8. #8 by James Benn on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    Phew! Well that’s one helluva spray! Can’t says I ploughed my way through to the end but. So many words, so little time. There’s only so much excitement I can take in a given week. But Khanverse sure doesn’t pull any punches. If his diatribe is anything to go by, there is a groundswell happening and it is squarely directed against ZOG and its admirers, sustainers, zealots, dupes, and useful idiots. And it all seems to be coalescing around the Don, whatever his stated views on Palestein might be. I do hope he is enjoying the spectacle. I am.

    The Muslim issue is a strained one. Since the KKKlash of Sivilizayshuns is quite clearly a Juze’ ruse to pit historic enemies against each other in a titanic clash from whence there can emerge only one victor … namely … The Juze. You’d think their blood lust woulda been slated by two massive European wars whereby putative ‘Christians’ wiped out the flower of their young manhood in two diabolical conflagrations … World wars I and II … and are now suffering the demographic consequences.

    Meanwhile, the (((Meeja))) has been waging non-stop psyops ever since IXXI to convince the ‘Stupid Goy™’ that Islam, per se, represents a threat to life, liberty, happiness, and small furry animals. What then do they expect? Why should the Trumpeter NOT close the doors, symbolically or otherwise, to Muslim evacuees – round, short, hairy, red-faced, jihadist and otherwise? Why the hell should he not?!

    Khanverse makes a very good point … How can Trump be both ‘America First’ AND a friend of the The Juze? Answer? He can’t. Something has gotta give. In the words of the famous Jewish poem…

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s the battle outside raging
    It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changing

  9. #9 by Todd Christopher Raine on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    I was at a blues bar last weekend with my woman.
    Californication capital. A totally infiltrated retreat.
    A skinny long haired agitator admonished me for
    wearing “wife beater” clothing.
    It hardly was.
    Long sleeve undershirt with a flannel shirt over and
    Cartharrt pants and hiking boots.
    So, he addressed me in this way in front of my woman,
    and I undressed him like this.
    “You see habibi,
    Here is an bought and paid for Soros agitator.
    He probably lives rent free in his mother’s basement.
    She of course is divorced and living on caffeine, cigarettes,
    generic Vicodin and cheap gin.
    No doubt she knows her son is a recluse success story, or a
    smitten image of the intellectual retard father that deserted them.
    “What has love got to do with it, got to do with it”?
    I continued to ‘isplain to my woman that these Soros ‘tards worship at
    the bowels of unrealistic equality.
    And all the time I pay the rent for my own labor(taxes,usury)that pays for a loan at
    compound interest that I did not ask for that under my own constitution I did not need.

  10. #10 by MJ on 02/09/2017 - 9:34

    Mark ultimately he is your president and not mine.Thankfully.
    However, if someone surrounds himself with Islamophobe wolves.
    Who have indicated further military intervention. (Erik Prince the butcher of Fallujah, Mad Dog’ Mattis who earned his name because he killed unknown Afghanis because he likes killing people who maybe wife beaters and Banon who wants to eradicate Islam.Then the Chabad Neocons like Kushner and the others. We have our indications.

    Who has their proverbial head in the sand? Let us see, I hope I am wrong. Perhaps you are self interested and perhaps he will be good for your select segment and that is okay for you but not us.

    We are not the cremators of care.

    I am lady from a very poor country that has been and is still messed up by US drone strikes. If by the grace of God I was there I might have been a casualty of war. Excuse me if I am emotional and I have a visceral hatred of killing, greed,arrogance,self interest, self pity,wars and theft,by the richest in the world against the poorest.I judge people on how they treat the weakest and poorest.

    We have hearts and sometimes they are emotional and sometimes they are courageous.
    This is not a crime, to be unjust and immoral is criminal. (kindness and compassion are virtues).

    PS I Like Vltchek’s new article it tries to pin point the problem. Being wise like serpents should not make you a serpent.

    ed note–once again, MJ, you folks are simply not listening to what I am saying here and have been saying now for over a year.

    I don’t ‘support’ Trump. As I have made clear MANY, MANY, MANY times, I consider him to be a man of questionable character. The narrative we have maintained here is not one of ‘liking’ him or supporting him, but rather from preventing the worse of 2 evils from prevailing, similar in many respects to having only one leg blown off instead of all 4 limbs.

    Now, having said that, I’ll repeat again, for the 1 billionth time, that I understand why those–particularly in the Muslim community, react in the fashion that they do to things that Trump says and does. On the surface, these things appear, I repeat–APPEAR–to be a manifestation of the same old/same old.

    But, as I have said now and will repeat here again for the 1 billionth time, there is something more at work here than just the same old/same old, as clearly evidenced by the manner in which organized Jewish interests BOTH ON THE RIGHT AND ON THE LEFT are in unified opposition to him. If he were truly ‘playing the game’ favored by either side, the right or the left, we would not be witnessing this UNIFIED OPPOSITION to him. Why this needs any kind of elaborate explanation to otherwise intelligent people leaves me bewildered, as there is no better example of the proverbial ‘no-brainer’ than this.

    So now I’ll cut loose with my newest theory concerning what we are witnessing that perhaps will pacify those within the ‘movement’ who suffer from an overdeveloped/overcoddled sweet tooth and who can’t seem to part with that ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ lollipop–

    Maybe the plan on the part of Judea, Inc was indeed for Trump to get WWIII started, but not because he is ideologically inclined towards such, which he isn’t, but rather because they know he has a reactive and at times irascible personalty and has a tendency to lash out when he feels threatened, cornered or attacked. So, their plan is to BOMBARD him constantly, 24/7, round the clock with barking and howling, from both the right and the left, and more importantly–ASSISTED BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER, MEANING THOSE MAKING UP THE ‘TRUTH’ MOVEMENT, so that being cornered and overwhelmed by hostility and paralyzed by public opposition, he is then primed and ready so that when some false flag attack occurs, he then lashes out without thinking, and–VOILA’– WWII is started and in part helped along by those in the ‘truth’ movement who helped push him over the razor’s edge and into the very place where Judea, Inc needed him to be.

    So there you have it, what I think is a perfectly reasonable scenario as to what we are all facing and why, for the sake of your own skin, those of you who can’t seem to do the math on what is taking place before your very eyes should really just shut your mouths and not act as willing accomplices to those who have dedicated every microbe of their infected beings to your own destruction.

  11. #11 by nooralhaqiqa on 02/10/2017 - 9:34

    Hardest part for me to comprehend was his mentioning of Anglin. Rest of it resonated pretty well with me but, that person…. sorry. Just could not swallow that.

    ed note–agreed. Anglin is a piece of shit who is surrounded/idolized by like minded pieces of shit, but I wasn’t going to throw away an otherwise excellent piece because of just one blemish, as significant as it was.

    Besides, I think that Khanverse was just being practical from a business sense in stating the fact that Anglin can at least be credited with rallying his readers around Trump, not that Trump needed him to do it, as WNs generally speaking are very shallow in terms of what they support/don’t support and would have gone with Trump irrespective of whatever Anglin said. Trump could put jooz in every cabinet position available, talk incessantly about going to war against every Muslim country on the planet, but as long as he remains ‘white’ and talks about immeegrayshun in a manner that suits the WN appetite, he is ok in their books.

  12. #12 by MJ on 02/10/2017 - 9:34

    PS I like Mr. Vance from Lew Rockwell:

    This what he wrote:
    From Franklin Graham and Donald Trump.

    At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., on February 2, President Trump remarked about the Navy SEAL who was killed in Yemen: “He died in defense of our nation. He gave his life in defense of our people. Our debt to him and our debt to his family is eternal and everlasting.” Trump then went to Dover Air Force Base to meet the plane carrying the remains of the SEAL. This impressed Franklin Graham, son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham. “I applaud the fact that our president cared enough to be there as this fallen hero who had served multiple tours overseas was returned home,” he said. “Join me in praying for Chief Petty Officer Owens’ family, that God would put His loving arms around them and comfort them as only He can.”

    For the 1000th time, U.S. military personnel have no business in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. They are not heroes. They are pawns and dupes of the state. They died in vain and for a lie. They died for the U.S. empire, not in defense of the United States.

    Yes, these are hard truths. This Navy SEAL was someone’s son and grandson and I know his family is grieving. Please do everything you can to keep young men (and women) from joining the military.

  13. #13 by fb on 02/10/2017 - 9:34

    Trump is causing a few problems for the truth movement ,maybe thats the intention.I understands Your view Mark but can see the other side as well.I think we should give Trump the benefits of the doubt as he is really our last hope.Everyone talks about his son in law being Jewish but the one that concerns me is Roger Stone,and we all know his connection as he was Trumps mentor.

  14. #14 by Frederick on 02/10/2017 - 9:34

    Parents should do everything to convince their kids not to join the military today. Anyone who does is an idiot.

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